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Journalist Linda Grasso hosts candid conversation with fascinating women about the things that matter most: happiness, health and purpose. SheSez is a master class for the modern woman.

In her signature unabashed style, the well-known TV broadcaster showcases her seasoned interviewing skills, fueled by a keen sense of what women want to know. With thoughtful cadence and saucy humor, Linda peels back the layers on each guest, giving equal time to successes and failures.

Interviewees come from many stages and walks of life, ranging from Fortune 500 executives to forward thinkers to illuminating women who just have it down. Each 30-40 minute episode offers tangible takeaways for the listener: the secrets to living as healthy as possible, getting what you want out of life and achieving success on your own terms.
115 Episodes
Obstetrician Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz shares what it's been like in the delivery room during the Coronavirus outbreak and how she is counseling and treating concerned, expectant moms before, during and after birth. And the LA-based physician's own rigorous efforts to stay healthy and virus-free. Plus, a basic tutorial on how to remove elastic gloves (for those who have been reusing them) and why she believes not wearing gloves at all is a safer bet for most of us.
In this episode, days after the country shut down due to Covid-19, Linda talks with 38-year-old Aimee Ostick, an internist who is married to an Emergency Room doctor with whom she has three children. Aimee takes us inside her upended life, sharing the couple's concerns and plan for when one or both of them gets the Coronavirus and explaining how, as a concierge doctor on call 24/7, she is treating her patients amidst the constantly evolving situation. Plus, how the couple is managing caring for and home schooling their kids
In this episode we tackle the challenges of parenting during coronavirus with Dr. Aliza Pressman. Dr. Pressman is a developmental psychologist, parent educator, assistant clinical professor, and co-founder of both Mount Sinai Parenting Center and SeedlingsGroup. She is also the host of the podcast Raising Good Humans and she’s a mom with two kids of her own. Topics covered include dealing with kids who already suffer from anxiety, how to handle media and looping conversations from younger kids, how to cope with fear and social isolation and how to reassure kids but still be honest about all the unknowns. 
Women who experience incontinence know, it’s a bummer—and it feels shameful. Sports medicine physical therapist Julie Wiebe wants to change that. She is one of the world’s foremost experts and advocates for women’s pelvic health—particularly how it relates to sports. In this episode, Julie shares innovative ways of preventing leakage and her evidence-based, integrative approach to treating patients. The LA-based PT believes that whether you’ve had multiple pregnancies, hit middle age or enjoy a strenuous work-out, incontinence does not have to be simply accepted. From proper breathing to analyzing what else is going on with the body, Julie shares the state-of-the-art ways she is treating her patients, mostly “busy moms,” and dispels some of the myths surrounding incontinence. For more in Julie and her Los Angeles area practice, go here. To find a professional in your area, go here.
We all want the best education for our kids – but sometimes accessing it is a puzzle. Magnet schools, charter schools, public versus private etc. LA-based educational consultant Jamie Bakal joins Linda on this episode to distill the school selection process. In addition to covering the pluses and minuses of each type of school, Jamie also shares the importance of getting—not just the right academic—but the right social fit; how some colleges are putting the breaks on considering a plethora of AP classes, which they see as purely about memorization; and the rise of progressive, project-based or "hands on learning." Plus, why we need to rewire our kids' brains to teach them that success (and the ultimate goal) is not about money.  Jamie worked for 6 years as an elementary school  teacher and during that time she became keenly aware of how important selecting the right environment plays into getting an excellent education. Today Jamie counsels families so that they can select schools where their child can succeed both academically and socially. 
On the eve of her 70th birthday, Linda talks with the still saucy actress Cybill Shepherd about her dramatic life—from experiencing overnight fame after acting in The Last Picture Show to dating and breaking up with Elvis to making her comeback with the TV show Moonlighting with co-star Bruce Willis. The 3-time Golden Globe winner also discusses her own challenges with sexual harassment in the pre Me Too era, keying in on the CBS executive who she believes cancelled the Cybill sitcom after she rebuffed him. Plus the twice divorced mother of three on why she makes no apologies and has no regrets—about anything. 
