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Author: Jeffrey Mason

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A weekly 10-15 minute podcast of infotainment focusing on small, simple, customer-pleasing improvement tools taken from my 2019 book entitled: SimpleBiz360™ Timeless Business Tools.
93 Episodes
Rigid or flexible? Unwilling or willing? Narrow-minded or creative? Do we deny deviations or do we welcome unique requests? When you look at the cement that binds your company, is it a “CAN DO” foundation of optimism, or a “CAN’T DO” platform of pessimism? Grab a cup of coffee and let's do some chin-rubbing! Support the show (
Decades of retail management, sales management and business ownership prepared Ed Philips for his latest entrepreneurial adventure. Please join us as Ed provides a heartwarming glimpse into how he blended together a passion, a skill and business acumen to create a unique online company.Support the show (
We invite you to look through your windshield and capture the enormity and excitement that lies ahead. Regret, backpedaling and rewinding past events never created a “glass half-full” mindset. Dream, plan, prepare and get your tools in order for the great adventure of doing business with optimism. Support the show (
I met and hired Paul Baum in 1990. Shortly thereafter he began his entrepreneurial adventure that is 30 years strong and still going. Pauls’ second company, PlanITROI is now celebrating their 20th anniversary. We invite you to soak up this story and see how Paul, his daughter, and the rest of the PlanITROI team, are standing in the gap for those in need of affordable technology.  FYI: Paul’s Lost in The Shuffle (L-I-T-S) selection only has 939 million views! WOW!Support the show (
Potential customers want to know how you stand out from the competition. Fair prices, good quality and timely deliveries are the price of admission in most cases. Consumers want their buying decision to be easy and strongly supported. So, let’s shuffle the deck and start dealing potential clients with unique branding points. Join us for a cup of coffee and some thought stirring!  Support the show (
Part two of this series explores harnessing, networking and messaging your talents. Rick’s straight forward approach enables you to convey and monetize your proven uniqueness. The next 80 minutes will give you tools and confidence to project your true value to the corporate world! We encourage you to share this episode with family and friends!Support the show (
The first installment of this two-episode series paves a path to setting victorious expectations. Rick joins both sides of the interview desk with candid insight and pragmatic solutions. Episodes 86 and 87 can provide a competitive career advantage for anyone willing to grasp the full measure of Rick’s messages. We encourage you to share with family and friends!Support the show (
The rewards of dialogue preparation will pave a path for calming nerves and increasing personal confidence. Hang with us for 9 minutes as we encourage you to consider role-playing and rehearsing to polish and refine your verbal skills. Support the show (
Join us for this infotainment enriched podcast. Dr. Michael Lea takes us up, down and all-around this unique chiropractic discipline. Funny, smart and informative, Dr. Lea shares his profession with charisma, energy, props and simplistic analogies. This was a really fun episode to tape. We hope you enjoy it!  Support the show (
Imagine a business world where many customer questions disappear and are exchanged with voluntary answers. In other words, we invert conventional business mechanics and equip customers with information before they ask for it. It’s not that hard and it can be fun watching customers smile and thank you for being respectful of their money and time. Set aside 13 minutes (not 10), grab your favorite beverage and we hope you find it helpful! Support the show (
Amie Hoff shares how two sisters take their idea to market. These best friends assemble equipment and knowledge into compact packages capable of delivering healthier lifestyles. Tune in and enjoy Amie’s entrepreneurial story that highlights hard work, creativity, family, athletics, entertainment, television, ecommerce and the promotional products industry. Support the show (
This broadcast tackles a consistently overlooked and ignored element of business. Do you transfer the task to the customer? Or, do you shoulder the workload? Do you want to elevate customer satisfaction and create a better perception about your company? If so, this show is for you. Episode #81 is sure to put smiles on customer faces and money in your bank account! Support the show (
Jenny Miner takes us inside an online giant to deliver an informative and articulate podcast. This program allows listeners and viewers to jump into the seat of a buyer. The broadcast uncovers a deeper understanding of what ecommerce purchasing departments need to streamline their efforts and maximize vendor relationships. Jenny is a proven professional that will bring a fresh perspective to your inbox! Support the show (
Business and life often merge to create a super highway of hustle and bustle. Many of us rarely escape fifth gear. Slowing down seems counter intuitive amidst the warp speed of our daily lives. Join me as I share my illuminating conversation with a former NHL player. The topic of our talk was the greatness of Wayne Gretzky. Take a ten-minute coffee break as we connect the dots to the significance of slow-motion clarity.Support the show (
The Managing Director of Leadsun takes us on his journey to discovery. Sensing that technology and cost improvements could be achieved, Matt Pollard maps out how teamwork and determination met this chin-rubbing challenge. Join our engaging guest as this true gentleman unveils solar lighting and inspires future innovators. Support the show (
Inspired by providing homemade goodies for family gatherings and various PTA collaborations, the idea of friends baking together blossomed into something very special. I was genuinely intrigued after meeting Cara and Julie while picking up a gluten-free Christmas Coffee Cake in 2020. After eating this phenomenal treat (over the next four days), I knew their story had to be captured on tape. Delightful, insightful, engaging, informative and fun, Cara and Julie deliver INFOTAINMENT for all ages.  Support the show (
2020 was the unique backdrop for the birth of this start-up. Dudes Love Brunch (DLB) came into public view through the hard work of an exciting visionary who is making things happen! Our interview explores family, competitive athletics, writing, blogging, being “comfy” and how she is investing in herself.Support the show (
Are there certain business situations that warrant the use of our desktops instead of mobile devices? This episode does not contain answers…only questions. Have you ever lost money, specifically because you processed business on a mobile device instead of a larger computer? If so, we invite you to grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy the show. Support the show (
To many of us, details are the two-ton elephant in the room. Many business owners despise rolling up their sleeves and getting into the weeds, navigating the minutia, dotting the I’s and crossing those t’s! However, becoming an Elephant Doctor is a fiduciary responsibility we all need to employ if we are to remain operable. Roll out that red carpet and get ready to multiply attention-to-detail x 100! Support the show (
For thirty-five years I have witnessed leadership fascination with “GETTING” customers. However, many times “KEEPING” consumers and buyers happy has never received the same weight of desire. I have actually heard management declare that paying customers should perceive the act of doing business as a “PRIVILEGE!” Really? Let’s get real in this episode and shatter that myth! Support the show (
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