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Simply Strange uncovers and analyzes some of the weirdest unsolved mysteries out there. Cold cases, aliens, monsters, paranormal activity, if it will give you goosebumps and keep you awake at night, then we'll probably talk about it eventually!
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In 1804, the Bell family moved from North Carolina to Tennessee in search of fertile land with a little extra elbow room for their growing family. And they found it. But, they also found something else... a mysterious force that would torment them for many years to come.This is the story of The Bell Witch. Support:Patreon: Connect:Instagram:  Stay Strange :)
In March of 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh was awarded a charter by the Queen. His instructions were to discover, hold, and occupy the new lands to the west - this was to be the first permanent English settlement in North America. But, things did not go quite as smoothly as Raleigh would have hoped. His colonists struggled with poor weather, disease, lack of supplies, and strained relationships with local Native American tribes. His colony was doomed to fail, but no one knows exactly why.This is the story of America's oldest mystery - the lost colony of Roanoke. Support:Patreon: Connect:Instagram:  Stay Strange :)
In 1976, Mary Gillespie received an anonymous letter in the mail. This letter, with no return address and written in untraceable, block lettering, seemed to know things about Mary that no one should have known. And it was not a friendly letter. Over the coming years people all across Circleville would receive these letters, thrusting the town into a constant fear that they were being watched and, eventually, with deadly consequences.This is the story of the Circleville Letters You can check out The Unseen Podcast here - Support:Patreon: Connect:Instagram:  Stay Strange :)
In Southeastern Massachusetts there is a 200 square mile stretch of land that has earned itself a reputation as a breeding ground for spooky and sometimes sinister events. Phenomena reported in The Bridgewater Triangle run the gamut from aliens to cryptids to ghosts, and a few things that are far worse. No one knows exactly what is behind the disturbances, but one thing is for sure... If you find yourself in The Bridgewater Triangle, it's best to keep a weather eye out.You never know what is lurking in the darkness. Support:Patreon: Connect:Instagram: boingggg
In the 1920's, there was a war raging in rural Pennsylvania. A war between good and evil, between folk healing and malicious hexes, and this war had the potential to have a devastating effect on those who were unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire.  This is the story of John Blymire. Support:Patreon: Connect:Instagram:
Legend has it that, hidden away deep in Arizona's Superstition Mountains lies a lost gold mine. Once upon a time it belonged to man named Jacob Waltz who, on his deathbed, revealed its location. Despite that, though, the mine has evaded discovery ever since Jacob's death. But, it's not for a lack of trying - in fact, hundreds of people have since set out in search of the lost mine, and many of them are met with disastrous results.This is the story of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. You can check out Murder and Such here - Support:Patreon: Connect:Instagram:  Stay Strange :)
In the late 1800's, the entire family of George Brown slowly succumbed to a horrid disease that ate away at their bodies. At first it just seemed that the Brown family had exceptionally bad luck, but as time went on and the illness worsened, people began to wonder if there was more to the story. Soon their search for answers led them beyond the grave.This is the story of Mercy Brown.  You can check out Murder Mile here - Support:Patreon: Connect:Instagram:  Stay Strange :) 
In December of 1872, a merchant ship was discovered floating aimlessly about in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with its crew nowhere to be found. There was no sign of foul play, nor were there any clues at all as to why exactly the crew abandoned their ship and, to this day, it remains one of the most fascinating mysteries of the high seas. This week we tell the story of Mary Celeste. Support:Patreon: 2strange2furious2
In 1829, the McDonald family began to experience a bizarre string of events with life changing consequences. Over the years, dozens of people witnessed flying rocks and spontaneous fires breaking out - yet, even today, there is no explanation as to what exactly happened there and the McDonald family's tormentor remains one of Canada's most perplexing tales. This week we tell the story of the Baldoon Mystery. Support:Patreon: strangelyfe
According to Algonquian folkore, the Wendigo is a terrifying, emaciated monster with glowing red eyes and decaying skin - like it has just crawled out of a shallow grave. But, while it is certainly physically imposing, the true danger of the Wendigo lies in the effect that it can have on the mind.This week we tell a collection of Wendigo tales.You can check out Pretend Radio here - Support:Patreon: Connect:Instagram: Keep it secret. Keep it strange. 
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great show

Sep 22nd

Shannon Brannigan

🎊Happy 20th Episode!🎉

May 23rd

Shannon Brannigan

Really enjoy your storytelling, thank you!

May 9th
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Matthew Engel

love the channel PJ

Dec 2nd
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