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Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Entertainment Publicist and creativity coach Diane Foy has conversations with thriving performing artists and industry influencers on what it takes to succeed. Solo shows offer coaching drawn from her 25 years’ experience as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. This podcast will empower you to thrive in the arts.
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Hello and welcome to episode 47 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! What are you waiting for? This season, I’ve found myself longing for the completely booked coaching practice that I had planned for at the beginning of this year and although patience is not my strongest virtue, I keep reminding myself that good things take time and I’m enjoying helping the clients that I do have to build confidence, increase profile and achieve goals so that they can build a thriving career in the arts without feeling overwhelmed to doubting themselves. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The same goes for you: We couldn’t plan for this global pandemic that instantly took away most of your performing and side gig income! This season won’t last forever, and when it comes it will be better than you could have imagined! What action can you take today that will lay the groundwork for success when this quarantine is over?Okay, I also get it that you’ve put so much time and effort into your music or acting career. Your mind starts to wander, and you catch yourself comparing yourself to others. You wonder why your career isn’t as big as theirs. "Why don’t I get those opportunities?" STOP!No matter your niche, your talent and personality are unique to its own. Don’t get distracted. It’s okay to take your career at whatever pace fits your life. Be patient and stay persistent. I’m telling you; you will be amazing!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I will even help you by offering a free coaching session, so if you want to stop letting fear and a lack of knowledge hold you back I can empower you with strategies to propel you to the next level. To sign up visit Diane go to the thrive coaching section and you can apply for an appointment to see If I can help you on get on track to achieve your goals. Let’s set you up to rock 2021.Now onto today’s show. My favourite story to come out of this pandemic is the Pandemic Pie Project by Bradley Harder. Bradley is a multi-passionate and talented creative entrepreneur who has had careers in animation, fine art, film production, music, restaurants, bars, construction, and many more. I can completely relate to managing multiple careers at once or changing careers often. During this pandemic, he started to bake pies for his friends and neighbours and before he knew it he was baking pies and giving them away to anyone who wanted one in Toronto. How amazing is that? I’ve tried the blueberry pie and it was fantastic! Along the way he has been featured on CBC news, Breakfast television and various other media outlets and many people and brands have donated money and supplies so that he can keep this generosity going. And maybe when this pandemic Bradley will open up his own bakery.#pandemicpieprojectFor Links and Transcript 
Hello and welcome to episode 46 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Calling all ARTISTS, MUSICIANS, ACTORS: You once dreamed of being where you are right now! It can be tempting to stress over not being able to perform live or missing out on the connections you would have made during that cancelled festival or conference, but at the moment you are >>>>THIS<<<< close to getting what you dreamed of. Now is not the time to doubt, but to make your dreams a reality.I’ve used this time to increase engagement on social media, content creation, brand photography, joined another coaching program and added to my own program that empowers performing artists to BUILD CONFIDENCE, INCREASE PROFILE, & ACHIEVE GOALS.What action can you take today that will lay the groundwork for success when this quarantine is over? One action you can take is I will offer you a free coaching session so if you want to join visit Diane go to the thrive coaching section and you can apply book an appointment to see If I can help you on get on track to achieve your goals. Let's set you up to rock 2021. Today’s show is a bit of a twist.  I was recently interviewed on Rainbow Country by the fabulous Mark Tara and I thought you might like to hear it and learn more about me.  Rainbow Country is a radio show on CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto and is also the #1 LGBT podcast going into its 5th season offering a blend of music and interviews giving voice to the LGBT community. Mark has some exciting things in store so I will be having him on the show soon.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this interview. Connect with me and let me know what you think. This podcast has so many listeners from all over the world and I’m curious to know who you are and what topics you would like to see more of. If you are enjoying the podcast it would really help me out if you could rate and review it on apple podcasts or podchaser. Leaving reviews really helps shows get noticed and gain more listeners.For a transcript visit
