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Singularity Group’s official collection of Singularity University podcasts dedicated to exploring the relationship and impact of humanity's relationship with technology.

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11 Episodes
This week our guest is musical artist, filmmaker, digital storyteller and all around renaissance woman, Taryn Southern. You may recognize her from early career with American Idol or from her Youtube videos which have garnered over 750 million views. But in recent years, Taryn became the first person to create an entire musical album composed by an artificial intelligence and she led the groundbreaking production of I AM HUMAN—a 2019 documentary exploring brain computer interfaces. In this episode, we explore her latest work using an AI-powered digital clone of herself and much more, including self-care and using influence for good. Want to learn more about our podcasts and become a part of the community? Join here! Host: Steven Parton // Music by: Amine el Filali
This week our guest is renowned sociologist, physician, and Yale professor, Nicholas Christakis, who was once listed by Time magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the world. He’s particularly known for his expertise on social networks, as well as his work exploring the evolutionary and socioeconomic determinants of behavior and health. Dr. Christakis is the author of the renowned 2019 book, Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society, and more recently, Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live, which we discuss heavily in this episode. Want to learn more about our podcasts and become a part of the community? Join here! Host: Steven Parton // Music by: Amine el Filali
This week, our guest on The Feedback Loop is British documentary filmmaker and journalist, Jenny Kleeman. We discuss topics from her recently published and provocative book: Sex Robots & Vegan Meat: Adventures at the Frontier of Birth, Food, Sex, and Death.  In addition to these existential and controversial topics, we also discuss how technology is preventing humans from partaking in the personal growth they need for their own health and happiness, as well as how these technologies disproportionately are impacting women. Want to learn more about our podcasts and become a part of the community? Join here! Host: Steven Parton // Music by: Amine el Filali
This week we sit down with cognitive psychologist and long-time professor at UC Irvine, Donald Hoffman. Hoffman has a long history working with some of the greatest minds in the history of humanity, including Francis Crick who was part of the team that discovered the double helix of DNA. His own endeavors are no less revolutionary, as he's currently spearheading a new theory that argues humans evolved a perception of reality that looks drastically different from the true appearance of objective reality. It seems a hard argument to make, but once you hear his ideas you'll understand how insightful and profound his work is. In addition to an in-depth exploration of this theory, we also discuss the evolutionary impacts of online dating, the future of artificial intelligence, and a whole bunch more. Donald Hoffman's newest book, A Case Against Reality, comes out August 13 and can be found on Amazon. *** Questions? Ideas? Recommendations? Send your thoughts to *** Host: Steven Parton Intro music by: Amine el Filali
This week we sit down with journalist, author, and transhumanist, Zoltan Istvan. Zoltan Istvan is most commonly known for his book the Transhumanist Wager, his 2016 Presidential Campaign—where he drove across the United States in a bus shaped like a coffin—and his many contributions and appearance with media outlets such as National Geographic, Vice, and Wired. In this conversation, Zoltan and I explore the ideas of transhumanism and why he's so passionately dedicated to the cause. This takes us on a lovely tour through such light-hearted subjects as religion, death, and technological implants. Find Zoltan's book on Amazon here: *** Questions? Ideas? Recommendations? Send your thoughts to *** Host: Steven Parton Intro music by: Amine el Filali
The Feedback Loop - Episode 6 This week we talk to author, editor, and consultant to science writers, Annaka Harris, whose brand new book, Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind, just became a New York Time's Bestseller. In this episode, we explore some of the fundamental questions Annaka explores in her book, such as: what is consciousness? How did it evolve? Does free will exist? What are some of the common intuitions that we have wrong about our own minds? And panpsychism--the idea that consciousness is a fundamental property of matter. We also take a few detours to explore altered states such as meditation, as well as the role technology and artificial intelligence are playing in our relationship with consciousness.
The Feedback Loop - Episode 5 This week we talk to media theorist, professor, and author: Douglas Rushkoff. With roots deep in the psychedelic, philosophical, and techno-utopian culture of the late 80s and early 90s cyberpunks, Douglas Rushkoff is one of the most original thinkers exploring humanity's relationship with technology. Douglas has written more than a dozen books, which include "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus", "Coercion", "Program or Be Programmed" and his latest book "Team Human"--which is also the title of this highly regarded podcast. This conversation explores a wide breadth of topics, from technological exploitation and consumerism to the power of narratives and universal basic income.
Feedback Loop - Episode 4 - This week we talk to Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova, who are well known for their widely popular podcast: Future Thinkers. After leaving behind their normal life in the western world, this pair of long-time digital nomads dedicated much of their newly found free time to cultivating their shared passion for personal growth and societal transformation. In this episode, they take us through the many lessons they learned as we explore concepts like tribalism, personal sovereignty, Jungian shadows and archetypes, and many other facets of our relationship with our personal narratives and with our technology.
Feedback Loop - Episode 3: This week we talk to neuroscientist and social entrepreneur, Raya Bidshahri. After giving a TEDxYouth talk at 18 years old, Raya spent the next 6 years founding numerous organization such as SciFest Dubai, Intelligent Optimism, and her current project of focus: Awecademy. Through the exploration of these endeavors, we dig into the need to update and upgrade our education system to meet the modern yearning for awe, empathy, and mental well-being.
This week we chat with futurist and techno-philosopher, Gray Scott. Together, we explore the philosophical, evolutionary, and biological urges transforming society. This took us on a fascinating tour through the ideas of reflection, mirroring, and simulating as they relate to the digitization of reality, the creation of artificial intelligence, and the psychedelic renaissance taking place in tech.
This week we're joined by Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of biotech and longevity company, Bioviva. Liz gained worldwide renown in 2015 when she flew to Colombia to inject herself with one of the gene therapies her company was testing, making her patient zero. In this conversation, we explore her motivations for such drastic measures, the current state of life-extension and longevity research, and how she believes society will be shaped by this rapidly advancing biotechnology.
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