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Join hosts Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor as they hangout and have an unapologetic, unpolished and unfiltered discussion about what it's like to live life with a disease, in the hopes of finding humour in an otherwise taboo and sometimes dark subject.
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Adrian was on the podcast before. We spent most of the time talking about how we're all just flesh-covered, walking, talking donuts. Adrian had Chron's. Or Colitis? Or both? We aren't super sure. But he definitely had one... but was then told he had another... but none of that mattered because he now had to deal with his failing liver. Oh and not only him but his Twin brother, Devin, was going through the exact same thing. Might as well get him on the phone and see what's up in his world too! 
Maggy was born with no esophagus. After undergoing 5 major surgeries she was able to finally live a somewhat normal life... except for the fact that, now, she pukes in her lungs if she eats too much! And if that didn't sound gnarly enough she also caught hepatitis c from a contaminated blood supply, the hospital only contacted her family 13 years later to inform them of this fuck up.  So by now you're probably thinking this is some crazy shit, but believe us this is only the beginning. What do you do when one of your parents doesn't accept your illness? How do you afford your treatment, get access to the help you need, and make it on your own? Is looking for a caregiver on really a practical solution? All of this and more on this week's episode of Sickboy. 
Dylan is your typical punk band drum player. Covered in tattoos, drives a motorcycle, has a full set of false teeth... wait, what?! While rocking out as a teenager Dylan began feeling the gnarliest of pains in his jaw. After some tooth extraction and a quick biopsy, the docs find a hardcore tumour growing on the inside of Dylan's face. So what does one do? Radiate that f*cker out! Unfortunately, this rotted out every single tooth in his head. 
WOWEE, it's our 200th episode - and to celebrate, we're catching up with a few of our past guests! Over the past 4 years we've had the pleasure of meeting some incredible individuals whose stories have profoundly impacted our lives. We often find ourselves wondering how they're continuing to manage the challenges they face or if they've achieved the goals that they've set. If you've been wondering the same thing, than you're in for a treat because we've set out to answer some of those questions! As always we couldn't do this without the support of our Patreon members, if you want to join our exclusive club head over to the Sickboy Patreon page!
In honour of the Apollo 11 50th anniversary, this week we throwback to our sit down with everyone's favourite astronaut Chris Hadfield. It's not every day you get to kick it with someone who's spent a total of 166 days in space. We talk about peeing out your bones, beer in space, how the moon landing may or may not have been faked, and how perspective on life shifts after orbiting the world 1000 times.  
Asbestos is no joke. Just ask Laurel. Somehow, somewhere in her life she was exposed to Asbestos in a large enough quantity that it was likely the driving force behind her diagnosis os Mesothelioma! What the frick is Mesothelioma you ask? It's a very rare form of cancer that can affect the lungs and the lining of the stomach. Unfortunately Laurel is stage 4 and there isn't much the doc's can do for her (even the world famous Sugarbaker technique wouldn't do the trick) but that doesn't stop Laurel from taking life by the balls and living out ever last moment! 
When David was 12 years old he grew up very quickly. Trauma can do that to an individual. And boy oh boy David is no stranger to trauma.  Over the span of only several years his father, his older brother and his mother all died leaving him with no family. But David didn't let these circumstances get the best of him. "Shaped by our past, defined by our decisions" - Words that are tattooed on his mindset. David has taken his life story and is using it to cultivate change in others. Now working as a life coach and grief counsellor David is making the most out of the cards he's been dealt.   If you'd like to reach out to David you can find his work here -   Email address:    
Abigail has been an OG Sickboy listener from day one. But now it's time to share her own story. A story that begins with anxiety from the human chaos that was Magic Mountain, and brings us to today where the story hasn't quite reached it's ending. Abigail suffers from Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder (OSFED). This week we dive into a childhood of mental health issues, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, Shrink's and meds! Sit back and enjoy and we dare you not to giggle at the sound of a little snork or two throughout the episode!
Zachary was born with Umbilical Cord Syndrom. He also happens to be an elite para-athlete in the sport of Sprint Kayak! Oh, and he also identifies as queer. At 20 years old Zach is searching for an identity. Can one be gay AND a high-performance athlete? What does it mean when you throw a life long disability into the mix? This week we go deep into the life of para-athletics, one mans queer identity and the sacrifices that are made when sport trumps your ability to express yourself fully! 
195 - Eye Cancer In Inuvik

195 - Eye Cancer In Inuvik


A couple of years ago Ashley woke up in her home in Inuvik (way the heck up north) with what felt like "dry eye" although she was also unable to see out of half of her left eye. Turns out it was absolutely not dry eye. It was ocular melanoma — a rare form of cancer. From needles into the eyeball to radiated watch batteries being surgically implanted into your head, to potential eye enucleation! This episode will make you stop taking those wet colourful head balls for granted. 
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Amber Harris

I’m listening to these in order from the beginning, this is by far the best episode.

Aug 15th

Jennifer Arabella

Amber Harris wow😄

Aug 16th

Shanna Carlile Roy

Shout out to a Fibro from a Cyster!

Feb 12th

Jennifer Duggan

"Jurisdiction"; for medical personnel, is "scope of practice"...🤓

Dec 20th

Laura Mess

Love this podcast! These guys are hilarious and I've learned a lot! These bros are teaching acceptance and battling stigma one terrible joke at a time!!

Dec 7th

Anne Bivalent

I also have bipolar and empathize with this woman soooo much

Oct 22nd

haley bradley

I would love to see an episode about delirium as recently my grandmas doctor believes she has delirium and I think it would be beneficial to learn about others experience with delirium. I have listened to your podcasts for over a year now and believe everyone should listen to you guys!!! it's an easy way to be informed about general health and illnesses.

Oct 9th

Sheena Martin Svitich

This podcast says to me that we really should be circumsizing babies like the old days...

Apr 11th

Taylor Jane Cardinal

would love for a diabetic episode as I am diabetic I would love that !!

Oct 24th

Deenie McQueen

Taylor Jane Cardinal That's episode 3.

Mar 1st
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