Hello and welcome to episode 45 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!How is everyone doing during this isolation time? Toronto is starting to re-open some retail and services, but it will be a while before we can enjoy live concerts and theatre and film and television can begin shooting again.As an introvert I’ve been thriving! I have been so productive these last couple of months preparing content for all of you wonderful performing artists.  It has been great to connect in the Thriving Musicians & Actors Facebook group.  If you haven’t already, please join us at as I am planning some great free content that will only be available inside the group. Facebook groups is where it is at these days.Today’s guest is someone I connected with inside a facebook group. Jennifer Pielak is a performing artist and coach from Vancouver, Canada. She’s a multi-disciplinary performer with over 15 years of professional experience in comedy improv, musical theatre, musical improv, experimental/physical theatre, singing, voice acting and TV/film/commercials. She has trained and performed at improv theatres and festivals across North America, founded the group Off Key Musical Improv, co-wrote the Ovation Award Nominated Connected: The Musical and has most notably performed in local theatre productions as Marcy in Dogfight and Maureen in RENT. She recently created and performed in an experimental musical theatre piece - about the inner voices in her head - called Inside Voices: A Musical in the Key of P for the Vancouver Fringe Festival with her long-time creative partner, Peter Abando (composer & musician). She can be seen playing Jessica Mulroney in the Lifetime Movie Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal, and her improv skills have led her to book many commercials over the years (most notable are Lays, Danimals, Nintendo, & Paypal). Jennifer has a degree in Psychology and Philosophy and has over a decade of experience teaching kids, teens and adults.I hope you enjoy this episode and if so can I ask you to do me a favor?Can you leave a review on apple podcasts, stitcher, castbox or a new option is Podchaser which is not an app but a directory and social network for podcasting which is pretty cool. You can follow your favourite podcasts but also your favourite guests and it will notify you if they appear on other show.For links and a transcript visit
Hello and welcome to episode #44 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Today’s guest is Jason McCoy who with The Road Hammers has won 5 Canadian Country Music Awards, a JUNO award, and SOCAN Songwriter of the Year.  They are the best selling Canadian country band of all time. Before The Road Hammers, Jason was already a very successful solo artist winning the CCMA Male Vocalist of the Year twice, 3 SOCAN Song of the Year awards, 19 CCMA nominations and 5 Juno nominations. In 2006, he was awarded with the Global Artist Award at the CMA Awards in Nashville. Jason recently announced the development of the We Are 1 World Project with the release of the song ‘We Are One’, a powerful message of hope, recorded by renowned musicians and singers in isolation from across the world. The COVID-19 virus started with one person and has spread to all parts of the globe, affecting the health and well-being of the entire planet, and “We Are One”, is a song of unity, to celebrate the power of one, together in isolation.The first version of the song ‘We Are One’ is being released from Jason McCoy and Friends, which included Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies, the Harlem Gospel Choir, Tim Hicks, Deric Ruttan, Gordie Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, and many more. With all proceeds from the song going towards The Red Cross COVID-19 Relief Effort, including International Red Cross and Global Citizen, “We Are One” aims to create awareness, hope, joy and raise much needed funds and demonstrate The Power of One.For links and a transcript visit
Today’s guest is the author of The Enneagram & You: Understand Your Personality Type and How it Can Transform Your Relationships, Gina Gomez. I am fascinated by personality type systems so it was great to learn from an expert on the enneagram. As a relationship coach, Gina shows us how using the wisdom of the enneagram can strengthen your personal, professional and romantic relationships. The enneagram is an effective personality classification system that describes the characteristics, behaviors, and core values of nine different personality types—enneatypes—each identified by a number. The Enneagram & You  helps you identify your personality type so you can discover how to best interact with your family, friends, coworkers, and love interests. You’ll also learn about each type pairing—from Type 1 with Type 1 to a Type 9 with Type 9 and every combination in between—as well as the harmonies and challenges each pairing faces and advice on how to effectively communicate and better understand what each personality type needs to feel fully engaged, known, and valued.Armed with this knowledge, you’ll begin to anticipate your reactions and responses to the various people in your life. And you’ll also be able to better comprehend their reactions and responses to you. By understanding your own strengths and recognizing areas for growth, you can improve your relationships in ways that might have previously seemed impossible. Applying the wisdom of the enneagram-based personality types can lead to better connections and a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you!Gina is also the co-host of the Modern Enneagram Podcast and you can find links and a transcript at
