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We are a shipping platform that realized that our conversations go around challenges that probably a lot of other startups or all age entrepreneurs are also going through. So, why not make a podcast out of it so we can exchange insights, experiences, marketing tests and, since we’re here, also amazing eCommerce related content shared with us by market experts? This is Shiptimize On the Record.
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Aaaaand we are back! Shiptmize on the Record has returned with a very interesting conversation on how important reviews are to an online store. Our guest is André Eirinhas, from Opiniões Verificadas, and he shared with us the difference evaluations make in conversion rates and also his thee main tips on how to any eCommerce can better handle their reviews.André's LinkedInFollow us:Facebook Instagram LinkedInTwitter Website
Today in This is Shiptimize, we want to introduce Daniel 😉 Did you know that he used to work in a fishing boat before working in Shiptimize? Hit the play and get ready to find out more about him in this interview! #ShiptimizeOnTheRecord #ThisIsShiptimize Social Media LinksTwitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Can you imagine what your 10-years-old self would think about how your current life is? Jaldimir in Shiptimize has a pretty good answer for that question. Do you want to know what it is? Hit the play and get ready for a bit of podcast interview with us 😉 #ShiptimizeOnTheRecord #ThisIsShiptimizeSocial Media LinksTwitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Are landing pages dead? We have good reasons to believe so. Or at least to think that many of them are in zombie mode. Why do we think that? Because of our own experience with them. Yes, our podcast is not all about the wins. Sometimes, we just need to count our loses, learn from it and move on. And that is what this episode is all about. 😉 📻 Social Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
This week, the whole podcast team made it into the recording session! As usually, we talked about the numbers we get in our social media, but today we have announced who is our official new partner, YEAH! 🎉 Curious? Do you want to know it? Hit play and find out 😉Social Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
This week in our podcast for Shiptimize, do you know what we have been talking about? Exactly! Leads 😉 Not difficult to guess, right? Besides, Mark is back and other things have happened. Are you curious? Well, just hit play and listen 🎶 Social Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
This week in Shiptimize we all have been really busy. Either preparing a lot, a lot of content for marketing and our future partnership, or running ads and analyzing the data in our social media, or adapting to the new position in the marketing team. In this episode, of course, we also talk about our numbers and how we have to keep an eye on a couple of things we have been testing.Everything has been work, work, work for us, and that is good!Social Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
This week we say goodbye to our beloved marketer and podcaster Catarina. She is leaving us, but don’t be sad, she will get into a great adventure! And for the rest, the marketing team went to Tudo Sobre eCommerce Conference in Porto, which was really interesting and left us a very nice feeling 😍 You can read our post about the talks here. We also talk about WhatsApp, and how they are starting to have ads in their app. Is it a good idea or no? Interesting topic, right? Stay tuned! Social Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
This week everybody in Marketing is a busy-bee and that's due to today's big announcement. No, it's not our partnership - that is coming very soon 😉But actually one of our regular podcasters is leaving!! Want to know who? You got to listen to this Marketing Weekly.Ah, and before we forget, meet the person that is taking over their place here! Social Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
Sometimes everything in life seems to work out even better than you ever wished for. But we can confidently say that that wasn't the case today.Everything started off perfect, but let's just say that this episode didn't end like that. But hey, who needs pretty perfect, when you have funny, human moments like this?  So sit back, relax, and have a laugh with us on this Marketing Weekly. Social Media LinksTwitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
From an amazing interview on this podcast to our new sets of Facebook ads - passing by our usual dosis of numbers, of course - this episode has got it all. But finding Mark's hidden talent as a voice actor really takes home the gold for the best moment of these 40 minutes (trust us, he really missed out on a great career).Spring is in the air, and that clear shows in this Marketing Weekly.The amazing interview Melissa talked about Media LinksTwitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Do you want a change of scenery from your usual Experts On? Well, you're in luck - today's the day!Here we have a veryyy interesting episode with our very own CEO interviewing Jose Anson, an economist and data cientist with more than a decade of experience in the Universal Postal Union, one of the world's biggest logistical entities.On this episode, Mark and Jose talk about the UPU, Jose's heavy influence in this institution's processes, and about some of the biggest logistical trends at the moment and their influence on the upcoming 5 to 10 years.A very interesting and tremendously in-depth Experts On that is definitely worth a listen.Jose's LinkedInSocial Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
Something big is brewing in Shiptimize, particularly in the partnership area. And so, without planning to, Mark gave the Marketing team a big pep talk - some might say it's THE pep talk - about its importance and what it can do for us as a company. In all honesty, it's very motivating. But nearly not as much as what will happen in the next couple of weeks.But if you're here for usual dose of numbers and what is up with our weeks, we got that too on this week's Marketing Weekly.The post: Social Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn 
On this week's episode, we talk about our paid Facebook campaigns and the future of our ads, how our new production strategy is going, but perhaps more importantly, how moving fast feels amazing. Not just professionally, but personally as well. Social Media LinksTwitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."It may sound a bit cheesy, we know, but this couldn't be more true - especially if you're building a business. Investing in the right people to work with is an incredibly important part to ensure that your eCommerce goes far.But hey, let's not spoil this interview with Jose Manuel Rodenas, an eCommerce professor in Valencia with more than 13 years of experience in the area. Social Media LinksTwitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Axes and exes, lead magnets and LM's. On this episode we talk about axes and our exes, and the poor/great choice (depends on who you ask) for the name of our pop-up. But don't worry, on this fun episode we also manage to talk about marketing. Specifically about our Facebook Ads campaigns and some strategies to simplify and 'effectify' our lives. Social Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
Sometimes we plan ahead the whole future we imagined for ourselves. And, sometimes, we just seize one opportunity that will lead us to a point that would make our 10-year-old-self proud. And that's what happened with Diana, a super fun person (for real) that has a super fun job (and now we're just being ironic).  Social Media LinksTwitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
 A bit more about our IT, one of the biggest perks of working at Shiptimize and some (very) unexpected answers to random questions - that's basically what you'll get with this interview with one of the oldest team members, Martin. 
"Keeping promises and doing the basics well".If an eCommerce is just starting off, these should be its two main priorities when it comes to logistics.Want to hear other golden nuggets of information for a business that is kicking off? Then search no more, this is the podcast for you!  More about BernardoLinkedInSocial Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
A storm is brewing in the horizon.From Facebook Ads to a new, better, content strategy, things are changing in Shiptimize's marketing.But these 38-ish minutes will show you exactly how that's happening.  Social Media LinksTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
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