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Journalist Linda Grasso hosts candid conversation with fascinating women about the things that matter most: happiness, health and purpose. SheSez is a master class for the modern woman.

In her signature unabashed style, the well-known TV broadcaster showcases her seasoned interviewing skills, fueled by a keen sense of what women want to know. With thoughtful cadence and saucy humor, Linda peels back the layers on each guest, giving equal time to successes and failures.

Interviewees come from many stages and walks of life, ranging from Fortune 500 executives to forward thinkers to illuminating women who just have it down. Each 30-40 minute episode offers tangible takeaways for the listener: the secrets to living as healthy as possible, getting what you want out of life and achieving success on your own terms.
145 Episodes
Tips and coping strategies for The Sandwiched Generation— middle-aged adults who are caring for both their aging parents and their own children—from Laurie James, author of  Sandwiched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting Go. Laurie shares about her journey of raising four teenagers, while at the same time, caring for her mom who suffered from dementia. Laurie touches on the importance of support groups; how to choose a caretaker (and let one go); that delicate task of helping your parents get their affairs in order; dealing with siblings who have different opinions—and more. .
For most of her life, actress Shannon Kenny Carbonell was on a mission: trying to become a famous actress. Though she underwent extensive training and education and ultimately became a successful working actress, she never quite achieved the status that she envisioned. And when, as the wife of actor Nestor Carbonell (Lost), she had two kids, everything changed. Shannon essentially lost her career drive. In this episode, Shannon candidly shares her struggles—the juggle of motherhood vs. career, the regret over taking herself out of the career game and how she finally came to terms with her decision, crafting a new story for herself—with new dreams—as a devoted wife and mother and an author. Shannon has written a new book based on her experiences:  All is not LOST: How I Friended Failure on the Island and Found a Way Home.  
Five-time Emmy award-winning costume designer Marina Toybina shares about her journey as the child of Russian immigrants who taught herself to sew at the age of 8—to becoming one of the most sought-after behind-the-scenes professionals in Hollywood. Marina dishes on everything from designing dazzling couture ensembles for the likes of Carrie Underwood and Britney Spears to her current gig: creating the elaborate, celebrity-concealing costumes for the FOX reality TV show The Masked Singer.
Megan Retterath, Chief Medical Officer of Next Health shares about the progressive practice of ordering and paying for your own diagnostic tests—tests which can assess things like vitamin deficiencies, gut health, micronutrient levels, diet issues, cortisone levels (stress) etc.  She also details some cutting edge treatments like stem cell injections, hormone therapy and IV therapy.   Next Health, which has outlets in New York and Los Angeles, typically treats people who aren’t getting relief or answers from traditional medicine. Or they simply want more  knowledge about their body and their overall health;  they don’t want to wait until they get sick or are in the ER to find out something is wrong with them. 
After a successful TV producing career which included co-creating The Daily Show, as well as Emmy and Peabody Awards, Madeleine Smithberg walked away from it all to follow her heart—literally. With a lifelong passion for food, Madeleine did something she'd dreamed of: she kicked off her own cooking show, Mad In The Kitchen, which seamlessly weaves together her love of cooking with her keen sense of humor. During the pandemic, she also moved from New York to Seattle to marry a man she hadn't seen in 20 years, the love of her life who broke her heart back in her twenties.  Madeleine also dishes on the early years of producing all those funny cooking segments for Late Night With David Letterman (remember those hilarious ones with Julia Child?); how she persuaded Jon Stewart to host The Daily Show; and how she helped discover several of today's biggest names in comedy like Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell.  Mad In The Kitchen has been featured on numerous national outlets including The Today Show. You can view and subscribe to it on YouTube here.   
The Varsity Blues scandal blew the lid off the college admissions process two years ago this month. For many parents, the scandal underscored what they already were feeling: the process of getting your kid into a good college is not only challenging, it can be unfair — and even corrupt. With deferrals, postponements and no standardized testing, COVID has made the process even more challenging.  In this episode, college admissions experts Cynthia Muchnick and Jenn Curtis address how to best support your child through the  process as well as how the scandal and Covid have impacted it.  Cynthia and Jenn are the authors of The Parent Compass: Navigating Your Teen's Wellness and Academic Journey in Today's Competitive World— named the number one Best Parenting Audiobook in 2021 by Book Authority.    
