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The Shutdown Fullcast, the world's only college football podcast, is only about college football when there are no weirder topics available. However, there are not many topics weirder than college football. Hosted by Spencer Hall, Jason Kirk, and friends.

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 - Hey y’all, it’s the FCS draft episode, where we overcome our current general disdain for sports to pick spring football teams! - Featuring a brief but violent detour into the Boise State-Idaho rivalry! - Our collective safari into perfecting our Maine accents continues? - Never admit what is or isn’t gumbo on the internet. - “Spencer, I have a money question"
 - It’s our advanced sports analytics episode! How advanced? Advanced past what? Mind your own business! - What are we using our film review skills for? Breaking down that Oklahoma bathroom fight, are you new here? - As a team, we feel pretty confident we could perform a number of basic medical procedures in the field. Listen along to find out which! - Adding to the ever-expanding roster of basic concepts Spencer has no grasp of, we can now add “sitcoms” and “human bones” - Dabo will never be a great leader of history because Genghis Khan paid his players
The Shape of Success

The Shape of Success


--Can't sleep, must think about Baconator --an ode to the most essential Panda Express on the planet --All Gus Malzahn does is cash checks he will never spend--Everyone belongs to one of four human tribes: The Zappers, Wild Aces, Beasts, or Glacier Boyz--Holly challenges us to work onside kicks into every sport--YE ATE ME DART--Spencer just wants to steal horses 



--Why is Ben Franklin smiling on the 100 bill? Because he's pantsless--NCAA FOOTBALL IS BACK! (Again. Not more than it was. On the way? BACK.) --Ryan on why Congress should pass legislation to bring back Banjo and Kazooie --A brief diversion into a musical about Aaron Burr slapping Alexander Hamilton to death --Which schools in the new NCAA video game that should be inherently corrupt --The challenge of putting fake facilities in the game more absurd than the real ones --Did you know Auburn's current football facility has a flight simulator? You do now!--A proposal for real coaches, i.e. your staff might be mostly inept family members--BOOSTER MODE--Holly issues an amazing challenge for next week's episode 
--Spencer is described by his co-workers as "a dog with a plunger" --Play the game "EPL name or NFL Assistant" --Jason demands that you LEARN. FOOTBALL. --Tom Brady, the ultimate "let's get a game-winning FG" QB ever --An alternate history where Mike Vick steals whale sharks from the GA Aquarium--We turn Kirby Smart into a Turkish soccer team --Imagining the living hell of raising five Gronkowskis
--Spencer and Ryan duel to see who can hold the longest WELLLCOME, and Spencer almost dies --a review of the DIAMOND HANDS LIFESTYLE, or how the whole world is living the #FullcastLyfe now--A review of Ren Faires, and why they are not Med Faires--Jared Goff is smarter than all of us --Matt Stafford, Daydrinking Nap God --Picking out teams clearly free-riding on other teams' effort --How almost every SEC team is quantitatively trying toooo hard --Has anyone ever peed on the moon? --We pick the LUCRATIVE DEAD MALL STONKS OF THE FUTURE for you
Why are you even asking if we bought GameStop stock? Of course we bought GameStop stockSpencer invented a game! That’s not as bad as it sounds! Why are you flinching? Anyway, the game goes like this: Can you pick hit or miss coaching hires throughout history based solely on their records? Turns out we can’t, but we CAN reunite Ryan with his coaching spirit soulmateWhich former Colorado head coach is Holly’s new life coach?With Enough Flex Tape, You Can Live Forever (Shutdown Fullcast not currently sponsored by Flex Tape)



It’s the cryptocurrency episode! Spencer wants to invest $100 in bitcoin live on the air, and we may not be able to talk him out of it! The Vitruvian Man, updated for the modern age! (it’s Kid Rock, sorry) The four bodily humors, updated for the modern age! (one of them is Fritos, sorry) In honor of the NFL playoffs, the team goes looking for the best clam chowder in Tampa, sorry 
We can exclusively report that Homophobic Country Ham With A Headset On It has turned down the Tennessee jobAn abbreviated list of players and coaches about whom we have been Quite Wrong, footballishly speakingSo we’ll be talking about Josh Allen for quite a bitJust draft Bama guys, anybody named after an Egyptian allfather, and Rondale Moore



