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Shifting the Narrative is a limited podcast series about changing the dominant narrative around critical social and cultural issues. Over five episodes, we examine case studies where individuals worked together to change how society views the death penalty, poverty, and guns. And based on this, what lessons can we learn to apply to other campaigns?
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On Guns: Jenna's Story

On Guns: Jenna's Story


It's been a few months since we launched the Shifting the Narrative podcast, a limited series that shared inspiring stories of people working for progressive narrative change. As we enter the new year, we wanted to uplift  some other shows that also inspire us. Together, we compiled a list of 10 of our favorite  podcasts that cover social justice issues.
Over the past few episodes, we introduced you to the idea of what Shifting the Narrative is and what it looks like in gun sense, the war on poverty and death penalty. To wrap-up the season, we bring together narrative experts to help break down the major takeaways from the series and what they mean in our day to day narrative battles.
Over the past decade, support for the death penalty has plummeted. In this episode, we look at why this happened and how one unexpected messenger, Bill Pelke, played a big part in this change.
Gun violence is an issue that divides many Americans. But a theater company in New York set out to build a bridge by helping people with firsthand experience with guns tell their own stories on stage. What happened was not what they expected.
Fifty years ago, the Poor People’s Campaign took over a portion of the National Mall in Washington, DC. Their aim: change how Americans understand poverty. The campaign continues today. In this episode, we’ll connect with photographers who captured the movement at two key junctures and hear what they learned in the process about the narrative around poverty in the U.S.
Join us as we explore what The Opportunity Agenda means by “narrative” and how we can build our narrative power to change how Americans view important social justice issues. In this episode, you also get a preview of how Ellen Buchman experienced a shift in how she understood the struggle for marriage equality.



Narratives are all around us. These big meta-stories tell us who we are as a nation and the values we share. Narratives help us explain why things are the way they are. Shifting the Narrative is a new podcast series from The Opportunity Agenda, which sets out to find what it means to shift the dominant narrative around critical social and cultural issues. 
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