In this episode I visit Le Minou in Beverly Hills, a health & wellness center aimed at improving the sexual experience for women, interviewing founder Leslie Busick and chief medical officer OB- GYN Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz. Leslie, who is 28, founded Le Minou after experiencing painful and dissatisfying sex. Le Minou's "spa menu" includes Votiva vaginal restoration, aimed at decreasing pain and The O Shot, aimed at enhancing pleasure. Also offered: free consultations and live online seminars. For $100 off your first treatment, use coupon code LEMINOUXSHESEZ. 
40-percent of food in the United States goes uneaten and the majority of that wasted food is fresh produce. On this episode, we examine the growing problem of wasted fresh produce and the negative impact on the environment—from wasting our resources to filling our landfills to the dangerous methane gas emissions.  Andrea Collins, a sustainable food systems specialist for the National Resources Defense Council, joins Linda to discuss what  consumers can do to cut down on fresh produce waste—from refrigerator storage strategies to meal planning to composting. 
After 30 years in the beauty industry, during which she founded 5 successful brands, Marcia Kilgore is now running what she believes will be her most successful venture yet. Beauty Pie is a  beauty club in which members have access to the highest end cosmetics and skincare products in the world at bargain prices. Members get backdoor access to some of the world’s best fragrance, skin care and cosmetics factories, many of which supply big-name luxury brands that go on to charge sky-high prices once  stamped with their logo. By cutting out things like fancy packaging, celebrity endorsements and expensive ad campaigns, Beauty Pie is able to side step the huge mark up.  In this episode, Marcia shares some behind-the-scenes observations of the industry, how she came up with the innovative concept, how she sources the products all over the world and her 5 absolute favorite "desert island" skincare and anti-aging products. Plus why at 52, after having sold one of her companies (Bliss Spa) to LVMH for millions, the mom of two continues to push herself into the entrepreneurial arena.  If you want to give Beauty Pie a whirl, Marcia has offered a free one month membership to SheSez listeners. Just go to Beauty Pie, sign up for a membership and then use the code SHESEZ at the end (it will bring your membership fee to zero and then you can shop on the site).
Naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist Jannine Krause shares what you can do to slow down the aging process on your body. From switching from wine to tequila to eating certain herbs like oregano, Dr. Krause offers strategic suggestions for clean eating, body movement (break out of that exercise routine!) to avoid injury down the road and stress reduction. We also cover some of the latest trends—from juice cleanses to powdered collagen. Dr. Krause is also the host of  The Health Fix  podcast, aimed at encouraging listeners to take charge of their health and well being.        
Whether it is a new job, hobby or project, sometimes we know we need change but kicking it off is downright daunting. In this episode reinvention expert Kathi Sharpe-Ross shows us how to lean into the downtime that most of us are experiencing right now due to the pandemic, break down the effort into bite size pieces and craft an actionable plan for resetting in the New Year.  Kathi is founder, president and CEO of The Sharpe Alliance  consulting agency, which helps brands and businesses reinvent via strategic marketing. She’s also the author of Reinvent Your Life—What Are You Waiting For? For more from Kathi, go to
Feelings of loss can intensify over the holidays. Whether the loved one passed several years ago or more recently, we can feel melancholy and even stressed out at the prospect of putting on a face of "good cheer." Sometimes we feel like breaking down and crying, yet we feel guilty if we do; explore the pain or ignore the pain? Licensed therapist Melissa Brohner-Schneider expects that, for some of us, this year grief will expand to all the losses due to the pandemic: freedom, jobs, connection etc. Melissa analyzes those feelings and the resulting isolation that often occurs and she offers several coping strategies—things you can do to feel better as well as ways to grieve in a healthy manner. She and Linda also discuss David Kessler's "sixth stage of grief" from his book Finding Meaning, which imparts meaning and peace to loss. 
With the holidays approaching (peak movie watching season), a re-run of Linda's 2017 interview with chick flick movie producer extraordinaire Suzanne Farwell (It's Complicated, The Holiday, Something's Gotta Give).  Listen in on some of the behind-the-scenes action on those classics—plus Suzanne's inspiring story of how she suddenly found herself unemployed at the age of 40 and  overcame her fears, refusing to fall victim to all the ageism in Hollywood—ultimately taking the reins of her career and future.
