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Author: Fortune Feimster

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Comedian and actress Fortune Feimster is known to audiences as a fun, silly performer who likes to dance with ice cream. But in this podcast, she discusses a new topic every week in a more real, sincere way.
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Ebony Stevenson

Mama Ginger is everything!!!

Apr 17th

Sarah Halvorson

Ladies, I have listened to this episode twice now and I'm finding motivation to get "it" together with my weight. I love to hear the support you provide each other. Your podcast makes me smile. I love what you do Fortune...keep it up. Sarah

Apr 9th

Ann Hedgepeth

you may want to update your views of how life is in care is not ignored as it was and ice is is cold unless it is not meant to be ....and the food is not typically bland ... and imitating accents or putting on a British accent is not a thing....hope you have fun but investigate current trends and nix the cultural stereotypes -- you are better than that!

Feb 26th

Chloe Michelle

I always love seeing your posts on Instagram and now I get to listen to a podcast of yours! I'm already hooked and so happy you're doing this! good luck.

Feb 20th
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