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Author: Chris "Drama" Pfaff

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Young & Reckless Founder/Entrepreneur Chris “Drama” Pfaff catches up with friends and individuals who have made a name for themselves and overcame obstacles to reach their level of achievements. You can’t google the keys to success, but you can be inspired by talking to people who have been through it.
114 Episodes
You may know Yes Theory from their recent stunt as they fooled the internet to think Justin Beiber ate a burrito from the middle or even challenging Will Smith to face his fears and bungeeing from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon on YouTube. These are things they have done but what they're really about it challenging people to live their life to the fullest by getting out of their comfort zone in order to grow. Matt & Ammar came in to discuss their lives prior to meeting and how Yes Theory came about by changing their career paths to chase what felt right.
Charlamagne tha God grew up in a trailer in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, started as an intern at a radio station and is now arguably the biggest name on a nationally syndicated radio show. We talk about his childhood, the ups & downs for his career and how he loves to empower other people. His latest book Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me, focuses on his personal experience with anxiety and how he deals with it. You can find out more about Charlamagne from this interview & his social media @cthagod
Sneaker Steve (Steve Patiño) was featured on episode 39 and is back to talk about his newest business Ales Grey, a luxury brand with a purpose. If you have not listened to his previous episode, go back and have a listen its one of the best episodes we've had about Steve's history in the fashion & footwear business and the lead up to where he is now. Steve talks the entire process from idea to finished product, market role out, the philanthropy aspect of the business and more! Check Steve out at @sneakersteve & @alesgrey on Instagram
Eddie Braun has been in the film industry since he was 17 years old and it all started by meeting his hero, Evel Knievel. Following the same career path, Eddie would eventually perform a stunt that Evel tried & failed. His famous Snake River Canyon jump was successfully completed which can be seen in his new film "Stuntman", an LA Film Festival winner. Eddie talks about dealing with fear, SWAG & going all in. You've seen his work in all of the Rush Hour movies, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and many other films. You can find more info on Eddie & Stuntman Movie at and his account, @crashforcash on social media.
David Meltzer grew up in Akron, Ohio and promised himself as a child that his dream was to get rich and take away his mother's financial worries. He played college football, was pre-med but decided to become a lawyer around the start of the internet. He was a young multi-millionaire, married his childhood crush but had everything taken away from him filing for bankruptcy. He's currently the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing & partnered with legendary NFL quarterback Warren Moon, regained his multi-millions but most importantly found his happiness. Listen to his episode and find out more about him through his social media @davidmeltzer and
Clinton Sparks is a highly successful DJ, music producer, writer & business man. He's worked with every big artist in the industry, he has multiple business ventures & is involved in the tech space. We discuss what makes people successful, mindset, what keeps people in & out of trouble and whats going on in the world today. You can follow him at @clintonsparks
Today I'm reposting my friend Kevion's episode from when him and I first met. This is one of the best received episodes we've ever had. Everyone I talk to says that they've gone back and re-listened because of the story, advice and knowledge that he gives. Check his podcast out, I was just on it as well!
Jordan Harbinger came by to discuss his unique childhood of phone tapping, becoming an FBI informant and the importance of traveling at a young age. Jordan speaks highly on how it impacted his life, the effect it had on him forcing him to grow up quicker and his thoughts on college. He's one of the first people to ever have a podcast and you can tell he's been doing this for a long time as he has a lot of great information in this episode. He also has a great technique for connecting people and staying in touch with old contacts. Make sure you check out his podcast The Jordan Harbinger Show as well as his instagram (@jordanharbinger) & website
Today I was fortunate enough to sit down with the legendary hall of fame boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard. It was amazing to hear his story and get some inside knowledge on what his mind state was during his career as well as some surprising information about how reserved and shy he was growing up and his discipline to be great. We also talk about the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation that raises money for pediatric type 1 & 2 diabetes research. Its amazing what he has done but also what he continues to do to help people and spread awareness. You can find out more about his foundation at
Mark Mastrandrea (also known as Mark Brazil) started a company called Ikonick which just made headlines recently as he partnered with Gary Vee and Scooter Braun. Ikonick is an e-commerce canvas art company that offers amazing quality art for an affordable price. Mark talks about the marketing behind the business, targeting, acquiring licenses like images Muhammad Ali. We are doing a giveaway that you can find more information about in Mark's episode. Check out Mark & more on his business below. @markbrazil @ikonick
This week I was interviewed by the guys over at The Art of Charm Podcast and had a great time talking with them. We discussed things like how to get over social anxiety, first impressions and using your opportunities to your advantage to create things for yourself. Thanks to AJ & Johnny for having me on and go check out their podcast below! The Art of Charm Podcast:
Paul George, one of the most talented NBA players in the world grew up in Palmdale, CA loving to fish and play basketball. His sisters were star athletes and he was always known just as their little brother. It was around his senior year he made a name for himself and established his dominance in basketball which led him to be recruited by the top programs. Ultimately he chose Fresno State, played there for two years before being drafted in the first round of the 2010 NBA Draft by the Indiana Pacers. Listen in to Paul's journey to becoming one of the greats, his mindset while playing, his injury & his willingness to give back to the youth through his charity, the Paul George Foundation. @ygtrece
Repost of episode 66 back in September of 2017 with the owners of MVMT watches. Congrats to the guys on their huge deal!
Dominic Chambrone who you may know as the Shoe Surgeon grew up in Northern California as the quiet, shy, creative kid. His way of making a statement and separating himself from everyone else was customizing his shoes. He has an amazing story that shows his ambition & relentlessness to perfect his craft by learning from cobblers and putting his own spin on things to create custom shoes for the biggest companies and celebrities on the planet. You can find his work online & as well as on his personal Instagram @theshoesurgeon
This week is a very special episode, EPISODE 100 - The SuperPod!!! Thank you so much to all of the listeners for making this happen!  I wanted to bring together 3 of my favorite guests (Rob Dyrdek, Kevion Stirdivant & Tom Bilyeu) to talk about the keys to success, happiness & longevity.  This episode is definitely my favorite by far.  Thank you again and enjoy!
Ed Mylett grew up an average kid who loved baseball and thought he'd go pro but that dream came to an end.  He's the head of World Financial Group, which is a multi-million dollar financial organization, host of the Ed Mylett Show podcast & is a peak performance expert who helps people perform at their highest level.  Find out how he became so successful and his mindset on "pedaling". Listen to his podcast here:
Eddie Huang who you may know from shows like Huang's World on Viceland, author of Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir & owner of BaoHaus NYC & LA has an incredible story.  His main goal has always been to make his ancestors proud & stay true to himself.  He's been a lawyer, a comic, restauranteur & a television producer while remaining authentic and staying true to himself. Listen in as he has plenty of gems to live your life by and the lessons he's learned along the way.
John Geiger went to college to become a school teacher, received his degree in Criminal Justice, moved to New Jersey to work with NFL Jets Cornerback Darrell Revis & ended up changing the sneaker game with his custom "Misplaced Checks" Air Force One.  John left Pittsburgh for an opportunity he couldn't pass up and worked his way to the top of the sneaker culture.  John cofounded the clothing brand "Diet Starts Monday" and continues to released limited shoes through John Geiger Co.
Tamara Dhia, born in Baghdad, Iraq, moved to the US when she was a young girl and had the dreams of becoming the host of TRL.  Not only did she achieve this dream but she's also gone on to create her own content reaching millions and became the editorial producer for Complex.  Tamara provides an amazing story as well as actionable advice that everyone can apply to their life.
Maurice Clarett grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, an All-American football player, Ohio State's best talent of all time but unfortunately a string of bad events led him to decisions that cost him his career and ending up in prison.  Now Maurice has created "The Red Zone" (program to help people deal w/ addiction as well as intervention programs through local schools.  This is an amazing story with an amazing man.. find out more at and @mauriceclarett on Instagram
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Doug Applegate

