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Author: John Sonmez

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John Sonmez wants to help you become more successful, make more money, deal with difficult coworkers and be so productive everyone thinks you must be abusing a prescription for Ritalin.

Listen in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as Simple Programmer founder, John Sonmez, answers questions, interviews guests and shares everything he knows to help you become a top performing software developer.

The Simple Programmer Podcast is a short podcast that is a mix of career advice, philosophy and soft skills from successful author and software developer, John Sonmez.

John is the founder of, one of the most popular software development blogs, and the author of the best-selling book, "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual." (

Geared towards a programmer or software developer audience, but contains practical advice on:

Career development
Personal development
And more...

That anyone can benefit from.

Each episode is between 5 and 10 minutes long with at least 3 new episodes each week.
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Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:    
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Day to day as a game programmer, you’re mostly just working in code, solving problems—that’s the same thing you do when you’re building business apps. However, there is a shortcut you can use in order to advance your career as a game developer. In fact, I believe there are 8 STEPS that can totally transform your gaming career: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 ????
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:    
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   A lot of people ask me about what programming languages they should learn. I found myself in a difficult situation because this is a very hard question to answer. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account before making a decision, especially when it comes to which programming language you should learn. Last year's video was very popular. A lot of people found it useful and they got pretty much value from it. Those who followed my advice definitely took benefit from it, being able to boost their careers in 2020 by learning those programming languages. One of the easiest ways to decide which programming language to learn for 2020 is by listening to the market. #programming #programminglanguage #coding The market will definitely tell you what will be the trending programming languages for the future. We must be aware of the trends and watching the news and the rise of new technology so we can adjust the sails on which programming languages to learn, especially in 2020 with a lot of new things coming up. This video was not based solely on my opinion. I researched a lot and I came up with these 8 programming languages to learn in 2020. Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2020 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 ?????? Do you agree that these will be the trending programming languages in 2020? Leave a comment below!
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:    
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   In programming, we hear so much about what tech stack we need to learn or what the new hot technology is. What we do not talk about much is the mental health aspect behind how you can be a better programmer. And that often times affects a lot of programmers. Self-doubting comes into play. And that can have a whole cascade effect in your career. Doubting yourself can leave you paralyzed. You stop working. You stop doing whatever needs to be done. Your head starts telling a lot of different bad stories. And... Down the road, it makes a whole lot of difference. This is a message for all the self-doubting developers out there.
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Video game development is not for the faint of heart. It’s an extremely difficult and demanding line of work, and the rewards are not nearly as great as you might think. I would guess that at last 70 percent of professional programmers have fantasized about becoming video game developers at some point in their lives—hell, I’m fantasizing about it right now. video game development is difficult. Really difficult. There is a large amount to learn and so much of it is art. You can easily get in way over your head, where you don’t even know what you don’t know or what is important. You can certainly teach yourself video game development (I did), but are you going to teach yourself how to make video game graphics, how to design a story and level, 3D modeling, how to use the latest graphics engine, and all the other countless areas of speciality that are required to build one of the complex video games of today? The thing is... You can actually do that. And the funny thing is that you don't even need to go to college to do that. #GameDevelopment #GameDesign #College Here are my top 5 reasons why you should NOT go to college to study game development.
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Do you want to learn game development in 2020? Then, you're in the right place. However, you might be asking yourself: where do I start? With so many game engines out there, which one should you pick? Unity? Unreal Engine? Godot? Unity is amongst the most popular game engines and it is definitely one of the most intuitive ones, especially for beginners. Unreal Engine, on the other side, uses C++ which is a much more powerful programming language and also lets you create AMAZING graphics. Godot, on the other hand, is a new game engine that is rising in the latest years and lets you create pretty cool games in an easy way... Which game engine should you pick for 2020? That's what we're going to be discussing in this video
