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Author: Lauren Hlushak

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Welcome to SPF, the podcast to help you build fruitful Christian culture in your home and beyond.                                                                                               

I’m Lauren, a wife, a mom to four hilarious kids, and I love teaching women about the rich blessings we have in Christ and how applicable His Word is to our daily living. 

Together we will dive into God’s Word and learn how to faithfully cultivate lasting fruit, building up God’s Kingdom now and for generations to come. 

Worldview, theology, parenting, marriage, personal growth, and Christian living, it’s all here.

Welcome to the show! 

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What do we do when we come across an internet post targeting Christians but it seems off? Today I am walking through a post about deconstruction, what God honors, and the trajectory of two responses we can have when it comes to our questions and wrestlings. If this is your first time know that SPF exists to IDENTIFY the truth in God's Word in order to GROW a biblical Worldview so you can CULTIVATE fruitful Christian living. Today’s is a discernment episode where I break down a recen...
Today we are making sense of progressive Christianity through a parable Jesus taught plus learn something you can do to hold the line of truth in your homes.Enjoying SPF? Consider supporting at $5 a month: More SPF? Sign up for the SPF Newsletter! Progress? Progressive Christianity is a popular movement that seeks to progress Christianity forward rather than reforming Christianity back to Scripture. The most ...
Sometimes it's a clear the temple day and sometimes is a clear the table day. Building culture requires reformation. Reformation is the constant course correction to Scripture. Today I am sharing three things we can learn about reformation from Christ so we can be potent culture makers.NewsletterSign up for a free Bible Reading Method: Support the PodcastBecome a monthly supporter at $5 a month: NotesBuilding culture requires ...
Have you ever thought keeping your home clean with kids at home is like brushing your teeth while eating cookies? Or felt the temptation to avoid a project simply because of the aftermath? Proverbs 14:4 says, "Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox." Messes come with progress and fruitfulness through the messiness of work. Today I am going to share about the glory of the mess as well as a bit of cleaning insight to help you with yo...
Summer is a great time to start laying foundational principles through the wisdom of the proverbs that keeps the mind focused on what is true and the hands busy with the Lord's work. And since summer often means more together time, lets grow in being hard to offend and being a productive agent of growth. New! Get the Ponder Bible Reading Method FreeSign up for the SPF Newsletter and get a free digital guide to help you go deeper in your daily Bible reading!She Proves Faithful Newsletter: shep...
Our culture constantly uses the word “inclusive” but is there a time for the Church to exclusive? What about when it comes to matter of “church discipline?” Today I am sharing how we can avoid being deceived by worldly voices when it comes to being inclusive and exclusive in the church.Sign up for the SPF Newsletter: a monthly supporter of SPF Podcast: Notes:The purpose of church discipline is the reconciliation and rest...
Today I am addressing cultural push back I received with advice on how being a mother hampers life and confuses the value of one’s work. Plus I’m sharing how to dig deep and develop a biblical worldview on motherhood with two simple questions.Get the SPF newsletter: the show $5 a month: Notes:Much of culture's push back to biblical values and commands is rooted in humanism, which defies the authority and purposes of God...
How do we pass on a biblical worldview to our children? Today I’m sharing two research based factors in transferring a biblical worldview to the next generation in our homes. Support $5 a month: Newsletter: Show Notes: NotesOne question I think we need to think about as Christian parents who long for our children to walk faithfully as Christians is: Are there things we can do while our child...
Spurgeon said, “When Satan temps us, his spark falls upon tender; but in Christ’s case, it was like striking sparks on water; yet the enemy continued his evil work. Now if the devil goes on striking when there is no result, how much more whill he do it when he knows what inflammable stuff our hearts are made of.” Today I’m sharing insights from the Scipture to help us prove faithful we the temptation for the counterfeit comes along. Give $5 monthly on Patreon to the SPF Podcast and get access...
A few battles in the American War for Independence helped turn the tide for the Patriots, but it wasn't because of their huge imposing armies. Today I am sharing a little American history and how it helped me remember that God uses the small humble things to accomplish big things demonstrating His might and glory. This includes God using the small humble Christian family to turn the culture back to one that exalts Christ. Support $5 a Month: Earthle...