For many people who suffer from depression, it's a challenge finding a medication that provides on-going relief. In this episode we zero in on the FDA-approved medical procedure Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in which a magnetic field is used to cause electric current at a specific area of the brain. TMS is prescribed for patients who have not responded to traditional depression pharmaceuticals. It is also used to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and smoking cessation. Dr. Sarah Lisanby, a psychiatrist and medical researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health, was instrumental in getting FDA approval in 2008. She addresses when TMS is most effective, why most of us have never heard of it, side effects, how it differs from ECT, why depression is so prevalent in our society and what the next big thing is for treating it.    For more info on TMS:  
Because of COVID-19, many of us have postponed elective procedures this year—and that includes mammograms. In this episode, LA-based oncologist Natasha Banerjee discusses the alarming drop in breast cancer screenings since March—and the ramifications. Plus an update on the latest treatments like immunotherapy which utilizes antibodies to boost immunity; who should be getting ultrasounds and or MRIs to screen for breast cancer; how you can tell if you have dense breasts and should be getting ultrasounds; and a rare cancer that has been linked to one type of implants.
Most children with autism are diagnosed before they are 5 years old. But for some kids, particularly high achieving ones, the signs are subtle and parents don’t realize their child has the disorder. In this episode, LA-based licensed therapist Gina Kilberg, who specializes in helping kids with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and their parents, shares some of the nuanced signs of the autistic adolescent. Gina, who has an autistic child herself, also addresses some of the complexities of diagnosing and treating teens with ASD.
A must listen to anyone who is afraid to “go under.” Anesthesiologist Sasha Shillcutt shares what you can do to make sure your experience is as safe as possible, the different types of anesthesiology, what exactly happens when a patient is anesthetized and possible side effects. Plus, the story of how a few years back the physician hit a wall, feeling like—between work and motherhood—she’d lost her sense of self, realizing she didn’t have any friends. Sasha ultimately founded Brave Enough, an organization that provides a platform for women to connect. She is also the author of Between Grit and Grace, in which she shares the stories of 30 formidable women and how they found the confidence to be successful and leaders—but also retain their vulnerability and compassion.
Los Angeles attorney Angela Reddock-Wright has been bridging differences her entire life. As a young girl in the 1970s, she marched in Alabama with her grandmother for better wages from her nursing home employer. Raised by her mother in economically-challenged Compton, Angela crossed town every day to attend The Brentwood School, an elite high school located on LA’s posh westside and attended by children from the city’s wealthiest families. It’s not surprising that Angela ultimately became one of LA’s most well-respected employment and mediation attorneys. Today, at the helm of her own firm, Reddock Law Group, Angela is hired by lawyers to help their plaintiffs mediate workplace violations including wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment. With the Me Too and Black Lives Matter movements—coupled with the pandemic— Angela’s phone has been ringing off the hook. In this episode, she shares some of the new challenges people are facing and her passion for what she views as her life mission: to bring about meaningful change in the workplace.
Lorilyn Bridges shares her experience of having a transgender child—from the steep learning curve involved to grappling with her own intense feelings. When Lorilyn’s son Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Teddy Geiger was 29-years-old, he told Lorilyn that he had always felt he was a woman. For the mom of three, the revelation came as a shock. And, as a mother who prided herself on being deeply involved in her kids’ lives, she felt guilty at what she perceived as an integral maternal oversight. How could she not have known? Lorilyn shares how she coped with her guilt and—something many moms will relate to—failed expectations: when our kids turn out differently than we anticipated.
Laurie Gerber, head coach at the Handel Group, shares insight on how to make love in a long-term relationship last. The relationship and marriage coach shares some her counsel to couples and, with candor, she also talks about own her near divorce experience. Laurie was about 10 years into her relationship with her husband when she discovered, although it looked great from the outside, the two had grown apart and were really just going through the motions. Laurie realized the love affair she was really having was with food—sugar in particular—and that she had to stop pretending and look at how her actions had helped cause the rift and how she needed to change to repair the relationship. Laurie has done a TEDx talk and appeared on shows including A&E’s The Marriage Test, the Dr. Phil Show and The Today Show. She also hosts monthly dating and relationship webinars on Match and JDate. The Handel Group is offering a $75 off coupon to SheSez listeners for coach Lauren Zander’s step-by-step online course on achieving and maintaining a successful love match. Use coupon code: SheSez75        
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