In keeping with Fullcast tradition, we belly-flop into the offseason by restarting our Disasters Playlist, this time centered around “times you have set things on fire that were not supposed to be on fire.” Includes the following instant-classic story elements:           • “We did not have a fireplace.”           • “The smoke was visible for miles around.”           • “Ants survived.”           • “It was like a terra-cotta jet engine.”Also, this very quickly becomes our long-awaited musical episode. Surprise! 
The Failure State

The Failure State


Ill-advised napping locations we have knownSark Week goes sideways, fastInjuries invented during the course of this episode: sex hernia, gamer’s knee, online toe Right, the title game So: What is “the failure state”?
The Peak of Eternal Light

The Peak of Eternal Light


 - Definitely forgot we had to do one more show before the title game! We are so tired! - Magnets, fondly remembered - Make time for an old friend, and for Meatloaf - If you’ve read this far, we feel comfortable disclosing you are now a member of the John Wick Fitness Empirium. Cancel anytime! 
* Folks, they called the Senate runoffs pretty much right in the middle of recording this thing, and then they cancelled Caillou, and we found out about all of this mid-show, so just bear with us okay* There may or may not be a title game in five days, sure * Holly becomes the final Fullcasteer to come up with a voice that she is never allowed to do on the show again* A robust amount of NFL coaching carousel analysis* You’re probably overpaying for snakes
—Jacksonville’s mayor wants to fight people—Why you can’t legally call paying Lane Kiffin “an investment”—Ryan tells Notre Dame why you can’t be aggressively cautious during a football game —Clay Helton, formulated for the sensitive stomachs of senior cats —KIRBY!—The Italian Christmas Donkey was the Lamborghini of 32 AD —#Justice4Han
Ted Lasso, McDonalds meme history, and surprisingly affordable Soviet underwater spear guns: You’re g-d right it’s bowl seasonRonald Reagan’s arming Bills fans! Flee for your lives!We finally get Ryan to admit he’s our lawyer, on tapeOne (1) reader question, answered
Christmas gifts, reviewed Fast food chicken situations of the Roman Empire, reviewed  Some football, reviewed A slightly abridged history of medicine Cheez-It Bowl preview! Sure!
Lotta sniffles in this episode folks! Hope you and yours are holding up better than we areOn the anniversary of Spencer revealing he thinks reindeer are some sort of dog, we have just about got him convinced sharks are mammalsA rare appearance by our producer, Surber, with thrilling results An extended bedtime story to remind our readers of the true reason for the season: goat festival crimes
Jetski Police Academy

Jetski Police Academy


 - Jetski crimes, again - But different jetski crimes, this time - Playoffs, sure, whatever  - Ryan makes Holly cry, not for any of the usual reasons - Any of y’all ever try fishing with a Taser? Please let us know
--A man jetskied across the Irish Sea for love and he wasn't even from Alabama --How a dad jailed for jetskiing to another country could never parent effectively again --Ryan auditions for the CFB Playoff committee --Actual impassioned profane hollerin' about the very bad playoff rankings--No one cares about downtrodden underdog USC (no really, it's a thing)--"When Greg McElroy is on the barricades with you, it's over"--Talking about games no one wants to happen this weekend because everyone is very tired --Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss: The game where everything's made up, and nothing matters 
Nole Contendere

Nole Contendere


Welcome to the Spartacus multiverse Which US state has the most snakes? The answer may surprise you!Jason and Ryan conduct a protracted legal battle of wills Auburn’s up to some Auburn antics, Auburnly Investment advice for the newly wealthier Gus Malzahn
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