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE: Maybe you hate your current job as a salesman, or accountant and want to become a programmer. You want to work for a cool new tech company and get the nice salaries of a programmer. But... How do you actually find the drive and motivation to change careers and become a programmer? #programming #coding #careerchange I'm gonna do this by asking you a simple question: WHY? Why do you want to become a programmer? Just because it looks fun? Chances are you won't make it then. You must absolutely have a real deep reason why you are doing this. In today's video we are going to discuss how you can shift the sails of your career and become the programmer you've always wanted to be.  
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Agile methodology is the most sought after software development model today. It promotes continuous iterations in development and testing. Agile is about going fast, releasing often, and working toward the real needs of the users. When it comes to businesses where the requirements are unpredictable, agile should be the go-to methodology. The core values of agile development are: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan The key to the agile plan is that it offers flexibility for changes to the product as it continues to develop. However, the most important thing is understanding that agile is an IDEA. And that is what most software companies and teams get wrong. In today's video we are going to talk about agile methodologies and how it relates to software development.
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   This video is so important for software developers I can't even tell how. Saying no is one of the most important soft skills you can learn in your life in order to advance your career in tech. #tech #techindustry #programming As soon as the urge for embracing the world starts to develop in you and you feel you need to say yes to job, side projects, teachings, etc., that's when your life starts to fly off the rails. In today's video, we are going to discuss why you need to start saying NO if you really want to have a successful career in the tech industry.
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Lots of people dream about getting a job at what they call "THE BIG 5" (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, etc.) #google #amazon #workatgoogle Whether it is for their ability to offer high salaries, extravagant perks, or their exciting mission statements, it is clear that top companies like Google and Microsoft have become talent magnets. To put it into perspective, Google alone receives more than two million job applications each year. Working for a top tech company is many people’s dream. However... How do you actually get a job at one of these big companies? is it enough to start applying to all of them hoping to finally get your shot? In today's video I'm going to tell you how you can get a job at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or another big company... Hint: it requires a LOT of hard work.
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   I was a kid there was nothing more exciting to me than playing around with the old broken computers and dreaming about building my own computer game. However, things have changed and I quit programming. One of the reasons why I decided to quit programming is the reason why I'll tell you in this video. Software development is definitely a LUCRATIVE field. A lot. And it can really make you lazy and lose ambition in life. There is nothing wrong with taking this path in life, but it's like not waking up from The Matrix. In today's video, I'm going to share why you SHOULDN'T become a software engineer.
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Time and time again, I run into the same mistakes that many programmers make over and over, and they aren't even aware of them. However, there are 3 MISTAKES I consider to be one of the biggest ones developers make in terms of their career, and it might be costing them a solid and strong career. These mistakes are all about career, learning and self-improvement.
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Let me be clear here: most developers don't know a s**t about how to learn programming and improve their careers. This is absolute truth. And I'm not saying this in a mean way, but as a way to alert most of you about something you've been doing wrong for most of your lives. Learning something new requires some strictly techniques in order to maximize your potentials, or, you'll be swimming in circles and you'll most likely to die in the middle of the sea. Just take today's case: a guy that has completed a programming course but know nothing about what they've learned. It just feels like he hasn't completed any course at all. Learning the art of programming can be a bit of a struggle for some. However, knowing some ways for making your learning process faster can be a huge help for you. It can be a manageable task if you follow and implement a few simple steps. In today's video we are going to discuss why you usually feel lost after completing a programming course and how you can turn it around and start learning programming efficiently.
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Artificial Intelligence is definitely the next big thing. However, programmers still find it hard to understand what A.I. really is and how they can use that bring their programming career to the next level. AI is a broad topic ranging from simple calculators to self-steering technology to something that might radically change the future. The primary goals of AI include deduction and reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, natural language processing (NLP), learning, perception, and the ability to manipulate and move objects. Long-term goals of AI research include achieving Creativity, Social Intelligence, and General (human level) Intelligence. AI has heavily influenced different sectors that we may not recognize. Ray Kurzweil says “Many thousands of AI applications are deeply embedded in the infrastructure of every industry.” John McCarthy, one of the founders of AI, once said that “as soon as it works, no one calls it AI anymore.” (Source: But... Where to start learning A.I.? How you, as a programmer, can incorporate A.I. opportunities in your career? Is there a better programming language to learn artificial intelligence? Is there a specific technology you should learn?
