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The world's best board game review show.
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In this hungrily 144th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Quinns, Tom and Ava are locked in a room together! A week long gathering of your verifiably rowdy hosts kicked off with three cracking reprints of lovely older games, and then we all did a podcast about them! We start with Big Daddy Kniz’s Royal Visit, move to Cornwall for Martin Wallace’s Tinner’s Trail before jumping across the pond for a steamboat race in Mississippi Queen. Due to a live record, some of the trips and erms have been impossible to excise, so expect a slightly more chaotic pod than usual. We were very excited to be playing games together. Have a great weekend, everybody! Timestamps: 02:36 - Royal Visit 13:03 - Tinner’s Trail 26:08 - Mississippi Queen
In this willingly 143rd episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Quinns and Tom are going on an adventure(s)! Keep your hands and feet inside the box at all times - especially as we lower the lid over the top of your head and slide you into a Kallax. It’s where we keep all the adventures. We’re going on ADVENTURE through ARNAK in The Lost Ruins of Arnak! We’re going on an ADVENTURE through TIME in The Loop! And last but not least, we’re going on a CARD GAME through FANTASY in Fantasy Realms! Timestamps: 01:19 - The Lost Ruins of Arnak 22:35 - The Loop 36:57 - Fantasy Realms
In this frankly 142nd episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Ava and Tom have been left alone again, and proceed to gush for almost an entire hour about the hottest hotgame right now: Oath! They shouldn’t let us get away with this stuff. I can only promise that we do get to ‘how to play’ in this podcast, but it made sense for us to get whimsical about the victory conditions first to frame the rest of the rules, because they’re quite special. Have a great weekend, everybody! Timestamps: 06:37 - Oath-verview 23:47 - ‘The Details’
In this cuddly 141st episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, we’re taking a breather with a brew, and a couple of gentle games with cosy, cosy themes! We’re (k)notting our whats with The Whatnot Cabinet, trailing fairies in Fairy Trails, and… doing something else unusual in Herbaceous! Timestamps: 02:08 - The Whatnot Cabinet 13.02 - Fairy Trails 23.00 - Herbaceous
In this decadently 140th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Boardgame: The Podcast, we’re talking about a couple of hot-button-games that we’ve come over all tepid about. We’ll first guide you into the asymmetrical port of Merchants Cove, before serving up a delicious mug of mathematical coffee in… Coffee Traders! Have a lovely weekend, everybody! Timestamps: 01:54 - Merchants Cove 19:41 - Coffee Traders
In this butt-clenchingly 139th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, we’re talking all about manuals! Do not try to escape, you have been warned! Thrills abound as Matt and Ava jungle-gym their way through a forest of Adobe products, kerning, and intriguing observations - all centered around RATS: High Tea at Sea - the roll and write that we think is quite good! No need to ask for any other opinions, we are the professionals, after all. Have a lovely weekend, everybody! Timestamps: 00:00 - You cannot escape the manualzone
Live and scary from AwSHUX 2021, it’s Quinns, Tom and Ava! Apologies for the incredibly unhinged energy on this one, it was powered by nerves and I’m also editing it at 1 in the morning! What a combination! We’ve got an absolutely brutal lineup of games on this one, folks. We’re talking plants, gardens and sheds in Three Sisters, we’re slapping down a bunch of little wooden towers in Medina, and we’re serving up hot hot murder on our pals in Night of the Ninja. BUT WAIT! There’s more! At the tail-end of this pod, embark on an odyssey of AwSHUX previews! Tom and Quinns will battle it out in an arena of hyperbole - armed with 26 separate previews that they’ve ruthlessly whittled into the silliest segment around! Have a lovely weekend, everybody! Tap below for full timestamps and more info! Timestamps: 02:11 - Three Sisters 15:25 - Medina 29:26 - Night of the Ninja 40:24 - A Smoky Pile of Previews
In this indubitably 137th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns are producing decibels about two games that they are both a bit excited about! First off we’ll ramble about Nidavellir’s moody dwarves and chunky coins before taking a break in the wilderness of Cascadia; a land of solitary bears and salmon on the slalom. We then finish this pod off with some very brief thoughts on recent video reviews for Cubitos and Stardew Valley: The Board Game - so if you need thoughts on rolling, growing, moving, and crowing… then you’ve come to the right place on your Friday evening! What luck! Timestamps: 04:28 - Needivaleir! 21:25 - Cascadia 30:32 - Cubitos 32:57 - Stardew Valley: The Board Game
In this imperceptibly 136th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Ava, Tom and Quinns chat about two chunky pieces of cardboard chicanery about people in history going places and taking what they find. Anno 1800 and Stroganov are up for discussion and travelling in opposite directions in more ways than one. Timestamps: 02:02 - Anno 1800 17:23 - The politics of Anno 1800 27:48 - Stroganov
In this whimsically 135th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns chat about a number of single-player pen-and-paper map-drawing/journal-making role-playing games - or ‘Solo RPGs’, for short. We’ll be digging deep into Delve, thinking back to Field Guide To Memory, and shooting upwards to be Alone Among The Stars, each game a new designer and a new direction. Have a lovely weekend, everybody! Timestamps: 02:05 - Delve 15:34 - Field Guide To Memory 26:13 - Alone Among The Stars
