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Six Figs is a podcast that strives to help women earn six figures on their own terms. We all know that when we go into business for ourselves, that our main intention is to make a living. But somehow, money is still something that we are afraid to talk about. Meg Witt, profit coach, founder of Upspeak and the host of this podcast is here to help you reclaim your money story. We are all capable of turning our passions into a profit. If you are a woman, trying to replace your day job income and make six figures, then this podcast is for you. Let's make that money honey!
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Did you know that your lack of enthusiasm effects sales? I know that we aren't all high energy, bubbly, cheerleaders, but that doesn't mean we can't be enthusiastic about what we are offering to the world! How often to you purchase something from someone who bores you to tears? Never? I thought so. So let's dive into this. On Episode 24 we are talking about the importance of enthusiasm in the sales process. If you aren't enthusiastic, why is that? Is it because you don't actually like what you are selling? After listening to this episode you are going to be able to answer those questions for yourself and find out how you can cultivate more enthusiasm when you share about your business. Ready? Let's go money makers!To follow along on social find us on Instagram, or at our private Facebook Group!If you’re interested in working with Six Figs on a deeper level, schedule a free clarity call. We can talk about finding a strategy to reach your money making goals in 2020. Book your call here.If you enjoyed this episode please consider sharing it on social so more people can find out about it. Simply take a screenshot on whatever app you are listening on, post it to your IG stories and tag us. Your support is what keeps this podcast going.
This week I am joined by one of the coolest, most badass and hilarious lady bosses in Cleveland, Julianna Arandesh. She is an extremely successful boudoir photographer that has taken strategic steps to scaling her business to six figures QUICKLY. I’ve known Julianna for a few years now and met her when I was working at the Cleveland Flea. We quickly grew into soul business sisters because we ended up launching our businesses within three months of each other. Not even two years later we have both scaled our businesses to six figures. Earlier this week, while her and I were chatting over coffee, I realized we needed to be recording our conversation so we decided to ditch the coffee shop, get in my car and record a podcast episode together with the mic on my phone. And good god, ladies! This spontaneous episode that was recorded in my car might be my favorite yet. It is PACKED with SO much actionable advice for anyone who is trying to make money at what they love to do. If you are a woman in business struggling to scale to six figures, having trouble booking clients, or struggling with money mindset, please stop what you are doing, and press play right now! In the episode we cover:-How Julianna became a successful boudoir photographer-How investing in a coach helped her to scale quickly to six figures-What holds women back from hiring a coach-The fact that 40 inquiries doesn’t mean 40 paying clients-Squashing the belief that boudoir photography wasn’t going to make her money-The three things you need to do today if you want to make six figures fastHere’s how you can connect with Julianna:-Instagram-Facebook-Confident Cleveland Sisterhood Private Facebook Group-WebsiteHow to connect with Meg:-Instagram-Facebook-Money Honey Private Facebook Group-WebsiteFor full episode show notes, go here.To join the Profit Project (Meg’s money making mastermind), apply here.To get HALF OFF Honeybook, click here.
Helloooooo money makers! Welcome to Episode 22 of Six Figs!!! This week we are talking all about when it is time to invest in your business. We are going to talk about how to do it strategically and if you need to borrow money to make that investment, how you should go about doing it. If you have been thinking about investing in a coaching program, mastermind, or even the possibility of hiring someone, this episode is for you. Let’s go!
On Episode 21 of Six Figs, I’m talking mindset shifting, coaching, massive action, entrepreneurial mentality and more with one of Cleveland’s most audacious lady bosses, Stephanie Sheldon. Stephanie is the founder and CEO of a fast growth startup, The Cleveland Flea. She’s also a certified life coach and focuses on helping visionaries and world changers to thrive financially and creatively in their lives and businesses. Something she talks about a lot is changing your thoughts so if you are someone who struggles with limited thoughts or beliefs, this episode is for you.To learn more about Stephanie, follow her on Instagram.Sign up for Stephanie’s coaching program to massively shift your mindset in order to get ready for 2020. It starts in October!Come hang out at the Creative Conference that the Cleveland Flea is hosting on September 29th. It’s an all day conference that includes lunch. If you snag one of the VIP tickets, you can even take part in a brunch with me. We will be doing a deep dive on all things money of course!Interact with me on Instagram here.If this episode brought value to you, please leave a review! It is one of the best ways to support the podcast. Thank you.
