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Author: Sonya Shafer

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Join popular author and speaker, Sonya Shafer, every week for timely encouragement and practical teaching tips to help you homeschool with the Charlotte Mason Method.
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Too often Ancient Greece is just tossed into a quick overview of Ancient Times, but there are so many interesting and valuable stories from that time period—and so many great books—that can help us get a clearer picture of what life was like during Old Testament times. That’s why I like to take a full […] Favorite Living History Books on Ancient Greece originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Are you looking for ways to create a more Charlotte Mason atmosphere in your home? Today we want to address a great question, and here to join me are Jenn Faas and Laura Pitney, my friends and coworkers. Sonya: Here’s the question: “Can you give some tips on great ways to create a Charlotte Mason […] Your Questions Answered: Your Home School Space originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Charlotte Mason used a wonderfully unique and effective method for teaching conversational foreign languages. It’s called a Series Approach, and I’m going to walk you through how to do it. What You Will Need You will need a series. A series is a set of related statements that describe an everyday action. So for example, […] How to Teach Foreign Language originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Has it ever happened to you that you ask your child, “What did you see outside today?” and that child says, “A bird,” and you try to get more information, but the child just says, “Well, I think it was red, or I think it was … it might have had some blue,” and that […] Help Your Child Learn to Observe More Closely originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
I really enjoy sharing my favorite living books with you. It’s like introducing delightful old friends that I know will help and support you along your homeschool journey. Today I will give you my top ten picks for studying Ancient Egypt. These are the ten living books that are scheduled into the lesson plan guide […] Favorite Living History Books on Ancient Egypt originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
I think at some time or other, all of us homeschool mamas have felt like giving up. “I just want to quit.” It’s a great question to discuss today, and Laura Pitney is here joining me: “What keeps you going when you want to quit?” Laura: That’s a very good question, as always. Sonya: Yes, […] Your Questions Answered: When You Want to Quit Homeschooling originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
I’m going to venture to say that most of us did not grow up with Shakespeare as a regular part of our education. In my school years, I had only one Shakespeare play introduced to me and that was a last-minute, “Here, let’s watch this movie,” by a substitute teacher.  But Charlotte Mason believed that […] How to Teach Shakespeare originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Today we want to dive into a few questions that we’ve received from different home educating parents who have questions about Charlotte Mason’s method of dictation. If you’re not familiar with that wonderful method for teaching children spelling, then take a look at that post, How to Do Dictation. The corresponding video will walk you […] Your Questions Answered: Questions about Dictation originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Hints to Teachers

Hints to Teachers


On my bookshelf I have a copy of a book from the early 1900s that was used in Charlotte Mason’s schools. Many books like this contain an introduction full of helpful comments, but the introduction to this book is so refreshing that I want to share a portion of it with you. Of course, it […] Hints to Teachers originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Today, we want to tackle a fun topic: school supplies for a Charlotte Mason education. We already talked about what we consider back-to-school essentials for the mom, and those are more the attitudes that set the atmosphere of your home. But today we want to get down and practical with “What are some school supplies?”—some […] Your Questions Answered: Favorite School Supplies for a Charlotte Mason Home School originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
How to Teach Grammar

How to Teach Grammar


Today we want to discuss how Charlotte Mason taught English grammar. Grammar analyzes the system and the structure of a language. That’s a heavy concept that requires abstract thinking, so Charlotte did not start formal grammar lessons until the student was about 10 years old.  When we talk about grammar lessons, we’re basically talking about […] How to Teach Grammar originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Today we want to discuss a mind-set that could be robbing you of some of the richness involved in nature study the Charlotte Mason way. We want to talk about whether your mind-set is a checklist (“Yep, just do that.”) or a relationship in nature study. And here to join me is my friend and […] Nature Study: Not Just a Checklist originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Some of you have asked about notebooking and whether that is a Charlotte Mason method. It’s a good question, and the answer all depends on what you’re thinking of when you think “notebooking.” For some people, notebooking is like scrapbooking. You tuck postcards and maps, stickers and photographs, pamphlets and articles from magazines on the […] Charlotte Mason Notebooking originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Today we want to talk about a question that I think most of us have heard at some time or other in our homeschool career. “I don’t like doing (whatever the subject is).” What about when my child doesn’t like to do a certain subject? Here to join me is my friend and coworker, Laura […] Your Questions Answered: When Your Child Doesn’t “Like” a Subject originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
I want to introduce to you a wonderful tool that Charlotte Mason used to help her students see where everything fit in history. It’s called a Book of Centuries. What You Will Need A Book of Centuries is basically a timeline in a book. Every two-page spread covers one hundred years—a century—that’s why it’s called […] How to Do a Book of Centuries originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Imagine a scenario with me. You are teaching your child how to write. So, as Charlotte Mason detailed, you set before that child a model of the handwriting you want him to copy. Now let me ask you a question: What does that model look like? Imagine giving your child a printout of the mistakes […] Dealing with Our Past Homeschooling Mistakes originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Today is a special post for those who are diving into homeschooling this year, maybe for the first time, and are looking for some simple ways to incorporate more than just the basic academics. I want to share with you three simple ways to enrich your homeschool experience.  These are three short, enjoyable methods that […] Simple Ways to Enrich Your Homeschool Experience originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
This time of year, it seems like no matter which store you go into, there are lists and lists of back-to-school supplies: these are the things the students will need to get into the school days ahead. But what about the homeschool mama? What will she need for the school days ahead? We’re going to […] Your Questions Answered: Back-to-School Essentials for Mom originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
How to Do Dictation

How to Do Dictation


Today we want to talk about how to do formal spelling lessons in a Charlotte Mason way: dictation. If you have been following the previous articles in this How To series, you will have seen how Charlotte included some spelling components in both copywork and transcription. (And even in beginning reading lessons.) Those preparatory practices […] How to Do Dictation originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
Today I’d like to walk through two different ways to schedule a school day. Both are viable options. Use the one that fits best during this season of life. Over the years—or even during different terms of a single year—you might find that one of these works better at that moment. Feel free to switch […] 2 Ways to Schedule Your Homeschool Day originally appeared on Simply Charlotte Mason.
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