Sherly Soleiman, a board certified physician and injectables expert who Allergan (makers of Botox) hires to teach others how to use their products, explains to Linda how to get natural results. Topics covered: avoiding the angry eyebrow with Botox (and other muscle relaxers) and how to prevent that bulbous, overly-inflated look with fillers. Also covered: the latest injectable products and the microneedling procedure. Dr. Soleiman owns and operates Cosmetic Injectables Center in the LA suburb of Sherman Oaks.
Anita Sands traces her journey from a small town on the east coast of Ireland all the way to Silicon Valley where she is a highly-respected global technology and business leader and advocate for the advancement of women. When it comes to career, Anita is a master of the pivot. She has gone from physics into public policy, from academia into financial services, and then from technology to the corporate boardroom. Today Anita serves on 3 public boards and she is a director on 2 private boards. In this episode Anita shares how she radically changed her life and found her "life sweet spot" just before her 40th birthday, quitting her unsatisfying job in finance, moving to Silicon Valley and crafting a "portfolio career" in technology that would allow her to cultivate a fulfilling personal life. She ultimately married a widower with five children and had a "honeymoon" baby. When it comes to her board work, Anita does not refrain from talking about motherhood in front of other board members. In the interest of creating gender parity on corporate boards, she makes a point of talking about her kids. She wants all the men she works with to know that women can be mothers AND be effective board members. Anita also shares some insightful advice for professional women who are interested in being on a corporate board—essentially key networking steps for snagging a seat.
Whether it is brought on by menopause or you simply experience chronic dryness, progressive OB GYN Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz shares some state-of-the-art ways to eliminate pain during sex. Plus, even if you've had breast cancer or you have a history of it in your family, why topical estrogen should be considered.  For info on Dr. Gilberg-Lenz's menopause "bootcamps" in Los Angeles, go here.
Liz Pryor, author of the female friendship book What Did I Do Wrong? and the former advice guru for Good Morning America answers listener questions in this Just Tell Me What To Do segment on girl drama. What do you do when your daughter doesn't want to be friends with a girl anymore, but you have a relationship with the mom? How to teach your child the importance of acknowledging her true feelings and being able to share them openly with friends. The importance of modeling friendships for your child. Even if you don't have a daughter, Liz's advice is applicable to female friendships in general. Some really good reminders—particularly when it comes to being brutally honest about your feelings.
Surgeon Carolyn Chang shares the story of losing her only child to cancer and the lessons she learned about our innate ability as humans to cope and survive—even in the face of  unimaginable tragedy. 
Consumed by fear of aging and not mattering anymore? Meet Wendy Euler, who is on a mission to show us that middle age—and even later— can be the prime of life. While most people shy away from change as they get older, Wendy faced it head on. In her 40s she left an unhappy marriage, married her dream man and, after tiring of life in the big city, moved with her new husband and family to Montana. Then, at 46, she had another child. And then it all really started happening. Fed up with hearing the message that it’s basically over for women after 50, the former advertising executive decided to take matters into her own hands. In 2017, Wendy (who has always been impossibly chic) launched the fashion blog, Goodbye Crop Top, which quickly became a smash hit and has created numerous opportunities for the 51-year-old—from swimsuit modeling to writing a book.
Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, the founders of Glow Recipe Skincare, school us on the red hot Korean a.k.a. K-Beauty industry—explaining everything from its reliance on unusual and pure ingredients (snail secretions, anyone?) to its playful packaging. They also share how they came up with the cult-favorite, Watermelon Sleeping Mask which has sold out over 7 times at Sephora with an 8,000 person waitlist. Plus, how the women decided to get off the fast track as VP’s at Loreal and in 2017 launch the fruit-inspired Glow Recipe line, which is cruelty-free and made without parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Sarah and Christine's newest K-Beauty-inspired line, Sweet Chef, is available  at Target. 
