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Author: Andrea Bain/ Entertainment One (eOne)

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Single Girl Problems is a one stop shop for real relationship talk. Television Host and Author of "Single Girl Problems", Andrea Bain has become the voice of single women around the globe. Her podcast not only delivers candid conversations about topics ranging from pop culture to relationship issues, it also doesn’t pull any punches. The weekly show features high profile guests including experts, celebs, married, divorced and of course single people.
37 Episodes
Divorce lawyer and author Paul Riley gives Andrea (and you) the rundown on how to have (or not have) the best divorce you possibly can. He also reveals the "Four Types of Cheaters" and shares some stories from the sometimes crazy world of family law.  Buy Paul's book Grounds for Love: a Divorce Lawyer’s Guide to Rebuilding Your Confidence and Finding a Great Relationship  on Amazon or if you need a divorce in Toronto check out  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Happy 2020 and welcome back to Single Girl Problems! Vanessa Jarman reads Andrea's cards to find out what's in store for her in the new year and all of you listening get to play along too! Find out what to bring into the 2020s and what you're better off leaving behind.  Check out Vanessa on Instagram @jarmi and her blog  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Nellwyn Lampert, author of Every Boy I Ever Kissed joins Andrea this week to talk about her memoir and discuss their strangely similar experiences growing up and why millenials are losing their virginities later than their parents. Plus, how feminism and alcohol affect dating! Email your thoughts or relationship questions to   See for privacy and opt-out information.
Comedian Aisha Brown and social media maven Daniel Reyes Cocka join Andrea for a heated discussion that dives into gay conversion camps, bigotry, bad kissing, and the 90s. Check out for her upcoming shows and @dothedaniel on all social media platforms!  Email us at   See for privacy and opt-out information.
Andrea is joined by returning guest Jake Mossop and Just For Laughs comedian Courtney Gilmour for a hilarious discussion on the pressures to get married and how far they've travelled for a date (or more).  Check out Courtney's socials to find out when you can see her perform at Just for Laughs in Toronto or any other time!  Email us your thoughts on the episode and relationship questions to    See for privacy and opt-out information.
Episode 30: Turn Me On

Episode 30: Turn Me On


Bryde and Jeremie, the polyamorous married couple behind the Turn Me On podcast join Andrea for jam-packed episode that gets open, personal, and explicit! They share stories from their teen years and recent encounters, unbox a sex toy gift basket, and discuss cultural differences and changing attitudes around sex. And so much more!  Email us at    See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this Throwback Thursday episode from last December, Join guests Dustin Woods and Noah Cappe as they spill the tea on what men want, why men ghost and how they feel about relationship rules. Follow Noah on Instagram @noahcappe and Dustin on Instagram @dustin_a_woods To join the conversation email us at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Andrea is joined by Rebecca Eckler, author of Blissfully Blended Bullsh*t, which tells the real story of her moving in with a new family and trying to make things work with her partner, step-daughters and a new baby. In an honest and revealing conversation, Rebecca and Andrea discuss their experiences dating guys with kids and how to deal the craziness that comes with it.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
Andrea chats with best friends Kim Cloutier, world famous model and Veronica Chu, celebrity makeup artist. They test out Cosmopolitan's tips on how to make him fall in love with you and GQ's advice on how to get out of a relationship. They also share the craziest ways they've "checked up" on boyfriends and Veronica shows her true crazy.  Got a story to share or a relationship you need advice on? Email us at    See for privacy and opt-out information.
Actress Joanne Vannicola drops by our studios to discuss her new book, “All We Knew But Couldn’t Say”. In her memoir, she relates her journey from child performer to Emmy Award–winning actor, from hiding in the closet to embracing her own sexuality, from conflicted daughter and sibling to independent woman. “All We Knew But Couldn’t Say” is a testament to survival, love, and the belief that it is possible to love the broken, and to love fully, even with a broken heart. Joanne is most noted for her roles as Dr. Naadiah in Being Erica on Netflix and Dr. Mia Stone in PSI Factor. If you want to talk more about the book, email us at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Andrea is joined by Carley Fortune, the executive editor of Refinery29 and Nick Hobson, Chief Scientist at the new dating app paird. They talk about how online dating can be improved, going on a break in a relationship, and the controversy around Ayesha Curry's comments on getting male attention.       What would you change about online dating? What do you think about what Ayesha said? Email us at     See for privacy and opt-out information.
Andrea's long-time friend Tanya Sam, tech-savvy businesswoman and the newest Real Housewife of Atlanta, returns to Toronto! They talk about a new dating app that lets your friends vet your prospective matches, telling a friend they shouldn't go through with a marriage, and bridezillas.   Email us at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Andrea catches up with comedian Jean Paul and celebrity trainer Brent Bishop about modern fatherhood and gets the male perspective on how much PDA is too much, after hearing from the women last week. If you're looking for somewhere to take your mom on Mother's Day this Sunday, check out Jean Paul at the Trinidad vs. Jamaica Clean Mother's Day Comedy Clash at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at 2pm and 6pm!  Email us at    See for privacy and opt-out information.
Andrea chats with newscaster and beauty blogger Nneka Elliott and celebrity stylist Erica Wark on how to use your personal style to make the best of that first impression, what to wear when meeting the parents, and the ups and downs of PDA!  Email us at    See for privacy and opt-out information.
We talk love and money! Join my guests negotiation expert Fotini Iconomopoulos and author Shannon Lee Simmons, author of “Living Debt-Free: The No-Shame, No-Blame Guide to Getting Rid of Your Debt”. We discuss having a secret stash of money, what to do when the person you love has lots of debt, and more! Email us at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Andrea is joined by Andrew Phung of Kim's Convenience and Nicole Servinis of Entertainment Tonight Canada to talk married sex, The Bachelor and petty gestures to spite your ex.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join my guest Grammy award winning R&B artist Keri Hilson as she dishes about why women chase unavailable men and the five mistakes women make in the beginning of their relationships. Email us at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join my guests authors Nina Purewal and Kate Petriw as we dish about holding on to past hurts and learning how to let it go. Email us at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Happy Valentine's Day! Join my guest, the triple threat star of HBO's Ballers, London Brown, as we talk about how soon should you start dating after a break up, the lack of intimacy in the modern age and putting the appetizer before the steak.  Email us at        See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join my guests YouTube Host Lauren Toyota and CEO of Do the Daniel Daniel Reyes Cocka as we dish about dating without texting, the slow death of the first date and what’s your Love Language. Email us at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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