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Side Hustle To Full-Time Web Designer

Author: Keegan Lanier

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Corporate professional by day and side hustling web designer by night. I’m inviting you to come alongside me as I take my web design side hustle full time. I’ll share the highs, lows, lessons learned, resources, and strategies I learn to help you do the same. Together we’ll go from side hustle to full-time web designer.
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In this episode we discuss finding your ideal client, why you shouldn't say yes to everything and so much more.  Learn about creating systems for your web design business > Simplify your message and make your client the hero >
Businesses succeed or fail based on strength of their processes. Choosing the right theme framework to use for your website design projects is as critical a choice as the hosting platform.  Today we are talking about a few different builders, the cost associated with them both in the short and long term. We'll talk positives and negatives of sticking with a single theme and you'll walk away from this episode with clear guidance on which approach is the most effective way. Have questions or input, let's get the conversation going over at Talk to you soon!
Pricing is the hardest thing to nail down. Go too low and people think you're cheap. Go too high and expectations can easily misalign with what's delivered. The right number is never easy to find and it will take time, but the right approach to pricing is as important as the actual price.  We discuss 4 ways to price your projects and I share the path I've recently taken for pricing in my web design company.  Listen up and let's start the conversation over at See you there...
The minute you stop learning, someone passes you up. It's important to find a space where you are surrounded by people who challenge you to learn more and execute better. Track down industry leaders and consume their materials.  Search for leaders in adjacent industries... Marketing /  Conversion Design - Wes McDowell at SEO - Michelle Bourbonnier - Invest In Courses Josh Hall's Divi Business Courses (All 10 of them!) - Divi Business Experts Course (WP Gears) - The Profitable Website Launchpad -
Do you even need to consume your free time with a side hustle? There's a major question I ask in this episode that will help you find the answer that's right for you. There is no one size fits all answer, but we talk through the possibilities and find the answer.
Starting something of your own can be anxiety-inducing. The doubt creeps in. The insecurity creeps in. We start asking ourselves questions designed to stop us in our tracks... What will my boss think? Am I not dedicated anymore? Will I get fired from my current gig? What will my friends think? Will people judge me if I put myself out there on camera? Will I make enough money to survive? Should my side hustle ever become full-time and if so, when? You're not alone with those feelings. Today I share my insight and experience getting through some of those questions.
Welcome to the Side Hustle to Full-Time Web Designer podcast. I’m a corporate professional by day and side hustling web designer by night. I’m inviting you to come alongside me as I take my web design side hustle full time. I’ll share the highs, lows, lessons learned, resources, and strategies I learn to help you do the same. Together we’ll go from side hustle to full-time web designer.
The Re-Launch is Near

The Re-Launch is Near


Join the journey as I document my wins, losses, and lessons learned. Together we'll go from side hustler to full-time web designer. Keep up with all the latest at the brand new
I've had a lot of really insightful conversations lately and they've made me think about what I want, where I want to go, and what I want to do. This podcast has been an incredible way for me to connect with you and also to keep up with new things in the WordPress space.  After a great conversation with someone I trust, I am taking a little bit of a break. When I come back, expect things to look and feel a little different. I'll be sharing the journey from side-hustler to full-time entrepreneur.  I'll be back soon, but in the mean time find me on YouTube > or Instagram >
Finding the right motivation can seem tough, but motivation can come from places you'd never expect. In this episode, I talk about things that motivate me today and some from the past. Take a listen and share what motivates you with me on Instagram @keeganlanier Follow me on IG >
Listen weekly, share your latest projects with me on Instagram and you could win free access to my Divi Foundation Course. In this episode, I dive into the results from my latest website build for my new website I took a chance, built the entire site using the Oxygen builder and I'm here to talk about the speed results. I was not expecting to see the results I got. Listen to the episode to hear the numbers and see if Oxygen builder might be right for your next project or if you should stay away. Check out my site built using Oxygen Builder > Follow me & share your work with me >
Today, I'm discussing community and how it impacts mindset, networking, and creative direction. I'll be talking about the benefits of being in a paid community and what benefits I've seen from being in Josh Hall's Club ( Check out our YouTube channel > Listen to Josh Hall's Podcast >
Today we're talking all about the newly released Global Color System for the Divi WordPress theme. We talk about the system itself and the best way to update your website to the new system We answer the questions... What is it? How to update your site to it. Building new sites using it. How everything is moving to the visual builder Leave a review > Follow on IG >
Change is in the air. We've got a brand new name, but the same mission. We are sharing WordPress tips with up and coming, hungry freelancers who want to change their life by earning money to build websites.  Leave Us A Review Learn more on my website
We wave goodbye to 2020 and start looking ahead to 2021.
In this episode, we talk about automation that will help your business take up less of your time. Automations discussed in this episode Email Marketing Follow Up Email Templates / Canned Responses Divi Design Templates Episode Sponsor > Divi Foundation Course
In this episode, we walk you through every platform nd piece of software we use to run our business. Get all resources at Watch The Full Video at
In this episode we are sharing 3 features that are still popular, but need to go away now. Divi Foundation Course > Find this episode's content on our blog >
In today's episode, we will talk about the Divi community, the Divi Marketplace and some changes we are planning within our own agency.
In this episode, we finish season 8 strong with a talk about the current state of Divi as well as where we think Divi will go in the next year. We also share a little insight into some changes coming to the podcast.
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