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Author: Lori Hammond

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If your inner critic haunts and harassers you into staying stuck and playing small...If you're curious about hypnosis...Or if you suspect that the inner critic is keeping you hypnotized with limiting beliefs... then lean in and get inspired to get out of your comfort zone and create your one precious life with purpose and intention. Come to to get the powerful "Answer Room" hypnosis audio that lets you get crystal clear about how to move forward on this adventure we call life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for listening. I'm Lori Hammond and I’m truly grateful for you.
37 Episodes
Listen in as Ryan shares his secrets for how he went from being a private detective to making 5k in his first month.Hopping on zoom calls with strangers who messaged him about NLP postsInterviewing people on FB live or IG liveLinks from the episode:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comRyan's Instagram: @ryanmontisnlpRyan's Facebook:’s Website: is my Kajabi affiliate link I promised to share during this conversation.
Listen as Lori and Cassie Hammond give you a behind the scenes look at operating their business.
Kerry explains how small, simple steps have led to transformation in her health and in her business.Links:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comKerry’s book: The Alter Ego Affect: Kerry’s brilliant article about 5 secrets to improve sleep Kerry’s website: Kerry’s FB: Kerry’s IG: @kerrym212 Trancy Tuesdays: Lori’s Email:
Kaz shares how feeling good sexually and losing shame positively impacts every aspect of life. The Answer Room Audio: Work with Kaz: Train with Kaz:  https://sexualfreedomhypnosis.orgKaz Website: Https://Kazriley.comKaz twitter: @trancingsheetsKaz youtube:
Scott shares how to accept constructive feedback from people who want to see you succeed, how to reject criticism from people who want to be bullies, and how to know the difference. The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comHypnothoughts: Facebook page: Hypnothoughts Live Facebook page:
This interview with Cliff is a masterclass on getting in front of your ideal client so you can make a real difference in the world.The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comMore information on Cliff’s Clubhouse:’s keynote presentation: with Cliff: The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler: Big Leap by Gay Hendricks:
Listen in as Chase shares his science based perspective of hypnosis.Links from this episode:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comChase Hughes’ Website: www.chasehughes.comInsta: @chasehughesofficial Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors by D. Corydon Hammond: Nongard Hypnosis Training: Altar Ego Affect by Todd Herman: X-Ray  by Chase Hughes: Navarro’s Books: Hughes’ YouTube Channel: 
Michael shares his opinion on competition vs comradery and how understanding the difference allows hypnotists to get off their own island.Links from this episode:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comMichael’s website: or www.thehypnozone.comFacebook: in touch with Michael: 1(800)684-8146Lori’s podcast with Dan Candell:
Michelle details her journey of moving from in person therapy to running a thriving online practice.Links:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comMichelle’s Website: Michelle’s Facebook: Group - The Wonders of Wellness Together: Lance Sinclair’s Podcast with Lori: Dan Candell’s Podcast with Lori: Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg: 
How embracing sexual vibrancy enhances every area of your life.The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comGina’s Instagram:’s Facebook: @ginacatherine
David Snyder talks about how when the universe gives you something, you’re expected to do something with it. Links:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comDavid Snyder’s Website: www.nlppower.comClubhouse - @davidsnydernlpDavid’s Youtube:
Listen in as Chris Jones shares his journey to becoming a great stage hypnotist.
Mike shares how to rewire your ego states to get rid of the imposter monster.Links from this episode:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comThe Brain Software Podcast: Mike’s Ego State Integration Protocol: Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy: Guzzo’s Website: Mike’s journeys to the castle hypnosis: Mike’s Fred Talk about ego states: Freddy Jacquin’s Website: Charal’s Website: 
Barry shares how he helps people strengthen their talents to allow them to let go of what they aren’t and lean into what they are.Links:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comBarry’s Facebook:’s Email: barry@strengthsconsultingcanada.comBarry’s Website: (how to book your free consultation with Berry) Mandel Hypnosis Academy: Jacquin Hypnosis Academy: 
Craig shares how the more we put off doing something, the scarier it becomes, and how to avoid getting stuck in that trap.Links:The Answer Room Audio: Craig’s Website:  or Craig’s Business Facebook page: Craig’s Clubhouse: @craigmackayCraig’s email: craig@freedomhypnosis.comCraig’s YouTube channel: Dolores Cannon: Carol Denicker: Dan Candell: Michael DeShalit: www.virtualhypnosisonline.comDavid Snyder: Jason Linett: Peter Mclaughlin’s YouTube:: Lori’s podcast episode with Anthony Serino: Lori’s podcast episode with Lance Sinclair: 
Jason shares how growing up with an entrepreneurial mindset shaped the progression of his business.Links:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comJason Linett’s website: Language Hacks Podcast:’s Webinar: Smart Hypnosis Podcast: Tim Ferriss’ Podcast:  
This habit modification expert shares how he uses hypnosis to create identity level changes.Links from this episode :The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comAnthony's Website: www.theanthonyserino.comAnthony's Facebook:'s Facebook Group, Inside the Identity Factor: trained by Mike Mandel: trained by Jason Linett: https://hypnoticworkers.comDan Candell's Website: Candell's Interview with Lori: Hypnosis Academy: Jacquin's Blink and Delete Technique: Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman:
Kathy shares what trapeze has taught her about living life to the fullest.Links from this episode:The Answer Room Audio: www.theimpostermonster.comKathy’s Website: www.KathyGruver.comGet coaching from Kathy: Hypnosis with Kathy: LinkedIn: Twitter: @KLGruverKathy’s Youtube: Kathy’s Books: If you’re interested in Lori’s new launch and want more information, PM her on Facebook at, on Instagram at or send her an email at
Nicholas shares his proven method for changing your vibration to change your state.Links from this episode:The Answer Room Audio: more about Nicholas Spohn: Spohntrained.comNicholas’ YouTube Channel: and Twitter @spohntrainedFacebook: Here’s the free language program Nicholas mentioned: Robbins: 
Learn how Dr. Marina Kostina combines science with an esoteric approach to help her clients achieve life changing results.Links from this episode:The Answer Room Audio www.theimpostermonster.comDr. Marina Kostina’s website http://www.drmarinakostina.comHow to reach Dr. Marina Kostina: TEXT (319 )594-5530Dr. Marina Kostina’s Book: Joe Dispensa Ines Simpson Dr. Marina Kostina’s Alcohol Addiction Reprogramming Lewis Howes 
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