In this floaty 134th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Matt and Quinns peek through a collection of cumulonimbi to deliver their verdict on just one game: CloudAge! Expect a dash of opinion, some twists of chatter, and just one unexpected visitor. We’ve got it all! Have a lovely weekend, everybody!
In this old-fashioned 133rd episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast Tom and Ava have been left on their own, and are abusing the privilege with a personal campaign to get some wonderful, fusty old European games reprinted. Come join us on a journey across a continent! We’ll be making friends with weird faces in Saint Petersburg, stealing some surprisingly colourful bricks from The Palaces of Carrara and getting grandiose in Spain with El Grande. It’s weird for us to cover so many out of print games, but don’t worry, these are all currently available to play online through BoardGameArena or Yucata - so put your feet up for the no longer a very mystery tour, because I just told you all where we’re going, oops! Have a lovely weekend, everybody! Tap below for full timestamps and more info! Timestamps 01:39 - Saint Petersburg 14:51 - Palaces of Carrara 28:46 - El Grande
In this mysterious 132nd episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom, Quinns and Ava clamber aboard a raft of games that’s gently sailing down a river made of...dreams… Do not get into the water, the dreams are also full of plague. We’re going to be rambling about an absolute bunch of games that, when combined, would make up our perfect post-covid boardgame night. If you want to be surprised by each addition to our lists then click play! Or if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about, we’ve got all the games timestamped below. Have a lovely weekend, everybody! Timestamps 05:17 - El Grande 15:11 - Vampire: The Masquerade - Vendetta 17:19 - Inis and Seasons of Inis 22:50 - Ora Et Labora 29:20 - Twilight Imperium 31:59 - The Crew 36:50 - Memoir ‘44: Operation Overlord 40:08 - Cosmic Encounter
In what is clearly the 131st episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Matt, Tom and Ava are going to continue recent pod-tradition and natter about just the one game, thanks. That’s right, it’s Faiyum! A game about being both in Egypt and confused! Happens to the best of us. We’re going to be chatting about how it really works, how it sort of works and how it doesn’t work in a hodgepodge chat about one of the stranger board game offerings of 2020. We had some technical difficulties with this one, so apologies if things feel a bit bumpy. It suits the game in question!
In this freshly-pressed 130th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, we’re making amends. The beefcast left the team torn in two, sundered, ruined... borked beyond repair. Now? It’s time to rekindle the fire; and what better way to do so than talk about the man that broke us. Reiner Knizia. Take a seat as Quinns and Tom natter about recent video review stars My City and Modern Art, with a little wiggly chat about The Quest For El Dorado smashed in the middle. We also take the time to make plenty of great behind-the-scenes podcasting errors, for your pleasure! Tap below for full timestamps and more info! Timestamps 01:45 - My City 17:28 - The Quest For El Dorado 27:20 - Modern Art
In this juicy 129th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, it’s time for business, baby! Join Matt and Tom for a conversation about Carnegie where our thoughts doth runneth over. Literally. We aimed to keep this one short and sweet but then Matt got ever so excited about history - something that we like to call ‘a nerd move’, in the biz. Think of this one as the ‘one-two-punch’ of board game podcasts, if you will. A first half that basks in the utter joy of the thing, and a second where reality rears its ugly head at our barred doors. We just wanted to enjoy a game about a hard day’s work, reality! Why do you always spoil our fun?! I JUST WANTED TO CRUSH A WHOLE UNION IN PEACE!!! Have a lovely weekend! Timestamps 00:00 It’s Carnegie all the way down, my lovelies. Oh, also, this is Ava's first proper edit, out in the wild! It's so squeaky clean!
In the unbelievably 128th podcast we spend a surprisingly long time chatting about Vampire: The Masquerade: Vendetta, a game with as much blood as it’s got colons! This pink-hued game doesn’t take a rose-tinted view of the source material, which Quinns and Matt get deep into a big nostalgia blanket for - how sweet! Eventually we might even talk about the game. We wrap up with some racist beans, and a surprising experiment with Tom’s pockets! Timestamps: 01:22 - Vampire: The Masquerade: Vendetta 34:03 - Excalibohn 42:48 - Button Shy Wallet Games Part 2
In this garishly 127th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Matt, Tom and Ava have a meandering little chat-a-thon about Dune Imperium - a spicy hot game that at least two of the folks on the podcast aren’t all that hot for. I bet you can’t guess who. TIMESTAMPS: 01:19 - Dune Imperium 29:27 - Northwich Salt Museum 34:33 - Brief Button Shy Chat
In this frighteningly 126th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Ava and Quinns try their very own best to convince our very own Tom to play their favourite Uwes. What’s an Uwe? I thought it was a big sheep, but I’ve been wrong before. TIMESTAMPS: 03:21 - Hallertau 25:55 - Glass Road 31:55 - Nusfjord 36:19 - Le Havre 41:28 - A Feast For Odin 49:51 - Bohnanza
WELCOME to the 125th SU&SD GAME OF THE YEAR PODCAST! Because technically, every game is a game of the year! Why? Because it came out that year, dummy! That’s just maths!!! On this timely episode of the Shut Up and Sit Down Podcast, the four musketeers gather once again to chat about just one game that they each think deserves Game Of The Year status in 2020. Who will win? Will their game be from this year? Will they even chose a game at ALL! Answers to these questions and more can be found… right here! Have a lovely weekend!
Comments (39)

