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Shots of Purpose

Author: Joost MF Liebregts, Brian Pagán and Tom Reinhoudt

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Three designers from different disciplines and with unique perspectives talk and wonder about things that make humans happy, design good, and business sustainable.

Shots of Purpose is a podcast for designers, creators, and entrepreneurs, and people who like to think as a conscious activity. With Shots of Purpose, the hosts Brian, Joost and Tom aim to inspire you, the listener, to do that which makes you happy while learning about design and business.
3 Episodes
It's Dutch Design Week! This year's theme is 'If Not Us, Then Who?' To talk about that, we brought on Tove Elfferich from MorgenMakers She's a rising social designer, and with her, we talk about the impact of the DDW and which projects we find most powerful. You can find Tove with MorgenMakers in Hall 4 of the Klokgebouw in Strijp-S during the Dutch Design Week. And more information about MorgenMakers can be found on their website.
Design Thinking. What is it? We talk about our perspective on Design Thinking and how we apply it in our lives, both professionally and personally. Spoiler: we agree, but not entirely. What do you think Design Thinking is? Let us know on Twitter @shots
The hosts Brian, Joost and Tom talk about how the Pirate principles written in “Be More Pirate” by Sam Connif Allende apply to today’s design and business.
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