I have another dancer for you. I'm so inspired talking to all these dancers. They understand my love of JLo and Janet. They get it they understand me See you guys I was meant to be a dancer Anyways, if you are a dancer, musician, or actor, welcome. And in case you missed last week's episode, where I introduced the sing dance act, thrive progress pathway coaching program. I help musicians, actors and dancers who are driven to succeed, but struggle to get ahead. I help them cultivate authentic connections with audiences and industry gatekeepers, so that they can build a thriving career in the arts without feeling overwhelmed or doubting themselves. If you want to stop letting fear and a lack of knowledge holds you back, I can empower you with confidence and profile building strategies to propel you to the next level. So if that kind of sounded like you, why don't you apply for a free coaching session with me,, we'll figure out where you want to go and see if we're a match for me to help you get there. That could be for anyone around the world because the sessions are just on zoom online. So I hope you guys take advantage of that. If you go to the thing and you don't see a free appointment, just wait a few days and a few more will pop up, hopefully. So today's guest is Dora award winner, four time nominee Anissa Tejpar is a graduate of Canada's National Ballet School, and is co-artistic director of hit and run dance productions. We had a fabulous conversation about the upcoming Encore! dance hall of fame event by dance collection dance, where she's producing the performances, the Canadian dance hall of fame and it'll be held in Toronto. Anisa is very passionate about dance so I'm sure you'll be inspired, hearing her talk about her career and the amazing experiences that she's had, including dancing works by Christopher House and Guillaume Côté, working in film and television and producing events for the Rolling Stones, Mac cosmetics, Casa Loma and the Toronto International Film Festival. She's a current board member for Canada's National Ballet School.Links & Transcript visit 
You have the power to change lives with your talents. I help musicians, actors, and dancers cultivate authentic connections with audiences and industry gatekeepers so that they can build a thriving career in the arts, without feeling overwhelmed or doubting themselves. If you want to stop letting fear and a lack of knowledge hold you back, I can empower you with confidence and profile-building strategies to propel you to the next level. This episode introduces the Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Progress Pathway.
Hello and welcome to episode #40 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Katie Zaccardi is a songwriter, artist, music industry professional, and certified yoga instructor. Through her work in both music and wellness, along with her own experience with a generalized anxiety disorder, Katie discovered the urgent need for a conversation surrounding mental health and self-care within the music industry.Realizing the music industry’s demand for an honest discussion on such topics as mental and physical wellbeing, Katie established Out To Be. Out To Be advocates a balanced path to personal and professional success that is grounded in wellness. At its core is the idea that what you set out to do, you turn out to be; that no matter where you begin, you make your own way to the most authentic you.The Out To Be Podcast invites listeners to engage with insightful dialogue on all things wellness and their relation to working in music. Through the Out To Be Coaching platform, Katie supports artists and professionals with a personalized approach centered on cultivating positive actions & attitudes.For Links and transcript visit 
Hello and welcome to episode 39 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!How is your 2020 going so far? Mine has been great. I’ve been working non-stop on something special for you all. I’m so excited to soon launch the Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Progress Pathway coaching program. I help musicians, actors, and dancers cultivate authentic connections with audiences and industry gatekeepers so that they can build a thriving career in the arts, without feeling overwhelmed or doubting themselves. If you want to stop letting fear and a lack of knowledge hold you back, I can empower you with confidence and profile building strategies to propel you to the next level. The performers already in the program are saying that its life changing and that is so rewarding.  To give you a hint of the pathway I can tell you that all 6 phases start with a CClarity: Vision & Goal SettingConfidence: Artist Identity & MotivationCaptivate: Personality, Image & Your StoryCompetitive Edge: Niche & TribeContent Creation: EPK & Social MediaCommunication: People skills & PRBONUS C’s: Courage & CreativityCourage and Creativity will be themes throughout all the phases as building and maintaining a career in the arts takes courage. As a creativity coach, I understand the anxiety and internal struggles that come up so you will have one on one support. All the details are coming very soon and I will be giving away some free coaching sessions in March. If you are interested shoot me an email diane (at) dianefoy (dot) com and I’ll send you the link to apply for a spot once it is available.Today’s guest is the Artistic Director of KasheDance, Kevin A. Ormsby. He works as a dancer/choreographer and Arts Strategies Consultant. He is the Program Manager for Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO), Professor of Dance Performance at Centennial College and an Adjunct Artist with Dance Exchange in Washington, DC. He has so many titles and awards that I won’t mention them all here. With career that spans over 30 years, he has performed with various companies and projects in Canada, Caribbean and the United States. He currently sits on the Board of Nia Centre for the Arts, Dance Collection Danse and Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts.For links and a transcript visit 
