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Follow along me, Bell, as I share a little too much of my life, hopefully giving you valuable tidbits to enrich yours. From relationships, work life, awkward social situation, sex, with a sprinkle of pop culture, and everything else life throws at you it all gets covered here, with fabulous guests along the way. Welcome to Sis Stop!
36 Episodes
Come along my little monsters, and gather around the is time for scary stories! Join Bell, as she shares why Halloween isn't that special to her, why she loves deep throating $0.50 corn dogs from Sonic, and lets all curl up on this SPOOKY MONDAY filled with (6) scary stories...Can you handle it?Follow us down below! 
Better late than never, come play catch up with Bell on her mini vacation to South Padre Island, a girl comes up to her husband full tits on display, crying outside a Buccee's, and the why Women Empowering Women is TOXIC Bullsh*t. I said what I said.Oh, & I spill on the Bachelorette, Supermarket Sweep and more!Let be better ladies and lets get in formation. Article: Follow Us Everywhere!   
Join your favorite duo, Bell & Jenna, as we celebrate J's BIRTHDAY! We talk getting dicked down on your birthday, are we calling the honorable hook-ups? Ex's? As always, we help one of our sexy listeners and answer their questions: To Snore or Not To Snore?Also, Jenna got BJ feedback!?!?!? + a Will It Work Wednesday result! Be sure to follow us!  
Welcome back lovely sex intrigued listeners! Bell & Jenna will reminisce on our first BJ, downstairs lawn care, and a few pro tips (wink wink). We also assist the Green Lantern on timely BJ's.  Find us on all social media platforms here! 
23: Divorce ParTEA

23: Divorce ParTEA


Here is the tea you all had been inboxing about! Join Bell as she spills the tea on her first marriage, how being divorced doesn't mean you are a failure, and why E! needs to give her a call! (Ryan Seacrest, I know you are out there!) Follow us here!
Join Bell & Jenna, as we are FINALLY here to talk about sex. We discuss how we still aren't over Captain America's (cough) flag pole, songs that take us from office chic to hoe in 0.02 seconds, touching ourselves, why men's prostate get the kitty purring, and we take our first listener question.Hint: It is about the big O & things that vibrate in the night  Make sure you follow us on all other social media platforms here!
Come join me, Bell, as I am joined by our returning guest & co-host of After Dark, Jenna as we discuss how we read people. Are they truly friends, or are they fake friends? CUE DRAKE! We share some stories about our dealing with no just fake co-workers but fake family as well. Also, can we discuss America's Cock?!?! Follow us on all social media platforms at: Artist: Dear AshtonListen to Dear Ashton on Spotify Here Listen to Dear Ashton on Apple Music Dear Ashton on Facebook Intro & Outro produced by DJ Quad's
After Dark: Preview

After Dark: Preview


Join Bell & your co-host Jenna, as we dive down the loooong slippery slope face first into all things sex! Taking your questions, and listening to your stories; we are going to drop that knowledge, gain some knowledge, and discuss the uncomfortable (for some) topics of sex, and relationships. Make sure you follow Find us on all other social media platforms here!
There has been big changes in the Sis Stop world! So grab your mug as Bell is ready to dish out the piping hot tea, as "I wish this could last forever but change mocks us all with her beauty." - Olaf Frozen 2 Follow Sis Stop on
20: Phat or Fat?

20: Phat or Fat?


Bell & Claw shed light on fat-phobia and how society has molded us in believing that you are defined by your size. Make sure you stay tuned for an special message from your two favorite sisters about a new podcast in the works "Sis, Stop! After Dark" and more! TLC: Hot & Heavy our Facebook Group: Sis, Stop! Network #LaFamilia us Drop Us a Line at
This week, take some notes because we are talking about beingI-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, and the benefits are to maintaining it through out single life, relationships and marriage. Don't be a clingy bitch...unless you're like Bell! Also, help us answer the question: Is it tacky to flaunt your wealth?All this and more , so get ready, grab your champagne and bang as we welcome back Jenna!Follow us Drop Us a Line at 
Guess who's back? Join us, as Claw fills you in on what has been going on in her life from where we last left off, why Sis, Stop! was MIA during Black Out Tuesday, where we stand on the BLM (Black Live Matter) movement, cancel culture and we get a little political. So sit back, enjoy, chime in and let us know how you feel, and let's get a little controversial in the real world.  For the full story on Shane Dawson click the link below: The Stanford Prison Experiement: Follow us Drop Us a Line at 
Ring the alarm! Sis, Stop! is back catching you up in what has been going on since May, Bell's binge obsessions, what the fuck is going on with COVID, and Keeping Up With The Karens! Oh, and did someone mention merch and an X-rated Sis, Stop! AFTER DARK ???  The link to Showtime's Documentary Outcry: Disney+ Black Is King a film by Beyonce Follow us Drop Us a Line at   
The time has come for you to be reunited with your favorite sisters! Grab your vodka & OJ, along with your gel glitter pen, and Lisa Frank journal as we are BACK to give you all the risky, entertaining, some how helpful stories and spill the tea, beacuse we don't waste vodka here!Mark your calendars, Monday, August 3, 2020 school is back in session bitches! Instagram: @sisstopodcastFacebook: Sis, Stop! Podcast
On episode 15 of Sis, Stop!, join Bell and Claw as they talk about the women they love most in their life: their mommas and Beyoncé. We casually roast and love on our mommas, talk about what having role models means to us, and end with a heated discussion on why you should stan Beyoncé. 
In this episode, Bell & Claw travel through time and share how they’re communication skills have changed from child to adult. You’ll hear what skills they have learned, things they wish they knew sooner, and tips you can put into practice to better the way you communicate!
Listen in as Bell & Claw share their thoughts on makeup, photo editing, and plastic surgery. Journey with them as they talk about what makeup means to them, how it’s impacted their lives—for better and for worse—and end with a heated discussion on being “natural” versus being “plastic”.
Bell and Claw are back in this episode to discuss how COVID-19 has affected different portions of our lives. We share how we are (or are not) managing our relationships with others, how we are trying to sane, and how important it is to put yourself first during these times.
Join Bell, as she gives a somber message on just where in the world is Claw, Corona Virus, and what life in quarantine is like.
11: Welcome To The Den

11: Welcome To The Den


Join Bell, as she and The Wolfpack discuss family, learning to say NO to the ones you love, and having difficult conversations. Welcome To The Den.
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