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The Fullcast celebrates all of the absurdity of college football, and is frequently, often, not about college football at all. Join hosts Spencer Hall, Jason Kirk and Ryan Nanni, as they delve into the biggest stories of the week—or not. Produced by Banner Society and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
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Nobody had ever thought to have people send in questions that podcast hosts could answer on a recorded episode. But then we went and did it, because we're podcast innovators. Please send us thousands of dollars so we can consult for your business or whatever. The questions on this episode include, but are not limited to:- Who takes over at Bama after Nick Saban?- What team is most ready to explode into a dumpster fire? - What would you choose as the mascot if you were the AD of a new program?- How are our skin care routines looking? - Which children's entertainment is the worst? - What is a blender's highest use? - Did people think Garth Brooks was sexy in the mid 90s?Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Vacations are like any other carefully planned human endeavor: they are subject to complete and total collapse, from predictable factors and from shit you never saw coming. You, the listeners, have pooped yourselves, seriously injured yourselves, left each other in jail on false charges, been conquered by Disney, and caused permanent damage to your relationships. Fortunately, we have done these things, too. The Shutdown Fullcast: We All Sink Down Here!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Our listeners share their tips and tricks for a more pleasant Saturday viewing experience, we discuss the college football destinations we have yet to enjoy but want to visit, and somehow we talk about clothes Ryan bought in middle school. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As we approach a new season of college football, we, as esteemed members of the national media, have an important job before us: to embrace bold, possibly stupid, predictions about what is yet to come and spread them into the world. But we want to break down the distinction between "host" and "listener," which is why we have turned this honored task into a game that you can play as well! Go to to enter, and throughout the season we'll tell you exactly how much better you are than Ryan at this.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This is the episode where we try to convince you we are reasonably well-rounded people who travel and read for pleasure and watch television that isn't just whatever weird Minnesota replay the Big Ten Network has picked out for a summer Tuesday afternoon. Maybe you'll get some ideas for new things you can enjoy in the remaining days before football season starts. Maybe you'll think our taste sucks and tweet us better things we should have consumed. Either one is fine, just remember: send those tweets to @38Godfrey.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Richard Johnson joins Holly, Spencer, and Jason to preview the Purple Division and the Assorted Division, because no, we weren't organized enough to avoid having a grab bag division where the teams don't wear the same colors. That one has BYU, Hawaii, Miami, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Oregon, while the Purple Division has Clemson, Kansas State, LSU, Northwestern, TCU, and Washington. If our arbitrary conference setup did not include your school, it means they're either:a) terrible and going to be trash this year orb) secretly amazing but we're betting lots of money on them and don't want the secret to get outLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
Podcast newbie Steven Godfrey joins Holly, Spencer, and Ryan to preview the Orange Division and the Fake Orange Division. The former includes Auburn, Florida, Oklahoma State, Syracuse, Tennessee, and Texas; the latter brings you Arizona State (sort of), Boston College, Iowa State, USC, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. Maybe you're thinking some of those schools aren't orange at all, to which we will remind you that red and yellow mixed together MAKE orange. That's Colors 101, sucker.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
After this episode, we're now 60% of the way through previewing ever-well, ok SOME of this year's college football teams. This is the Conference Yellow, aka the Piss 12, and it includes Appalachian State, Army, Cal, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Michigan, Mizzou, Purdue, Toledo, UCF, and West Virginia. This is also the episode where Spencer does one of the worst things he's ever done on this show, and we're sorry but we cannot control him. Is this a bad time to mention that Shutdown Fullcast has been nominated for best Sports +Recreation podcast in this year’s People’s Choice Podcast Awards? It is? Too bad! Cast your vote for Shutdown Fullcast at before July 31st. (One vote per category.)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Our super dumb season preview continues with THE BLUE CONFERENCE, home to Boise State, Buffalo, Georgia Southern, Kentucky, Memphis, and Penn State in one division and Arizona, Navy, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Pitt, and UCLA in the other. Holly and Spencer were out for this one, so we brought on special guest Alex Kirshner and person who is on the show all the time Brian Floyd. Does that mean we talked about football and not nonsense? Friend, no. No, it does not.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It's season preview time, and this year we're realigning all* of college football by the only system that matters to us: uniform color! We begin with THE RED CONFERENCE, a twelve team league consisting of Alabama, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Washington Statein one division and Georgia, Nebraska, NC State, Stanford, Utah, and Wisconsin in the other. Who will reign supreme? How will we even decide that? What Bill C. secrets will we reveal, changing your whole understanding of this show? Listen to find out!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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