Hello and welcome to episode 38 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Today’s guest is Toronto born and raised of Filipino descent, multidisciplinary artist Diana Reyes also known as FLY LADY DI, I can relate to that because of course wanted to also be a fly girl and I was often called Lady Di. Anyways, Fly Lady Di has been rocking stages for over a decade through Dance, DJing and Visual Art. Voted Outstanding Performance and Outstanding Design by NOW Magazine, her one-woman dance creation THIRD WORLD presented by SummerWorks sold out a three-show run. As a DJ, she has played events for Dior at TIFF, the Toronto Maple Leafs, Twitter, Reebok, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, SOHO House, AGO, and FUNKBOX NYC. Diana has danced with artists like Jason Derulo, Ciara, Fall Out Boy, Fabolous, Luther Brown, and she was in the movie Honey. She has also had artistic engagements internationally in places like South Korea, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, New York, Los Angeles, Colombia, Germany, Scotland and India. For links and a transcript visit
February is Black History Month and there are many events happening across Canada to celebrate.  TD bank held a launch event at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto this week.Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee and pioneering hip-hop legend Maestro Fresh Wes hosted the event. He has recently become the first rap artist to ever have a song inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. His legendary single “Let Your Backbone Slide” was the first rap recording to reach Gold and Platinum Status. As an actor, Wes Williams has appeared in several film and television roles including 8 seasons on CBC’s hit sitcom Mr. D. He is also an author of the 2010 motivational book “Stick To Your Vision” and has presented Ted Talks on Self-Revision.A WIFT-T Crystal Award recipient, the always fearless Tonya Williams has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. In 1979, Tonya was one of the first black actresses to break into mainstream Canadian television. She is best known for her twenty year starring role as Dr. Olivia Barber Winters on the popular daytime drama "The Young and The Restless". The role garnered Tonya two Emmy Nominations and numerous national and international awards, including two NAACP Image Awards and an ACTRA Award of Excellence. In 2001, Tonya created the Reelworld Film Festival as a means of empowering racially diverse talent in Canada.
Hello and welcome to episode 36 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!As we are at the beginning of a new year and a new decade I thought that it was a good time to talk about future visioning. In episode 33, I talked about vision boards with Andrea Hendron who is a mindfulness practitioner, reiki master and life coach so definitely go back and check that out if you missed it.By taking a moment to really visualize what you want your life to be like in the future you can better determine the steps required to make it happen. 10 years in the future is a good time to think about because it is long enough away that anything is possible.  For a transcript visit: 
Hello and welcome to episode 35 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Today’s guest is widely considered one of Toronto’s Hip Hop legends, Solitair’s many contributions have made an indelible impact on the Canadian urban music landscape, and the music industry as a whole.In 1999, at the age of 23, Solitair made his mainstream musical debut on Choclair’s first major label album, ‘Ice Cold’, producing 4 songs and featured on several others. The album went Gold (50,000 units sold) in less than 30 days. Though he saw great success in his previous releases, Solitair’s breakout came in 2001 when he released two iconic Canadian Hip Hop songs: “Bakardi Slang” by Kardinal Offishall - produced by Solitair with his unique style combining island music sensibilities with Hip Hop’s gritty urban soundscape and ‘Easy to Slip’ by Solitair - a song he wrote as an ode to fallen friends, which continues to be hailed as one of Canada’s greatest Hip Hop songs and received a Juno nomination for Best Rap Recording.As Solitair came into prominence as a highly sought after producer, he worked on albums by a number of Canadian heavyweights, including: Choclair, Kardinal Offishall, Jully Black, k-os, Maestro Fresh Wes’ and The Rascalz. With Kardinal, he has travelled the world performing as part of his world renowned stage show.In 2014 Soliair and three other producers partnered up on the recording studio, 4Sound Media. Since taking the reins, he’s been recording, mixing, mentoring, and collaborating with many of Hip Hop's most talented emerging artists, and continues to work on adding more great songs to his musical legacy.After 20-years in the music industry, Solitair gives back to the community of Toronto by speaking to at-risk youth in high schools and has recently been working with F-You: The Forgiveness Project who are working with young men currently serving time in the Canadian prison system. With the founder of the F-You project, Tara Muldoon, Solitair is working on a podcast and that is how I came to meet this wonderful talent and invited him on the show.For links & transcript visit It was so great to hear from Solitair, he is so nice and humble. I am a big fan of our Canadian hip hop pioneers and Kardinal and Maestro are also on my list of artists that I have to get on the show this year. I’ve met Kardinal quite a few times and he is also very nice and humble. Oh and Michee Me, I met her before too…oh maybe this is my new thing. I’ll call out people I want on the show on the show. If anyone has a connection to Questlove, Jimmy Jam or Ice-T hook me up! I have a ton of others but I’ll stick with hip hop for this episode. Oh and I meant to have Doodlebug from Digable Planets on the show since before this podcast even started so I’ll reach out to him again.
