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Author: Chris "Drama" Pfaff

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Young & Reckless Founder/Entrepreneur Chris “Drama” Pfaff catches up with friends and individuals who have made a name for themselves and overcame obstacles to reach their level of achievements. You can’t google the keys to success, but you can be inspired by talking to people who have been through it.
178 Episodes
Reckless Event Dr. Daniel Amen who is a brain disorder specialist has some amazing information to share.  We're talking about poor brain health like traumatic brain injuries, stress, PTSD etc., and how these things effect our daily life.  His book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life had a huge impact on me and I'm doing a give away.  Listen to the podcast to find out how to win his book!  
Reckless Event Coach Jason Brown from Netflix's Last Chance U sat down with me to talk about his coaching style and where that comes from, what motivates him, his true passion and how he loves giving people opportunity that wouldn't otherwise have it. Check out his new book "Hate Me Now, Love Me Later" below: Click Here for His Book Drama's Reckless Picks:
Jerry Colonna recently wrote the book Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up, which was amazing and had incredible business/life advice.  Jerry had a ton of success in the dot com era,  became a partner with J.P. Morgan Partners, and currently CEO of  We talk about his book, behavioral patterns, how to reset your life and to know that sometimes we need to reset our goals & reconnect with each other. Drama's Young & Reckless Picks: 
Chase Hero has an amazing story from getting in trouble at a young age and has become very successful with online marketing.  He's got such an inspiring story which we talk mindset, putting in the leg work, his routine and much more!   Drama's Young & Reckless Picks:     
I sat down with my cousin Rob Dyrdek in honor of the 10 Year Anniversary of Young & Reckless.  We discuss his memory of when I first thought of the idea, his opinion on the name and much more! *Disclaimer - audio was filmed in a big room from a camera mic so the audio isn't the best but lost of good stuff in the episode!* Drama's Young & Reckless Picks: 
#167 - Dana White | UFC

#167 - Dana White | UFC


Dana White has one of the best business stories of all time with the UFC.  Dana talks about acquiring the business with the Fertitta brothers, how he felt when the business was sold to WME, the importance of great partners and finding the best people to help run a business.  Listen in for the incredible story of Dana White Documentary of the UFC referenced in episode: Drama's Young & Reckless Picks: 
Simon Sinek, author, speaker, consultant came in to discuss his new book The Infinite Game and how it blends in with his other books.  We talk about why its so important to measure more than just the score or made up numbers/sales/profit and why there needs to be so much more behind that.  It was such a great conversation that can be applied to everyones life.   All of my favorite items on Young &
REPOST of Episode #98 Eddie Huang who you may know from shows like Huang's World on Viceland, author of Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir & owner of BaoHaus NYC & LA has an incredible story.  His main goal has always been to make his ancestors proud & stay true to himself.  He's been a lawyer, a comic, restauranteur & a television producer while remaining authentic and staying true to himself. Listen in as he has plenty of gems to live your life by and the lessons he's learned along the way.
#164 - Wiz Khalifa

#164 - Wiz Khalifa


REPOST OF EPISODE 78 Wiz Khalifa was born into a military family constantly moving around but eventually settling in Pittsburgh, PA.  Wiz always had the dream of becoming a successful artist which he did so by following his vision while bringing a new style and sound to hip-hop.  Having number 1 records like "Black & Yellow" and "See You Again", Wiz breaks down the process and focus it took to achieve his goals. @drama @wizkhalifa
Jo Koy is back on the podcast to discuss his new Netflix Special, Comin' In Hot. Jo Koy was actually one of the first people to help me start Short Story Long.  He was on Episode 13.  He's back to talk about how his last special wasn't picked up at first and how that motivated him even more.  Hear what all goes into securing a deal, putting on your own show for a sold out arena and the hilarious $5,000 challenge he has for everyone. If you'd like to hear his full story, check out Episode 13 of SSL.
Comments (2)

marko radanovic

Hey Drama, great episode with Jay. I got to listen it on my vacation on Sardinia and it just did a big Impact on me when he mentioned the place. And I have to give you a big thank to you by making pod. Skater made me move!

Aug 2nd

Jacky Liang

This is one of your best podcasts yet. This related to me on a personal level and super grateful you had Tim on your platform. Keep up the work Chris! Your content has been very helpful with my growth!

Jun 26th
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