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Delve into the minds of forward thinkers and high achievers about health & wellness, work & motherhood, finding purpose and other challenges faced by modern women. From entrepreneurs to industry disruptors to women who are breaking barriers and defying odds, journalist Linda Grasso hacks into what they're doing that we are not—and what we can steal.
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Innovating in women’s health & wellness—and weed with Kikoko’s Amanda Jones
For 20 years, Amanda Jones enjoyed a successful career as a travel writer.  Based out of San Francisco, she was also a mom to two daughters and like any mom, cautioned her kids about staying away from drugs. Then a good friend got cancer and she started using marijuana to cope with the side effects of treatment.  The woman constantly grappled with "riding the crazy train” due to the high levels of THC in  cannabis. For Amanda, and another friend of hers, Jennifer Chapin, the light bulb went off. Watching their friend struggle, the two women recognized a need for a product with carefully controlled amounts of cannabinoids like THC and CBD that women could use for health & wellness–something that looked good, smelled good and felt good.  In 2015, with the recreational use of marijuana legal in only a handful of states, Amanda and Jennifer launched Kikoko—a decidedly feminine line of cannabis-infused, organic teas aimed at everything from lightening your mood to having better sex. One of their “High Tea" parties” with guests in vintage gowns and hats drinking from dainty teacups was featured on the Oprah website. Now that 10 states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana the company with four different varieties (sleep, pain, sex, mood) has exploded. Amanda shares with Linda how she embraced this unexpected entrepreneurial endeavor in mid life, and how she believes women around the world will soon discover  that cannabis is a healthier alternative to alcohol and prescription drugs. 
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