Adam Homans

I was sick of listening to the radio. I drive a lot for work. Someone suggested I listen to podcasts. So here I am. I've only listened to SU&SD podcast so far. For the past 5 months. Nearly listened to all of them. Enjoyed all the content so far. Great reviews. Fun as well.

Mar 11th

Aaron Proctor

Just a lovely chat with lovely people about lovely games. Lovely! 🍐

Mar 6th

James Chilton

brilliant board gaming podcast, well worth your time

Mar 4th

Aaron Jobst

The world's premier podcast on board games, board games, and the people who love them! 🍐

Mar 3rd
Reply (1)

Alessio Susi

Amazing podcast! Definitely one of my absolute favourites

Feb 28th

Natalie Holroyd

Love this podcast, and it just keeps getting better! Perfect to listen to while walking the dog

Feb 13th

Alan Campbell

I work on Fall Guys so hearing that comment about the game made me smile. Thanks guys.

Sep 17th

rafael simao

I miss the timestamps in the description :(

May 27th

Alex Dye

sick death grips reference y'all !

Apr 25th


I really ejoyed the works of Roland Wright when he was a prolific lightweight 4x designer and not a type of yahtzi exams.

Jan 25th

Kayla Thompson

It's amusing to me that you guys touched on here, in your first podcast, the exact reason I started following your content (in 2019): your reviews aren't just 'this is how the game plays' - your reviews are 'if you're the kind of person who likes XYZ, you'll probably like this game, but if you like ABC, this probably isn't the game for you' Plus y'all are so much fun :)

Oct 23rd

Kayla Thompson

Love these guys; I've watched most of their videos. Actually downloaded a Podcast app just to follow them here too

Oct 21st
Reply (1)

Hidde Warendorff

Guys! great podcast. Again. butttttt Where can I find info on auto?

Aug 9th


Great and fun podcast about board games, card games and the like. Recommend it to anyone with at least a passing interest in it. The hosts are charming, fun and pleasant to listen to. Topics are new games, newly played games and everything in between. Highly recommend

Mar 27th

Sam Brown

Watched their reviews for several years now, but lots of evenings stuck in a lab has led me to getting into podcasts, and this is one of the best. Witty, interesting content and great back and forth between them. Am subscribing for sure!

Jan 22nd

Jennifer Wilssens

I've been following Shut Up & Sit Down's Youtube channel for a couple of years now, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered this podcast. And it's perfectly fantastic. So thank you for what you do! I've come to depend on your reviews when deciding on games to invest in, and have not been disappointed in any of your recommendations. Keep being awesome!

Dec 17th

Matt Worley

Great Show!

Nov 8th

Matthew Stanfield

Love this podcast! Highly recommend it for anyone interested in board games!!

Aug 28th

Sam Nixon

Very enjoyable

Aug 7th

Daniel Lewis

always great to listen to

Jul 15th
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