Links and transcript visit Mentions: Lauren Ritchie The Dance Podcast, Rise podcast by Rachel Hollis, Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo, Dax Shepard Armchair Expert, The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee, Artizan coaching. Creative Live
Hello and welcome to episode 33 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!I have a special guest for you today. Andrea Hendron is a Life coach, Mindfullness Practioner, Reiki Master, and the Creator of Andrea's Soul Chats. My plan was to do a solo episode talking about future visioning and creating vision boards and as I was preparing I began thinking about my friend Andrea. She took the idea of vision boards and expanded on it to develop intuitive Oracle Board coaching sessions, workshops and retreats. Her approach goes deeper than mine ever will so I knew that I had to invite her on the show to share her experience in this area.For those who may not know what on earth I am talking about, a vision board is a collage of images, and sometimes quotes or affirmations that represent your future dreams or goals. It became all the rage after the documentary and book The Secret. I did one back then and filled it with everything that I thought I wanted, but no real soul searching was done to figure out if I really wanted those things and I didn’t really know how to set achievable goals to get the things I thought I wanted so my life today is nothing like I pictured and I am thankful. LolI’ve come a long way and learned a lot about future visioning and goal setting so I created a vision board last year full of what I actually want and I have goals and action plans in place to achieve it all. One year later, it is still my future vision and I have accomplished many goals that I’m working towards the life I want. Anyways, let’s hear from Andrea and at the end she offers us a beautiful guided meditation. I hope you enjoy it.For links and a transcript visit 
Hello and welcome to episode 032 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Today’s guest is Robert Carli, who is one of Canada’s busiest and most in-demand composers for Film & Television. His music has received numerous industry awards and nominations, including 20 Gemini and Canadian Screen Award nominations, 5 Gemini Awards and 3 Canadian Screen Awards. He is the recipient of several SOCAN Awards for domestic television.He is currently working on his 13th season of Shaftesbury Films’ MURDOCH MYSTERIES (CBC), and his 3rd season of FRANKIE DRAKE (CBC). Recent work includes the critically-acclaimed documentary TOXIC BEAUTY, his 3rd season of WYNONNA EARP, and the NETFLIX mini-series TOKYO TRIALS, while recent dramatic film work includes THE EDUCATION OF WILLIAM BOWMAN and SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD.I talk to Rob about the process of composing music for film and television and the advice he has for musicians wanting to get into it. Rob is also the co-author of a new book called The Awesome Music Project Canada: Songs of Hope and Happiness which brings you behind-the-scenes glimpses into the musical lives of a diverse array of Canadians. Singer-songwriter Michael Bublé celebrates the way music cemented his bond with his grandfather, renowned astronaut Chris Hadfield turned to music for comfort through the loss of a close friend and Grammy-award winner Sarah McLachlan used it to escape the torment of high-school bullies.These and other inspiring tales fill this beautifully illustrated tribute to the songs, musicians, and composers that comfort us, move us, and lift our spirits. Rounding out The Awesome Music Project Canada are descriptions of the neurological research confirming the ways in which music is good for us. It improves our mental, emotional and physical health, wards off loneliness and depression, and even delays dementia. To put it simply: music makes us feel good.Thanks for listening and if you are enjoying this podcast please share it with your fellow performing artists and entertainment fans. For a transcript visit