So good! Def gotta listen twice or thrice and take notes! ♨️

Dec 31st

Doug Applegate

So f**king good! Thanks for replaying.

Dec 31st

marko radanovic

Hey Drama, great episode with Jay. I got to listen it on my vacation on Sardinia and it just did a big Impact on me when he mentioned the place. And I have to give you a big thank to you by making pod. Skater made me move!

Aug 2nd

Jacky Liang

This is one of your best podcasts yet. This related to me on a personal level and super grateful you had Tim on your platform. Keep up the work Chris! Your content has been very helpful with my growth!

Jun 26th

Trevor Hansen

Need to check out the metalcore genre. August Burns Red, Parkway Drive (Vice Grip), etc. Great music, all about bettering yourself.

Jun 10th

Jesse James Bogart

First time podcast listener it was really intriguing and I really enjoyed this episode, I am definitely subscribing to you and Jay Shetty. Thank you!

Mar 29th

Cher A

With deepest gratitude, divine timing! Peace

Mar 26th

Justen E

I needed this episode fr

Mar 25th

Grace Zurawska

Thank you for your time and your insight

Mar 22nd

Kirk Fontaine

thanks for the great job on the presentation first time listener great subject of learning and using good lifetime skills thank u

Mar 21st

Rob Carver

Magical thinking and rehashed new age tropes. Don't waste your time.

Mar 20th

Mike Butkus

still hot, keep killing it Chris

Feb 9th

Mike Butkus

great episode as always Chris, keep up the great work!

Jan 31st

Payton Burns

this interview is brought to you by the word "like"

Jan 24th

Shane Elliott

This is my favorite episode! haha #zombielines

Jan 5th


awesome story and to keep dreaming!

Dec 7th

Tashie Lee

Hey! I really love the podcast! Just started listening! Very awesome! Thanks!

Nov 25th

Shawn Shawn

great interview with the god. popped up on my castbox. i'm a new sub now

Oct 31st

kevin fisher

well being a Carolina bull dog my self,don't surprise me at all that a Carolina boy getting out there and blowing up. He's good people ! represents my state well ! proud of the man. shit he got out the hood. 🙌💯

Oct 31st

Lisa Douglas

loved loved loved it

Oct 31st
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