A few weeks ago we posted on Instagram, asking for episode topics. My sister actually chimed in and asked for tips on how to create work/life balance as a female entrepreneur. So, that’s what we are diving into this week on the podcast. Tune in to hear about what it took for me to create a schedule that lights me up, and how you can do it too.During my first year of business I was HUSTLING. I was always working on weekends, I never said no to a project, and I often worked 12+ hour days. It wasn’t until quite recent that I began to slow down. I do believe that as a new entrepreneur, being open to this type of schedule can be beneficial, but it’s not sustainable long term. Now, as I head into Q4, I have found a way to work 4 days a week. JAW ROP. Yes, my friends, and it is possible for you too! In this episode I am going to walk you through the process of how I got to create the schedule that lights me up, and how you can too. SIX FIGS PODCAST SHOWNOTES: FIGS PODCAST ON INSTAGRAM: US IN THE MONEY HONEY FACEBOOK GROUP:
This week I am sharing a conversation that I had with one of my amazing clients, Melissa Gawelek. She is a member of my original V.I.P. Coaching Club, so we have worked together for the past eight months. Melissa is an immigration lawyer AND she owns her own business. In our conversation we talk about turning her passion into a career, money mindset, and the importance of investing money in your business. Enjoy!
Hey there money makers! I’m back with another episode of Six Figs and this time we are talking about FOCUS. Are you feeling overwhelmed by a long to-do list? Do you feel at loss for what to tackle next? Do you not consider yourself naturally driven? In this Episode we are going to ask ourselves why we feel unfocused. Why are we having these feelings? And then we are going to take the steps towards figuring out how to change that. Let’s get your work week to a place of ZEN. Are ya ready ladies? Let’s go.
This woman is on fire you guys! Diana Vitantonio is so good at sharing her truth, and standing in her truth, so I HAD to have her on the podcast to talk all about how to communicate well in a business relationship. We talk about how we make our relationship work, being willing to be seen through the messiness with each other, and the deep personal work that needs to be done to be in a business relationship with another person. You don’t want to miss this episode with my favorite client, and SOUL sister, Diana. For all important links and show notes, head to our website.
How do you deal with conflict between yourself and clients, employees, or colleagues? In this bonus episode, I’m talking to talk to you about how to communicate boundaries with those that aren’t treating you well, and when it is time to walk the fuck away. For full show notes on this episode, head to our . Did this episode bring value to your life? Please let us know by taking a screenshot of the episode, share it on your Instagram stories, and tag us! We love to know that you’re listening, and that this podcast is helping you live your best biz life! Plus, it’s a really great way to show your support. Thank you!Follow along with us on Instagram @sixfigspodcast.This episode was a request from one of our listeners. If you have questions that you want answered on the podcast, please send us a DM on Instagram or email you for listening!



Welcome to Episode 15 of Six Figs! In this episode I am sharing a candid conversation that I had with my sister, Lauren. We sat in her backyard blowup pool, drank margaritas, and talked about what’s it’s like to get paid, to do what you LOVE!In Episode 15, my sister Lauren and I talk shop. We both started businesses around the same time and are now, working full time in our businesses, making more money than we ever have. I was hanging out at her house this past weekend and just knew I had to capture out conversation. Enjoy!In this episode we talk about:+The best parts about having your own business+Our core values+Focusing on income producing activities+The difference between authentic sales and sleezy sales+Providing value to your team members+Lauren’s advice for those looking to find their ONE thingDid you enjoy the episode? Please let us know by hitting that subscribe button. If ya really loved it, take a screenshot, share it on your IG stories, and tag us @sixfigspodcast! Thanks for your support, honeybees!Interested in working with me? Join my 2020 money making mastermind, The Profit Project. It’s a 12 week program focused on learning how to sell, and reaching an audacious profit goal. Apply now on my website. You can get early bird pricing through August!Thank you so much for listening!
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