Today's episode is about why do some performing artists thrive while others spend years struggling to breakthrough. I've worked with hundreds of performing artists and the competitive edge for many has been that they have a clear message of who they are and what they stand for. And they know how to communicate that to connect with people. Talent is not enough. If you think about your favorite musicians, actors, dancers, I'm sure that you love them for more than just their talent. You are attracted to their image or personality, or you connect to the personal stories and experiences that they've shared.For example, I have been a fan of Janet Jackson for as long as I can remember. I watched her acting on Good Times, Different Strokes and Fame, all before her recording career took off with Control. Even when she was too shy to express herself through words. She told us who she was with every song and performance. She's a strong, independent woman who gives the best “Don't mess with me attitude” in many of her songs and performances.I admire her for being open about struggling with self-esteem issues, her weight and experiencing depression and domestic abuse. And whenever people started to count her out, she would come back stronger than ever. She gives an incredible acting performance in Why Did I Get Married Too? where she was open about the fact that she was filming that movie. When Michael Jackson died. She said that when she returned to set that she still hadn't really had the complete breakdown about losing her brother. But she brought all of that built up anger and emotion out in that scene. And again, she told us who she was through her art.And look at her now. In the last few years, she's won every Legend and Icon Award out there, including being inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. All while becoming a mother at age 50! And touring the world was sold-out arenas.Of course, I love listening to her music, watching her sing, dance and act. And I've been known to study and attempt to dance the choreography from “Nasty,” “If,” “All For You,” “Feedback,” “Made For Now” and more. Recently I commissioned an oil painting of her to have on my wall for inspiration. It is a strong beautiful image of her in a simple white t-shirt, sparkling diamond choker necklace and long leather gloves with the word power on them.That is Janet to me. Strong, beautiful and powerful. I look at it and say, “You're right Janet, I'm going to go kick ass in my T-shirt and Swarovski jewelry. [Okay, I don't have the diamonds yet whatever,] and nothing's gonna stop me.” She gives me strength.As a performer, I'm sure you desire to have an audience that feels that way about you. But how will you express all of that? How will you express all that you are to attract loyal fans and industry supporters. There are many books, courses, consultants and resources available on the entertainment industry. However, most skip the foundation work of connecting to your true identity and life's purpose. In my 15 years as an entertainment publicist, I saw countless artists and performers struggling to build a career in the arts. I was inspired to become a certified life entrepreneur and creativity coach so that I could walk artists through the process that I knew was the missing link in their plans.So now, through coaching, I help musicians, actors, and dancers create and grow and authentic personal brand in order to attract loyal fans and industry supporters, without feeling overwhelmed or doubting themselves. If you want to generate bigger opportunities, I can guide you and communicating your skills, values, and personality to propel you to the next level.I've developed a three-phase 12 step process that I utilize to coach artists and performers to thrive in the arts. I'm going to tell you about the 12 steps and explain the benefits of each and if you're interested in having a free coaching session with me to see if we're a fit to work together, I have an offer for you at the end.Full details at So to my offer, I have given myself the challenge to give away 30 free coaching sessions in 30 days to be of service to as many artists as possible. It's a chance for you to pick my brain on any questions that you may have. And we'll do a little exploration of what you really want. So if you're interested, visit Diane and grab one of the spots.My challenge ends on December 12. So if you are listening to this at a later date, you can always contact me to be on the waiting list for the next time I have openings.