Pivoting from full-time motherhood to employment can be daunting In this episode Kelley Biskupiak & Susan Rietano Davey, co-founders of the on-line professional coaching platform, Prepare to Launch U, share with Linda tips & strategies for moms interested in returning to the work force. Topics touched on: how to reclaim your professional confidence; how to shift from focusing entirely on the family to yourself; the importance of getting ahead of the curve, i.e. taking small but critical steps to plan for your future before the kids are actually out of the house. Also, how to spin your time at home into something prospective employers will view as an asset.  Prepare to Launch U provides instruction, inspiration and community to women navigating work-life transitions along the continuum of life. Its signature online career re-entry course has students in 26 states. It also offers a course to help women plan and execute a maternity leave. Like Linda, both Kelley and Susan have first-hand experiences with the challenges of pivoting from full-time motherhood to the working world. Both women opted out to take career breaks, opted back in as working moms, and made mid-career pivots to start their own business. 
Stage 4 Triple-Negative Breast Cancer survivor Jenn Greenhut had just had her yearly mammogram when she discovered the lump under her arm. In this episode, Jenn speaks out about the importance of ultrasounds—particularly for women with dense breasts—and she shares the story of how doing essentially a 360-degree change in mindset got her through the grim diagnosis. During her treatment for one of the most aggressive forms of the disease, she learned to embrace (instead of dread) chemo and to see and be grateful for all the positives that have resulted from her situation. She credits that attitude reboot with helping her go from little hope to cancer-free in four months. Plus, how Jenn is giving back by raising money for cancer research with her new line of bags, Zero Negative. The line includes reversible bags that go from cross body to fanny packs designed for women going through treatment.
For SheSez’s 100th episode, the tables turn as host Linda Grasso gets interviewed by Emmy Award winning TV broadcaster Diane Dwyer about what she has learned from some of the most accomplished women in the world about finding happiness, fulfillment and purpose. Linda also shares some of the surprises she’s experienced over the past two years i.e. most popular and favorite episodes; some of the mistakes she’s made and what she looks for in a SheSez guest. Plus, some advice for anyone thinking of kicking off their own podcast.
 A yearly mammogram and monthly self-examinations aren’t enough anymore when it comes to preventing breast cancer. According to surgeon Kristi Funk (who treated Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crowe) there is a lot more we women can and should do—including getting ultrasounds. To commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re re-broadcasting Linda’s interview with Kristi, who after years of research, has written Breasts: An Owner’s Manual, which flies in the face of convention when it comes to prevention. The surgeon says her findings indicate that by merely subscribing to a healthy lifestyle (i.e. vegan and no alcohol) women can lower their risk by 80-percent. Kristi also provides an analysis on the variety of treatment options and she has some words of caution for women who are lackadaisical about getting yearly mammograms and ultrasounds, feeling complacent because breast cancer does not run in their family. 
When TV contributor/host Kym Douglas got diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, her management team in Los Angeles advised her to get a good wig and keep it quiet. They felt it didn’t “fit her brand” which was doing fun, comedic beauty segments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show. In this episode, Kym shares with Linda why she ignored their advice and instead went full throttle on social media. In painstaking detail, Kym shared with her fans and followers the most intimate, painful moments of her aggressive treatment, which included mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. The beauty expert also discusses with Linda her decision to do an elective mastectomy on one breast, a move that ultimately saved her life.
Connecting with a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease, as well as other dementias, can be a challenge—and a heartbreak. In this episode, comedian and author Dani Klein Modisett shares the story of how she  learned to reach her mother while visiting her at an assisted living facility. After a spell of silent, sad visits, Dani stumbled across an idea, eventually founding Laughter On Call, which provides training workshops and an on-line curriculum for caregivers of Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Dani also shares tips and strategies for moving a loved one into assisted living, navigating the finances and levels of care, warding off isolation, and the challenges encountered when family members have differing opinions about what should be done.  
Protecting our girls from self-deflating social and mainstream media messages is a challenge—and one that Michelle Cove is facing head- on. She is the founder and executive director of MEDIAGIRLS—a nonprofit organization aimed at teaching middle-school girls to take a critical look at the images they’re being barraged with and how to self-protect. Michelle, also an award-winning filmmaker, author and journalist, shares with Linda how MEDIAGIRLS is going about empowering girls—showing them that they don’t have to accept the negative messages—which often make them feel bad – whether it be about their body, the way they look or their social status. Instead, through its workshops, the non-profit shows girls that they can and should challenge those messages, and in some cases get mad about them. Plus, teaching your child the importance of creating responsible  media messages (particularly the popular girls)—teaching them to be part of the solution, instead of the problem.
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