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Being humans (unlike the robots some people think we are), programmers are emotional creatures too. Today I would like to discuss with you why you should learn how to control your emotions as a programmer, and some skills you must develop to improve this master skill. First, jobs and tasks that are given to us as programmers (or ones we assign ourselves) often involve high levels of logical thinking and reasoning. Most programming is a purely logical task. We do not want emotions to come and take us off the logical path. When emotions come into play, it can take a decision that should be 100 percent logical and make it part emotional and part logical. In some cases it can be even worse: it can take a fully logical decision and make it fully emotional. Take a look at this example: Bob, the senior engineer, is in charge of building out the payment system for Antonio Inc.’s backend. His part of the application is due at the end of the week, but he just heard that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him. This sends him into an emotional downward spiral. This causes him to lose focus at work, make poor engineering decisions (like not making a fully secure payment system), and makes him procrastinate, finishing his piece of the backend. If he were purely logical in his decision-making, he would have been able to focus with no problem, and Bob would be able to make the proper sustainable engineering decisions necessary to support the application over the long term. However, if he kept making poor decisions, this could potentially affect his future at the company. This is a situation in which emotional control is crucial for success in your career as a programmer. #softskills #developer #programming If you can learn to take control of your emotions and not let your emotions control you, then you can spend way more time producing and being a happier programmer and person overall.
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:     A career as a freelancer is the reality for 35% of the United States’ workforce. It is designed for people that desire more freedom, or feel working for an employer limits their ability to be creative. Freelancing is a viable option for programmers interested in earning additional income while employed or starting a full-time business in the future. Both are viable options with a differentiation between active income (working) and passive income (not working to earn income). However, working as a freelance developer might arouse some questions. What programming language should you learn in order to become a successful freelance programmer? Should you learn a specific programming anguage in 2020 to succeed? In the freelance world, there are generalists and specialists. A generalist programmer typically takes on all programming assignments in a variety of industries. The downside to this is that you may be seen as a freelancer that is new to the subject, which results in a low or beginner rate. On the contrary, a specialist is a computer programmer that has worked in a specific industry—like real estate—for five or more years, or one who is knowledgeable of a specific skill set or programming language, like PHP. The advantage of being a specialist is your rates can be set higher because of the value you can offer the client. In today's video we are going to discuss what programming languages and technologies you should focus in 2020 to become a successful freelance developer
Simple Programmer is now BACK with a brand new YouTube ChannelSUBSCRIBE HERE:   Getting stuck is never fun. Especially when you’re working really hard. And yet, I find that this happens to people preparing for coding interviews all the time. You put in consistent work. You’ve gone through hundreds of practice problems and block out an hour every day to study. And suddenly... You forget everything. Most of the time, it happens during coding interviews because you get anxious. You feel the urge to answer the interviewer right away. But that's not always the best choice. There are ways to buy more time in coding interviews - without looking awkward - that will make a huge difference when it comes to giving the right answer. In today's video I'm going to show you how to buy more time in coding interviews.
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Karen Thurston

would love to talk about my approach to teaching CS using open source and reading code to learn to write it. I spent decades in industry before starting to teach at North Idaho College in fall 2017. I recognize students don't learn what they need to know before they graduate with a CS degree and many don't finish at all, mostly due to higher math requirements.

Aug 8th
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Karen Thurston

Great podcast! Just wanted to chime in on why Python adopted by researchers. Python has statistical libraries such as numpy that provide functions for complex analysis. Syntax of language is similar to C, so easy to learn if you already know C or C++.

Aug 8th
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Hendy Irawan

What is that very annoying shrieking sound every several seconds? 😣

Jan 9th

Vinay Keerthi K T

Is it just me or does this guy look like Matthew Mcconnahey?

Dec 26th
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