030 Global Superstar Akon on Releasing 4 Albums at Once & Why Women Should Run the WorldHello and welcome to episode 030 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Today we have global superstar Akon. The American born Senegalese artist has sold over 35 Million albums worldwide, received 5 Grammy Nominations and collaborated with an array of A-list artists from many genres including Lady GaGa, Eminem, Gwen Stefani, Daddy Yankee, Lil’ Wayne, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg and many more.In addition to having two multi-platinum albums, Akon has had 27 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 and is the first artist to accomplish the feat of holding both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 charts twice.Akon’s global vision is rooted in music, but has expanded to include renewable energy. His “Lighting Africa” initiative put him at the forefront of the Sustainability Movement- an issue that profoundly affects citizens all over the world.At the Collision Technology Conference, Akon was on various panels talking about Akoin, the cryptocurrency with a vision to stimulate and innovate, revenue-generating opportunities that support and empower youth entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa and the world.Recently, Akon announced the formation of Akonik Label Group, distributed by BMG. The unprecedented artist-founded label group is comprised of four distinct record labels: Akonda (Afrobeats), Akonik (U.S.), Jamakon (Caribbean) and Ke Lo Ke (Latin America). This is the first time an artist has established a global record label group dedicated to multiple genres.This explains why he is releasing 4 albums this fall with various genres. The release dates have changed as you will hear him say Aug 30th for all, however, 3 of the albums were just released in October and the 4th is set for DecemberThe audio is from the press conference at Collision. In addition to Akon you will hear the voice of Akoin COO Lynn Liss and President Jon Karas talking about Akoin. I asked Akon why 4 albums at once and you will also hear a question from Sharon Fletcher from Blacks Inspire and then at the public Q&A Akon goes on a wonderful rant about how the youth need to get involved in politics and how women should rule the world. Enjoy.For links and a transcript visit
Hello and welcome to episode 29 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!I am so excited for today’s guest, Canada’s Punk Rock Queen Bif Naked! I have been a fan of hers since her 1996 self-titled debut album and her follow up I Bificus with the hits “Daddy’s Getting Married,” “Spaceman” and “Moment of Weakness.” In 2001 her album Purge produced by Desmond Child had even more hits including “I Love Myself Today,” “Chokin on the Truth” and one of my favourites “Tango Shoes.” The albums and tours continued and in 2011 she released BIF NAKED FOREVER: Acoustic Hits and Other Delights and in 2016she released her autobiography I Bificus.In the book, she shares her journey from being born in secret to a teenager living in India, the product of a Canadian girl and a British boy. She was rejected by both families, hidden away in a mental hospital and adopted by missionaries and then moved to North America. She began what she recalls with ironic humour as a “charmed life.” Targeted by girl gangs and facing other abusive situations, she escaped this early life by joining a punk rock band and leaving on tour, where she married the drummer and hit a downward spiral that found her on the floor of a Vancouver drug den.Through it all, her creative personality and unstoppable humour were her weapons of self-defence. Bif showcased her life’s journey in tattoo ink across her body and, with her unique ability to transform her true life stories into song lyrics, she found her voice as a solo artist, started her own record company and at twenty-three years of age became an international recording artist.Throughout her remarkable career, armed with her singular talent and instantly identifiable look, Bif would captivate the imagination of audiences and media alike, releasing nine albums and twenty-one videos. She embarked on seemingly endless international tours, several feature films and multiple television roles, only to be struck down with breast cancer at the age of 37. Bif would discover her passion for advocacy, as a triumphant survivor and someone who helps others first.When I started this podcast she was on my wish list of people I wanted on so when I got the opportunity I jumped at it. She now lives in Toronto so her publicist Eric Alper asked if I wanted to go to her house for the interview. Um, yes, yes I would like that very much. Lol. I love her.So of course she was fabulous and we are best friends now so I know that you will enjoy our lovely conversation.For links and transcript visit 
Hello and welcome to episode 28 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Today we have Christopher Leacock aka Jillionaire who staying true to his Trinidadian roots, fuses original caribbean rhythms of soca with dancehall beats. Along with Diplo and Walshy Fire, he was a member of the electronic music group Major Lazer until this past June when he left the group to pursue solo projects. Major Lazer is best recognized for the global smash “Lean On” featuring DJ Snake and MØ and “Cold Water” with Justin Bieber and MØ. “Cold Water” became their second track to achieve one billion streams.Jillionaire has been touring worldwide with Major Lazer since 2009 including performing at festivals such as Coachella, Trinidad Carnival, CMJ Music Marathon, Electric Daisy Carnival, South by Southwest, and Mad Decent Block Party. He continues to establish himself as an innovative and creative producer and has invested in various technology start ups.As the audio was taken from the press conference and Q&A at Collision tech conference that happened in Toronto in May, many of the questions are about technology and how it relates to music. I had the opportunity to ask a question at the press conference, however, the rest were from others so I will pop in to let you know what was asked. For a transcript of this episode visit
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