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Author: Joost MF Liebregts, Brian Pagá

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Three designers from different disciplines and with unique perspectives talk and wonder about things that make humans happy, make design good, and business sustainable. Shots of Purpose is a podcast for designers, entrepreneurs, and people who like to think as a conscious activity. With Shots of Purpose, the hosts Brian, Joost and Tom aim to inspire listeners to do that which makes them happy while learning about design and business.
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In this episode Brian and Joost talk about why empathy is important, how empathy can be applied in design and how it would work in a workshop format. In October 2019, Joost is hosting a workshop at Design Thinking Conference, so they've taken an 'Open Kitchen' approach and used this podcast to lay the foundation of that workshop.Brian is our Empathic Design Guru, and takes us on a deep dive in this episode. Tune in to hear how that goes and learn the truths of empathy in design. For example, did you know there is more than 1 type of empathy?Liked or disliked the show? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @shotsofpurpose or by sending us an email If you enjoyed the show, please give us a 5-star rating on your favorite podcast app and share it with your friends, colleagues and pet zebras.
We're on our summer break enjoying the sun, freshly made, pizza-oven baked pizzas and the fresh outdoors. Don't be sad though, we wil be back in August!
In this episode Brian, Joost, and Tom share their recent life lessons. Things they've taken to heart and have enriched themselves with. For example, are you aware of the Netherlands' ranking when it comes to sustainability? We are pretty low on the list, but apparently there are some (good) reasons that explain that ranking a bit better than you would assume initially. That's one of Joost's recent lessons learned: there is always another perspective to be heard and learned from. Brian tells us how dealing with assumptions makes him a better communicator and professional, and Tom shares how he's following his heart more closely now. We also talk about a lot of books! Tune in to find out if they are the type of book for you. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @shotsofpurpose or by sending us an email  If you enjoyed the show, please give us a 5-star rating on your favorite podcast app and share it with your friends, colleagues and pet zebras.
A new first for Shots of Purpose! A four-person episode, with special guest Luuk Visser. Luuk is the co-founder of Microlab, a really cool and fast-growing co-working space in Eindhoven, NL. Microlab started as Atelier Eindhoven with only a handful of people, and within 5 years has grown to a space of over 12000m² and with over 700 people in 200 companies.  In this episode we talk with Luuk about how he wanted better equipment for his woodworking hobby, and ending up building a company instead. Furthermore, Luuk tells us about what it takes to make such growth happen (hint: a great team), what his challenges are and where his ambitions are taking him in the foreseeable future.  Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @shotsofpurpose or by sending us an email  If you enjoyed the show, please give us a 5-star rating on your favorite podcast app and share it with your friends, colleagues and pet zebras. 
Boy, is Industry 4.0 full of podcast potential! This is our longest episode to date, and with good reason. First off, we have a cool new intro, completely spontaneously recorded in our pre-podcast preparation. Let us know what you think of it on Twitter @shotsofpurpose. Secondly, AI is changing our world and we just can't completely wrap our heads around what that fully entails for us humans and designers. Also, autonomous cars are just cool, besides offering lots of new design opportunities, like how they should communicate with non-autonomous road-users. Do they need headlights? What about windows? When are they actually autonomous? Tune in to this episode to find out how we feel about these questions, and much, much more!Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @shotsofpurpose or by sending us an email If you enjoyed the show, please give us a 5-star rating on your favorite podcast app and share it with your friends, colleagues and pet zebras. 
What do autonomous vehicles, energy and craftsmanship have in common? Industry 4.0! Brian, Joost, and Tom talk about what Industry 4.0 means for us designers. Before we converse about the implications though, we try to wrap our heads around what industry 4.0 actually is and where it might head in the future. Here's a short recap on the previous three industrial revolutions. The first industrial revolution happened with the invention of the Steam engine, and the mechanization that followed. Humanity then moved on towards mass production of items with production lines using electricity. The third revolution happened when computers were invented. Their invention and increasing use led to further automation and increased our production and research capabilities drastically. Now we've been steadily moving into Industry 4.0. What is the Designer's role in this industry? We have some thoughts on that, but are certainly not done talking about it!Let us know what you think by tweeting us @shotsofpurpose or by sending us an email at sop@purposedesign.nlGot feedback? We'd love to hear it. Let us know in the aforementioned channels!If you enjoyed the show, please give us a 5-star rating on your favorite podcast app. 
What grade from 1 to 10 would you give your life right now? Are you happy? Do you know what makes you happy? We talk with public speaker and positivity guru Rudy van Beurden about how you can discover if you're not happy about something and how to change those parts. It's what some people call Personal Leadership and it can change your your life forever. Together with Rudy, we dive in deep into our own lives, but we also talk about very practical ways of measuring and changing your own happiness. This episode is a really good one, if we say so ourselves. Rudy van Beurden is a Dutch public speaker, host and positivity trainer. With his company GAAF, he's on a mission to make the Netherlands more positive and provide its people with much needed positive energy.  The video Rudy talks about in the Podcast of Mel Robbins 'NASA experience' can be found right here.
Is the fight against climate change futile? What can we citizens do about it anyway? Last episode got us inspired to keep talking about climate change and what we personally can do about it. In this episode we reflect on our challenges and debate the efficacy of protesting. We also talk about the importance of democracy and using your right to vote. With elections coming up in the Netherlands, we urge everyone to read up on the topics and cast your vote!
Lots of students on the streets protesting against climate change, citizens getting increased energy taxes, and many debates about meeting climate goals. How does climate change influence our lives and what can we do about it as designers and, more importantly, individuals? Tune in to find out why this February was sunny and warm and very different from last year.  Hang on till the end where we challenge each other with easy, positive things to change in our lives. This one is close to our hearts and we hope you’ll love it too.The people, books, and podcasts mentioned in this episode:Douglas Rushkoff – Team HumanShoshana Zuboff – The age of Surveillance CapitalismSarah Dubbeldam  P.S. 1000 listens! Thank you very much for tuning in, sharing your thoughts and sharing our podcast! Onto the fourth digit!
What will 2019 bring us?

What will 2019 bring us?


Happy belated New Year! In this fresh 2019 episode, Brian, Joost, and Tom talk about their predictions for the new year. Listen to the convivial trio to find out what they think 2019 has in store for music, food, the planet, and design.Also, non-twitterererrrss, we hear you! We have a brand-spankin’ new email address for your lovely ideas. Send your feedback, or something you want us to talk about to  
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