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Journalist Linda Grasso hosts real and sometimes raw conversation with forward thinkers, high achievers and women who just seem to have it down. Topics span all the things we modern women care about: health & wellness, work & motherhood, finding purpose, overcoming rejection and fear of failure, and other challenges faced by women in all life stages. From entrepreneurs to industry disruptors to women who are breaking barriers and defying odds, Linda hacks into what they're doing that we are not—and what we can steal.
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 A yearly mammogram and monthly self-examinations aren’t enough anymore when it comes to preventing breast cancer. According to surgeon Kristi Funk (who treated Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crowe) there is a lot more we women can and should do—including getting ultrasounds. To commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re re-broadcasting Linda’s interview with Kristi, who after years of research, has written Breasts: An Owner’s Manual, which flies in the face of convention when it comes to prevention. The surgeon says her findings indicate that by merely subscribing to a healthy lifestyle (i.e. vegan and no alcohol) women can lower their risk by 80-percent. Kristi also provides an analysis on the variety of treatment options and she has some words of caution for women who are lackadaisical about getting yearly mammograms and ultrasounds, feeling complacent because breast cancer does not run in their family. 
When TV contributor/host Kym Douglas got diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, her management team in Los Angeles advised her to get a good wig and keep it quiet. They felt it didn’t “fit her brand” which was doing fun, comedic beauty segments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show. In this episode, Kym shares with Linda why she ignored their advice and instead went full throttle on social media. In painstaking detail, Kym shared with her fans and followers the most intimate, painful moments of her aggressive treatment, which included mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. The beauty expert also discusses with Linda her decision to do an elective mastectomy on one breast, a move that ultimately saved her life.
Connecting with a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease, as well as other dementias, can be a challenge—and a heartbreak. In this episode, comedian and author Dani Klein Modisett shares the story of how she  learned to reach her mother while visiting her at an assisted living facility. After a spell of silent, sad visits, Dani stumbled across an idea, eventually founding Laughter On Call, which provides training workshops and an on-line curriculum for caregivers of Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Dani also shares tips and strategies for moving a loved one into assisted living, navigating the finances and levels of care, warding off isolation, and the challenges encountered when family members have differing opinions about what should be done.  
Protecting our girls from self-deflating social and mainstream media messages is a challenge—and one that Michelle Cove is facing head- on. She is the founder and executive director of MEDIAGIRLS—a nonprofit organization aimed at teaching middle-school girls to take a critical look at the images they’re being barraged with and how to self-protect. Michelle, also an award-winning filmmaker, author and journalist, shares with Linda how MEDIAGIRLS is going about empowering girls—showing them that they don’t have to accept the negative messages—which often make them feel bad – whether it be about their body, the way they look or their social status. Instead, through its workshops, the non-profit shows girls that they can and should challenge those messages, and in some cases get mad about them. Plus, teaching your child the importance of creating responsible  media messages (particularly the popular girls)—teaching them to be part of the solution, instead of the problem.
 Ellen K's story is one of patience, perseverance and pay off, set amidst the male host-dominated radio industry. After being a sidekick for 24 years on two popular radio shows —the first with Rick Dees and the second with Ryan Seacrest — Ellen K finally got her due. In 2015 she became host of her own gig: the Ellen K Morning Show on KOST 103.5. It airs weekdays and is I Heart Radio’s number one show in Los Angeles. A syndicated version airs nationwide on weekends. Ellen shares why she stayed as a sidekick for nearly a quarter a century (not even raising her hand at hosting opportunities) and how she finally got the guts to fight for and win her own show. Ellen takes us inside the boardroom with all the decision makers, and shares her rather unique strategy for arguing her case.
Functional medicine is providing relief for some people with chronic illnesses. With this alternative approach, physicians look at the patient as a whole, taking in factors like diet and stress, in an attempt to find the root causes of disease. In this episode, Linda talks with Dr. Karima Hirani who switched from practicing conventional to functional medicine 20 years ago due to frustration about not being able to provide patients with enough answers and solutions. Dr. Hirani shares how she treats patients suffering from several on-going illnesses, including depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and a host of digestive ailments as well as the strides functional medicine is making with autistic children. We also hear from a woman who says functional medicine changed her life. Maryam Henein says it helped her to finally heal after a life threatening accident, ultimately inspiring her to found her alternative medicine/health & wellness website Honey Colony.  
Looking at Kanchan Koya today cooking on her blog Spice Spice Baby, it is hard to imagine her as a Harvard Medical School-educated molecular biologist. But indeed 7 years ago she was working in the bio-tech industry. Increasingly dissatisfied with each passing year, she finally made a hard right turn—focusing on her love of Indian food and spices and her belief in their health benefits, ultimately kicking off the blog Spice Spice Baby.  In this show, the mom of two shares how she got the guts to make such a bold career switch; how she became the 1st self-published author to get her cookbook Spice Spice Baby: 100 Recipes with Healing Spices for your Family Table on The Today Show; and how being a regularly featured chef on Buzzfeed’s wildly popular Tasty network has elevated her brand to a new level. Plus, how to integrate Indian spices into your diet for health & wellness benefits—ranging from alleviating indigestion to reducing inflammation.
Sex in a long-term relationship can be a challenge. Even if you truly adore your partner, how do you keep it alive and healthy after that initial spark fades? Why is sex so important? What do you do when your partner starts initiating sex by taking a Viagra (and forgets that you, too, are part of the equation)?  In this show, Linda asks those questions and more to Dr. Shannon Chavez, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and ASECT Certified Sex Therapist. She is the Clinical Director of the SHAPE Center (Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement) in Beverly Hills, where she provides therapy and coaching, and community outreach on sexual health and wellness. Dr. Chavez also covers how to handle the Viagra-popping partner, the pleasures of porn made specifically for females by females, and she explains her philosophy on opening up a long-term relationship to other partners. (She does not automatically nix this idea!) Plus, Dr. Chavez answers some questions from SheSez listeners…and they’re pretty juicy.      
Menstruation is a shameful experience for girls in many parts of the world. When Oakwood School high school English teacher Melissa Berton and her students discovered (through a program called Girls Learn International) that girls in some villages in India have to miss school when they have their periods, they set out to do something about it. They raised money to buy a sanitary pad-making machine for one village and then traveled there to teach the locals how to use it—all of which they documented in the short film, Period. End of Sentence. In January 2019, much to their surprise, that 26-minute endeavor won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject and Melissa, her students, and director, 25-year-old Rayka Zehtabchi, took to the stage to accept the award. In this show, Melissa recounts with Linda that life-changing experience and how the effort to help other girls—as well as end the taboo surrounding menstruation—continue with the non-profit The Pad Project.   
Marketing/branding executive Katie Klencheski shares with Linda how she re-focused her company, the Brooklyn-based Smakk Studios, to concentrate on clients with brands that aligned with her core values of helping people and the planet. The impetus was an upsetting meeting during which a potential client was disrespectful to his employees during which Katie walked out. For her, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. The 37-year-old turned on a dime, redirecting Smakk's mission, even though it initially meant losing money. She also shares about some of the more progressive brands on her client roster—specifically those aimed at women. They include CBD oil for menstrual cramps, a non-toxic bra (Vibrant Body) and an herbal feminine hygiene care line (Honey Pot).
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