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Pure Skateboarding and Underground Music.

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Welcome back to ShredER Podcast, where we play underground tracks from the most nefarious metal bands in hell. This month, we take you to the international purgatory blazing with magma providing speed, blast beats, and relentless chaos. These rare songs are a knack for old school and underground metal maniacs: bloody, gore, and pure holocaust. Tracks: Black Witchery - Antichrist Order of Holy Death Cultes Des Ghoules - The Convenant and The Sacrifice Destroyer 666 - Satanic Speed Metal Havohej - Pious Breath Midnight - Satanic Royalty Nocturnal Blood - Sexphemous Perversion Profanatica - Sickened by Holy Host Ravecult - Morbid Blood Sanguis Imperem - The Skurge of Man The Lurking Corpses - When your Body Dies Follow & Like ShredER on Instagram and Facebook Official Website:
Welcome to the ShredER Podcast! This time we invited one of the sickest members of Kartell'em IDSG 4504 to talk about his new music video "LECULTURE" on how the creative DIY type mentality he has as well as the upcoming "Tell'em Wasak" 2nd full-length album and more.Music: IDSG - Counterfeit and Kartell'em - PosseThis "skate talk" podcast and radio show contains some foul language like the F-word and the S-bomb (PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED)Official Website:
On this metal playlist podcast episode, we welcome the Filipino death metal beasts to make your GCQ or MECG to be more invigorating. These pinoy metalheads never stopped grinding on making music and will forever stay true to what they believe. Take a listen to Episode above of Shred Everything Radio! Be sure to follow and like us on Instagram and Facebook so you will never miss an episode.Tracks:Comatose - ComatoseAktarma Suicide - Injecting Antidote to Oro HydrocephalusDeadflesh Architect - Progeny The Vira VaxPathogen -Ode To The MacabreInferium - Devastation of godsMenteryo - Suffering Though the Endless PainSultan - TrepanationAmaranhig - Bagong KatayAstarus - Trapped in the casketLast Vigil - Soaking Intestines Fluids of the DeadOfficial Site:
Black metal is perhaps the most incorrectly interpreted genre all over the globe and the most full of myths that have caused more and more controversy in the musical world. This month on Shred Everything Radio podcast we bring you the demonic raw Filipino black metal tracks from bands full of valiant efforts trying to pick the gnats and the manifestation of an activity unknown to the mainstream audience. Enjoy!Tracks:Impierno- Ave MariaAtramentum - Flagellation of the DecrepitSatanas - In war with satanKalabira - Dreams of heavens are dreams of deceitMorkhgrat - Black wings of deathSacrosanct - Spreading The Black FlameSalabahis - SalabahisSatanic Curse - Nights ov Unholy DesecrationSlaughter Messiah - Cermonial Rites Ov VengeanceZanthicus - Warlords AttackOfficial Site: Amino
This is just a friendly reminder that you have to always wash your hands but you have to also take a shower and sanitize because being healthy is also metal as fuck!Here's a mixed of Death, Black, Thrash, Doom, Grindcore, Heavy metal tracks.TRACKS:Faster Than Satan - Painting The DarknessDahong Palay -  Kapatiran ng Bakal at ApoyMalicious Birth - Mind CrematorOmenfilth - Bakunaua Ex InferisToxemia - Evil DrunkardReligious Nightmare - UntitledIconoclast - Another HolocaustCranial Torture - Erotic Defleshement FaceBloodicide - Mass DestructionPhoto: United Nations on UnsplashOfficial Website:
Back in 2012 Todd Tessier joins the show answering an interview regarding on how he was saving the Intramuros skate spot, go skateboarding day, BGC skate incident and etc.Music: RAM and Ice Rocks!Nothing, Really Mixtape out now: "skate talk" podcast and radio show contains some foul language like the F-word and the S-bomb (PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVICED)Official Site:
Welcome to another Shred Everything Radio's Pinoy metal playlist where we support underground metal bands from the Philippines. This podcast is filled with talented Filipino metalheads - Take a listen to Episode Podcast above!TRACKS:Oblivion - AmaduesBlasphemous Cremation - Into the PitBrual Punishment - PossesedRabies - Axis of EvilSkychurch - EuthanasiaNuclear Punishment - Turbo Kabaong ShowcaseDeiphago - Satan Alpha OmegaAstarus - DipsomaniacLavos Beckon - The HaltingMortal Grudge - Morbid SentimentsOfficial Website:
There's a lot of Filipno metal beasts out here in the Philippines and all of our very own metalheads are devoted to make underground music from their heart and soul. We bring you all things metal in the pipeline, here's another load of Thrash, Death, Doom, Grindcore and more metal for you to get through your quarantine.TRACKS:Bloodshedd - Dawn KingdomEncephalon - Flesh and BloodPathogen - Shroud of Silent DeathSea of Rains - MonologueDescant Gott - Forgotten ParagonAlmoranaz - Anal CarnageDeepsleep - Pyscho MachineOremuz - SoulsparkLoss of Control - MethamphibianEnd of Man - Pagkagat ng DilimOfficial Site:
We've got shred news by Hampaslupa Skateboards pro Jerwin "Spanky" Santos regarding what's happening in the Philippine skateboarding, his vlogs on his Youtube channel, Kartell'em's Playa Hataz - Cypher 3 and more.Music: Sexy Jay - Awit sa traffic and Corona ByerusThis "Skate Talk" podcast and radio show contains some foul language like the F-word and the S-bomb (PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED)Official website:
It's hot as shit out here in the Philippines due to summer time and sometimes it's raining like a bitch but on this episode we will cool you down with some evil as fuck music straight from the land of Davao. Enjoy!!!TRACKS:Decapitator - Deathrow AriseZanthicus - Warlords AttackKundinar - Heaven on FireCorpse Breeder - Tomb of the WeakLunop - Rain of FireKorihor - Satanik HellbangersDecapitated - Summoned to SlayAncient Horns - Church of PandemoniumThe Old Serpent - The Lies WithinOfficial Site:
These brutal death Filipino metal beasts will surely make your quarantine more exciting. Lock-down is not an invasion of your freedom as we all need to flatten the curve and we promise you that it's all gonna be worth it in the future.TRACKS:Pus Vomit - Dismembered Virgin LimbsNordic Pit - Cayang's ButcheryBrutal Punishment - PossessedHuman Mastification - Driven to KillLamaw - Self Abortion Perverse Molestation - Disgorging the Infant Cunts Disastrous - Skull Fucking PulverizedProjectile Vomit - Disgorging At The Pillar Sagrado - Mass Sufferings Of A Human Being Down from the Wound - Agony Through Rituals of Self PurificationOfficial Site:
This playlist is filled with pure underground metal bands in the Philippines. These metalheads are one of the best musicians in the local metal scene and if you enjoyed the last playlist you know that these line up will make your ear bleed. TRACKS:Nuclear Punishment - Anak ng DiabloComatose - Pure Evil and BlasphemyAstarus - church of liesBane - Chaos in the FleshBlasphemous Cremation - Fundamental DisharmonyGenital Grinder - Bombs AwayKatoliko - Ignore EvilManangs Curse - PapageSIGNOS - fatal disasterAlmoranaz - Mahiwagang PwetOfficial Site:
On this episode we present the Raw, Dirty and Kvlt as fuck black metal bands in the Philippines. If you don't know what black metal is about then don't fuckin expect this to be just like any other bands that you've been hearing on any music channels or radio shows. THIS IS PURE FUCKING FILIPINO TRUE BLACK METAL!!!TRACKS:Deiphago - Filipino AntichristKorihor - Nefarious Khristian Annihilator Incarion - Uneheath Irons Archaic Argot - Estrus ErogenusTempest- Lucifers TouchKratornas - Instellar DoomInfernal Eden - Animated Dreams of MadnessAncient Horns - Church of PandemoniumRage of Iscariot - Satans ArseTenebrion - Satan is the name of GodOfficial Website:
We got another playlist, featuring some Filipino thrash metalheads in the Philippines. And we dedicate this to the legends of trash metal band SLAYER as they called it quits last 2019. TRACKS:End of man - QuestiongRabies- Axies of EvilDreaded Mortaury - Kill your sensesOhmsapien - I swallow Lightin'!Paganfire - Lust PossessedResurrected  - Death tollMass Carnage - Sa pagkagat ng dilimBersikulo - All of us will dieChildren of Badeath - MutilatorKurikong Combat - Hunger strikePhoto: SlayerOfficial Website:
Throwback interview with professional skate filmer Vj Chua joins the show and talks about the process of being a filmer for the professional skateboarders in the Philippines as well as his full length skate video. Being kicked out and coming back again to the spot and more.Music: Bugoy na Koykoy, Omar Baliw and IVES!This "skate talk" podcast and radio show contains some foul language like the F-word and the S-bomb (PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED)Official Website:
Evil as fuck music straight from the Philippines. We've got another sick line up for you to get your weekend started, offering a mix of different metal styles and not just an ordinary radio friendly tracks this episode. We keep it pure evil and hate on Shred Everything Radio so stick around.TRACKS:Sin - EmissaryDecapitator - Deathrow AriseDisastrous - Skull Fucking PulverizedEncephalon - Hellside HollocaustKatoliko - Fragile DeathKundinar - Heaven on FireLamaw - Self AbortionManiak - Tang Ina Nyo!Nordic Pit - Tragic DeathTenebrion - Satan is The Name of GodPhoto: Arisa Chattasa on UnsplashOfficial Website:
Before Shred Everything Radio it was Roach Killa Radio back in 2012.Congratulations to Vince Odivilas Mabansag for winning our "Roach Killa Contest". Kindly check your email for more info on how you can get the 7.75 Bamboo skateboard deck from Bamboo Skateboards - Philippines x Skatewerx Skateshop.Another educated skateboarder who is a registered nurse Von Manzano joins the show answering an interview as well as giving some good information on helping Red Cross Philippines, having a Bamboo skateboard team, supporting Go skateboarding day 2013 and more.Music: Nuclear PunishmentThis skate talk podcast and radio show contains some foul language like the F-word and the S-bomb (PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED) Official Website:
THROWBACK Interview with Ice Rocks back in 2011 when he wasn't Saint Ice Rocks or a pro wrestler Mayhem Brannigan of "Philippine Wrestling Revolution - PWR." He used to be a battle rapper back then competing in English and Tagalog conference on Fliptop battle league which he also produced his own music together with Oj River when they were still starting. The two were already big in the Filipino underground scene where they both found success on what they love and passionate about. Ice Rocks announced his EP, gave an insight of being a rap artist in the Philippines, featured tracks from Miggy Smalls who soon became Oj River, he also mentioned about studying but not doing good in school while rapping and a lot more.Music: Miggy Smalls (Oj River) and IcerocksThis "Skate Talk" podcast contains some foul language like the F-word and the S-bomb (PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED)Official Website:
THROWBACK INTERVIEW AUGUST 17, 2012Jedli of Peoples Future talks with Lizard King about their EP "What the Dilis" as well as his own beats, project with other musicians and etc.Music: Peoples Future, June Marieezy and Nyco Maca!This "skate talk" podcast and radio show contains some foul language like the F-word and the S-bomb (PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED)Official Website:
For normal people, February is the love month but for us, it's a morbidity month as we welcome the evil bassist and tattoo artist Kent Co of Archaic Argot on the show. Apao tells the story about losing 200 pounds in 2 years, as well as explaining their intricate black metal genre. We discuss the metal underground scene's ups and downs, how they stayed true to black metal for 18 years and a lot more.Music: Archaic Argot - Benign Spirits and Infernal Flame of BlasphemyThis "skate talk" podcast and radio show contains some foul language like the F-word and the S-bomb (PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED)Official Website:
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