Charles Spurgeon wrote, "If you have some worry, and you do not know how to meet it, some work, and you do not know how to do it, look to him who made the iron swim and he can do the same for you." Today I am sharing how a miracle about a man who lost a borrowed ax head can bring great encouragmenet to our hearts today. Website Maintenance February and March Mini Wisdom & Goal Workbook: SPF Shop: Support SPF $5 a...
Whether it's a new year or a new season of life, or you are just looking to make the most use of your time, commiting to this one thing first helps everything else fall into place. Show Notes: Support $5 a Month: Get Wisdom and Goals Mini Brainstorm: me a Text Message.Support the Show.Support SPF $5 a month: Up for the SPF newsletter: sheprovesfai...
Our five senses are Christian virtues because God made them and they are to be used for God’s Glory. Christmas time is full of using our senses but how can we use them to remember and celebrate Christ at Christmas? Today I am joined by my husband, Andy Hlushak, on this Christmas Spectacular! Support $5 a Month: Show Notes: me a Text Message.Support the Show.Support SPF $5 a month: Up f...
Proverbs 14:1 says that a wise woman builds her home but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands. One creates and one destroys. Today I'm sharing three ways we can be wise women who builds up and nourishes those in our homes. Show Notes: Support $5 a Month: 12 Days of Christmas Reading Plan: me a Text Message.Support the Show.Support SPF $5 a month:
Have you ever wondered what does giving thanks to God look like besides saying thank you? Is there more to it? Today I am sharing three lessons on giving thanks from Psalm 100, the psalm of thanksgiving. Show Notes: Support the Podcast $5 a Month: Shop Earthley and Support SPF: me a Text Message.Support the Show.Support SPF $5 a month:
What causes fights and quarrels among you? James asks. Maybe you have asked that same question to your children. But if our homes are green houses, if they are training ground for our children, if the instruction we give is fodder for their heart and mind where emotions and actions are made, isn't it a grand opportunity to address conflict in a biblical manner? Today I am sharing four ways we can prove faithful in teaching our children about conflict with one another. Show Notes:...
Ephesians 4:32 says, "be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave you." But what if we struggle with forgiving someone? What are we to do? Bible Study: Support $5 a Month: Show Notes: me a Text Message.Support the Show.Support SPF $5 a month: Up for the SPF newsletter: ...
When someone sins against us, the sting can last awhile. If we are not careful, thinking about past wrongs can turn our hearts into simmering pots, bothered and bitter. There are a few things we can do to help us think about past wrongs that leads to a deeper trust in our Lord and a lighter heart that has forgiven. Show Notes: Fruitful Bible Study: Support $5 a Month: me a Text ...
Do you ever recall something in your past - whether triumphant or terrible and it seems to sabotage your thoughts? The way we think about past memories matters. It can lead to bitterness or worship of the Lord. It can lead to despair or thankfulness to God. It can be a stumbling block, or a launching pad into a deeper trust of the Lord. Today I am sharing three things we can do to prove faithful with past memories. Show Notes: Support $5 a Month: pa...
Laws and principles are not for the times when there is no temptation: they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigor; stringent are they; inviolate they shall be. If at my individual convenience I might break them, what would be their worth? - Jane Eyre; Today I am sharing about the blessedness of good theology to guide us through hight intensity emotions and how God's grace and God's Word helps us prove faithful. Support $5 a Month: patreon.c...
Comments (9)

Hope Spencer

I'm so blessed by God to have found your podcast! I've started to play your podcast every morning! Hearing someone who loves God and is brave enough to talk about Him is such a joy to hear for me! Do you have a YouTube channel?

Jun 10th

Lisetthe Jenneboer

about the socks 😀 I have a bowl with rubber bands near my washing machine. and when I put my socks in the laundry basket, I wrap a rubber band around it. so the socks stay together forever! a simple habit, and you never have to sort socks or look for socks. you're welcome 🤗😎

Dec 11th

Erin Harris

my favorite podcast. I love the interesting life hacks at the beginning of each show. Lauren is naturally funny and enjoyable to listen to. This podcast is full of biblical truth to edify your soul and practical advice for the Christian.

Oct 31st
Reply (3)

Kala Hutchinson

So needed to hear this.

Sep 26th

Shannon Ashley-Catlin

I am truly grateful God brought me to your podcast. I love listening to you every morning at work. God is doing amazing things through you. God bless.

Mar 26th

Megan Semora

I am so thankful for this episode. I have been a believer for 4 years now, and this was my "one question" also! Thank you!!!!

Feb 15th