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Author: Tatiana Ringsby & Kela Rose

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Youtuber and activist Tatiana Ringsby aka @tringsby joins her best friend of over 10 years, Kela Rose (@sundazedkk), to open up conversations about the important things in life. This podcast is for the girls, gays, they's, and everyone in between. Everything from body neutrality to being an imperfect environmentalist is covered as these two humans talk about how the intersectionality of everything in life connects us all, and why it matters. With some laughs, cries, and major downloads they embody the human experience through stripping down and diving in. This is Skinny Dipping.
16 Episodes
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SUBSCRIBE AND HEART THE EPISODE we love you guys xxxxx -tatchi and kela in this episode tatchi @tringsby and kela @sundazedkk discuss the importance of creativity, creation, and imagination in our lives. They talk about their own experiences with exploring their inner child and finding the balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. This episode is not to miss. Sponsored by better help.
SUBSCRIBE AND HEART THE EPISODE  we love you guys xxxxx -tatchi and kela in this episode tatchi @tringsby and kela @sundazedkk take on a topic that is relevant to everyone because as humans living this human experience we experience some form of uncertainty. We are learning how to surrender with you to the eb and flow of life in this episode. stick around to the end for some great nuggets!
Download and Heart the episode <3 love you guys happy pride month -- xx Tatchi and Kela (this podcast is sponsored by Better Help, go to for 10% off your first month Part two of our pride episode is back with @tringsby @sundazedkk and @woosh_kid where we dive into how society influences people coming out, how our families also influence this and tatiana ringsby speaks for the first time on the podcast about their experience with gender while in the midst of exploration. stick around for a steam Q&Gay at the end with kaimana and tatchi and see how part two unfolds!
Make sure to heart, download, or add the episode and SUBSCRIBE to skinny dipping! xx -tatchi and kela In this episode @tringsby and @sundazedkk have there third child hood best friend on the show to welcome us into pride month since he is our favorite gay :) we discuss coming out, stereotypes and tokenism in the media, and LGBTQIA representation. get ready to strip down and dive in with your favorite best friend duo... now trio.
SUBSCRIBE and hit that heart button to download the episode <3 Today on skinny dipping tatiana ringsby and kela rose dive in with their first special guest over zoom. the beautiful Hawaii youtuber Ava Jules. in this episode they dive into what its like to grow up in Hawaii and how growing up learning how to respect the land has taught us the gratitude it takes to respect ourselves. Enjoy xx
SUBSCRIBE AND HEART THE EPISODE we love you guys xxxxx -tatchi and kela in this episode tatchi @tringsby and kela @sundazedkk take on a topic that is far too large for one episode but damn do they uncover some crazy stuff. vulnerability and authenticity are part of the podcasts core values. this is why they found it as the perfect reason to embrace this topic as their first episode of SEASON TWO get ready!
SZN ONE FINALE! Subscribe and Download the Episode. in this season finale of season one of 'skinny dipping' the podcast of vulnerability, self love, and opening up conversations Tatiana Ringsby aka @tringsby and Kela Rose aka @sundazedkk dive into part two of their spiritual journey stories and how they have used the law of attraction and manifestation to create the life of their dreams. in this episode they give you real manifestation techniques and real stories so that you are able to do the same. as always they are honest, no bs, and are here to just have a conversation rather than be right. Make sure to follow @skinnydippingdiaries on instagram to keep up to date and we will see you guys for season two coming soon!
on this week episode of the self love podcast Skinny Dipping Tatiana Ringsby aka @tringsby and their co-host Kela Rose aka @sundazedkk dive into their spiritual journey, introduce them to your crystals, talk about the law of attraction. their spiritual journey helped them with depression, anxiety, and gave them a light to hold on to in dark times. theres lots of laugh and serious stuff that will benefit all know matter if you agree with it or not. divine energy, crystals, spiritual journeys, angel numbers, all this good stuff and more coming your way.
did we say you have to never eat meat again or cut out starbucks completely to be an environmentalist? no. are those things great for the environment, not so much. but its about making steps in the right direct and creating a space to open up conversations around the intersectionality of environmentalism. in this episode with Tatiana Ringsby @tringsby and Kela Rose @sundazedkk they dive into what it means to be an imperfect environmentalist and with this mindset how we can all make conscious steps towards helping the beautiful earth we live on. as always Skinny Dipping the Podcast is about the things that really matter in a way that creates inspiration within each and every one of us. make sure to subscribe and leave a review.
on this weeks episode tatiana ringsby @tringsby and kela rose @sundazedkk discuss how they deal with change, and how to handle change in the best way. they then dive into talking about the law of attraction and how that comes into play with attracting the healthy changes we want in life. this health, wellness, self love, self acceptance, podcast is the best binge when you really want to think about the important things in life. 
this episode is all about the body, we tell our personal stories, dive into the topics of body positivity and body neutrality, and speak on how radical self love is the answer to all. we are still learning, we are still growing, but join @tringsby and @sundazedkk to strip down and dive in. this episode is jam packed with a bunch of serious stuff, lots of honesty, a couple laughs and jokes, and most importantly amazing insight thats hopefully going to get all our gears turning.
in this third episode of skinny dipping Tatiana Ringsby (@tringsby) and Kela Rose (@sundazedkk) dive in with vulnerability, honesty, and a little extra heat this week to discuss gatekeeping and its major detriments in regards to opening up conversations, and creating diversity within spaces. this intense topic leads them to see the other side of the protection aspect for the things we love. the point of this podcast and all others are to open up conversations, create a safe space, and learn something new. comes along for the ride angels. women in stem mentioned from Instagram and Tiktok: Alexis Williams @lelegenevieve  make sure to SuBscrIbE and leave a review. We love you xox
Dont forget to Subscribe If Youre New! Tatiana Ringsby and Kela Rose are back with another episode of Skinny Dipping the podcast. In this episode they distinguish the difference between hate and criticism, how to handle healthy confrontation and how it will make your life better. They also discuss how we are suppose to stay protected on the outside while still remaining vulnerable and soft on the inside. It is not always easy but by the end they are making these complicated topics clear. This is the perfect episode if you struggle with healthy communication, verbalizing your needs, standing up for yourself, or projecting your insecurities onto others. There is alot to unpack here but lets get ready to strip down and dive into to the world of wellness, self love, communication, and more! 
Danggggg this toxic positivity got hands. lol XP In this first episode of Skinny Dipping Tatiana Ringsby and Kela Rose dive in head first into owning who they are as people, the good, the bad, and everything in between. They lightly touch on their mental health struggles and allow you to get to know them on a deeper level. The conversation transitions to discussing the detriments of toxic positivity, hiding our true feelings, and how seeing the positive and negative aspects in life can expand our views. In general this episode surrounds advice, self improvement, social media struggles, and overarching wellness.  -
Strip Down and Dive In with Tatiana Ringsby (@tringsby) and Kela Rose (@sundazedkk). These two best friends go all in on topics that actually matter with vulnerability, but still try not to take themselves too seriously. By diving into topics surrounding mental health, environmentalism, gender identity, radical self love, body positivity/body neutrality, sexual orientation, and so many more awesome topics they tear their walls down to give others permission to do the same. Its all about being real, authentic, and opening up conversations that need to be had here on Skinny Dipping.
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Makaila Jonas

Awesome! you guys literally sound like me and my friends. totally relatable. 😁 keep it up!

Mar 30th
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