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Author: Chris "Drama" Pfaff

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Young & Reckless Founder/Entrepreneur Chris “Drama” Pfaff catches up with friends and individuals who have made a name for themselves and overcame obstacles to reach their level of achievements. You can’t google the keys to success, but you can be inspired by talking to people who have been through it.
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Byron Katie, author of 'Loving What Is' teaches you how to see people for who they really are.  The process is called the work and its a technique that teaches you not to believe the negative thoughts in your brain.  She's been on Oprah, she does public speaking and there is a lot to gain from my conversation with her. Drama's Reckless Picks:  
Vanessa Van Edwards is an author and behavioral specialist who teaches how to be less awkward and become more socially effective.  To be ability to make new connections is truly an effective tool that we all should work on. Drama's Reckless Picks:
Today I'm posting our Friday episode of my other podcast Group Chat with my business partners Dee and Anand Murthy.  We discuss business, pop culture, and really bring some good information to stay up on all things news. Group Chat Podcast: Drama's Reckless Picks:
Hooman and his family sold everything and moved to the United States. He didn't know English but after high school his work ethic and curiosity for learning helped him excel in sales. After his job kept his commission he knew he had to make a shift. He started making videos and learned everything about growth, algorithms and stayed consistent to become one of Youtube's most successful entrepreneurs. Drama's Reckless Picks:
Today I'm here with Nick Santonastasso, who was given a 30% chance to live at birth.  Nick has Hanhart Syndrome which he has no legs, 1 arm and 1 finger.  With all the obstacles he's endured and overcame, Nick is one of the most authentic, inspiring and motivational person that I have ever met. Listen in on how he became a bodybuilder, inspired The Rock and has gone on to speak and travel the world. Drama's Reckless Picks:
Today I'm sitting with Dan Fleyshman who is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company ever! He's launched Victory Poker, he's an active angel investor, did an incredible licensing deal with STARTER and is a master at social media growth. Drama's Reckless Picks:  
Kevion Live Event Audio

Kevion Live Event Audio


Today I'm posting Kevion's keynote from the Reckless Live event which he shares some amazing information.  Kevion talks about manifest primes, vision and without a "why" you can say goodbye. Drama's Reckless Picks:  
Today I'm here with Hall of Fame UFC Fighter, the "California Kid" Urijah Faber.  I've known Urijah for quite a while but we've never really sat down and took a deep dive on our stories.  We discuss his early struggles, how he became one of the most legendary fighters in UFC history and his constant push as an entrepreneur to continue his success.
This is a talk where I sat down with my cousin Rob Dyrdek and talk about his history as a business person and entrepreneur.  We talk what did he lack in planning and strategy and how he revamped his vision in business and what he now goes through when involving himself into a new venture.
Get tickets to the Reckless Event below   Cindy Eckert of The Pink Ceiling and creator of Addyi (dubbed female Viagra) sits down to discuss her career in the pharmaceutical industry.  Cindy has an amazing ability to have a vision and choose the right decision when it matters most.  That ability resulted in the sell of a $1B company.
Comments (2)

marko radanovic

Hey Drama, great episode with Jay. I got to listen it on my vacation on Sardinia and it just did a big Impact on me when he mentioned the place. And I have to give you a big thank to you by making pod. Skater made me move!

Aug 2nd

Jacky Liang

This is one of your best podcasts yet. This related to me on a personal level and super grateful you had Tim on your platform. Keep up the work Chris! Your content has been very helpful with my growth!

Jun 26th
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