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In this episode we talk all about trees - types, history, favourites, uses - which prompts Felix to tell Skip repeatedly that he looks like an apple. Hmmm. We look at an unusual badge for you to earn called the Forester badge. Now that would be good to have on your uniform wouldn't it? Today is also the very last chapter of Buckle and Squash and the Monstrous Moat Dragon. We are SO thankful to author Sarah Courtauld and Macmillan publishers for allowing us to serialise that!Enjoy! Felix and Skip
Last week was Felix, this week it's Skip and he's exploring the exciting world of Maps, going right back to the earliest, but also with Harry Potter's 'Marauder's Map' and of course 'Treasure Island'. We also look at the Navigator badge, stages 1 & 2! Hope you enjoy it!
Felix flies solo on this wonderful episode all about Space! Find out about your Astronomers Badge, strange space facts and much more! Skip joins him toward the end for Knot of the Week and of course reads the next chapter of Buckle & Squash & the Monstrous Moat Dragon! by Sarah Courtauld.Enjoy!
This week, a slightly shorter episode all about walking!! we talk about evolution, pilgrims and compasses and tell you how to get a Hikes Away staged badge! Also the next episode of Sarah Courtauld's Buckle & Squash and the Monstrous Moat-Dragon, with kind permission of Macmillan Publishers.
Recorded in a fantastic thunder storm, Felix tells us stories about his experience of meeting Scouts from literally all over the world at last year's World Scout Jamboree - this is about celebrating & experiencing diversity, equality & finding true global friendships in the modern family of Scouts! Plus our usual features...of course!!
Back to our now traditional format with Badge of the Week, Knot of the Week and even Jokes of the Week, plus a little fast-food adventure with Felix! It's episode 12 Scouts, which means you are all our lockdown heroes!Check out our Cartoon Competition launch in Episode 11 if you missed that!
Yes, we're having a competition! In this episode we talk about our favourite comics and launch our competition to win two shiny new full length Graphic Novel comics sent to you direct - the hardback complete version of His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, comic artwork by Clémont Oubrerie and the graphic novel version of Coraline by Neil Gaiman with comic artwork by P.Craig Russel.How do you win? Produce a five page (A4) illustrated comic story inspired by lockdown - it can be your experience, someone else's or something fantastical. Listen to the podcast for our advice! Closing Date 30th June and entries as scanned JPEGS or decent photographs to or Felix & Skip(ps - if they're really good we might have a second prize).
Today we do a messy live cooking show! Step by step we guide you through making delicious Polish Pierogi (stuffed dumplings). For the pastry you'll need 5 cups of general flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 3 eggs and 1 cup of water. You can stuff them with anything tasty, sweet or savoury - for ours we cooked up a finely chopped mix of sausage meat, white cabbage, onion and peas seasoned with dill, pepper and smoked paprika. Yum! But you can use cheese and potato or anything. Remember to ask for adult supervision Scouts! You'll love Pierogi. Have fun - earn your Cook badge.Oh, and of course its the next two chapters of Buckle & Squash and the Monstrous Moat Dragon by Sarah Courtauld.
This week we talk about new ideas, tree houses and games, plus we have a great interview with Scout Poppy who tells us about her lockdown adventure, writing stories, building dens and giving her dad a make-over while he's got nowhere to run! We also have the next chapter of Buckle and Squash and the Monstrous Moat Dragon by Sarah Courtauld. So listen up, and enjoy.Skip & Felix
This week we look at the Model Makers badge, the bowline knot, special scout news and of course Buckle and Squash and the Monstrous Moat-Dragon by Sarah Courtauld! A straight forward show with lots of fun, so settle down and enjoy! Remember, if you have a lockdown story or tip we will interview you, so drop us a line!!Keep on Scouting!Felix & Skip
We are thrilled to have real live Scouts, Will and Jacob join the podcast this episode to report on their lockdown tips, stories, baking and camping at home! Brilliant! There is also an awesome new lockdown song written and performed by Yorkshire Scouts, Eve and Magnus, called 200cm Apart. SO talented! And... there's plenty more, so settle down Scouts, in tents, on sofas, dens and beds, relax and enjoy the fun!Please send us your comments and requests!Felix & Skip!
News and views including the wonderful County Scout Promise Houseparty, Camp at home week 4, Knot of the week, a new Scout song and the Photographer's badge! Not to mention another episode of Sarah Courtauld's 'Buckle and Squash'! So what's not to like?! Wrap up cosy, settle down and enjoy listening Scouts!
In this Episode we look at making protective masks for your family and gaining your Craft badge!! But we also sing, do a wicked Knot of the Week and read the next chapter of Buckle and Squash and the Monstrous Moat Dragon, with the lovely permission of Sarah Courtauld and her publisher Macmillan. Please enjoy, please feedback!!!
In this episode we interview the wonderful Graham Proctor, Musical Director for the Crewe & District Gang Show and look at the Communicator badge. Also hilarious chapters of Buckle and Squash by Sarah Courtauld.Look out next week for our special Eurojam edition!
In Part 2 we learn how to meditate, launch our news bulletin, and read the next episode in our story! Enjoy! Skip & Felix
We've split this bumper episode into two parts- better recording and now complete with jingles!! Part 1 stars Young Leader Gladys who gives us advice on playing the Ukulele! But afterwards, listen to part 2 and learn to meditate!!! Enjoy. Skip & Felix
This week we look at the Naturalist badge, talk about learning some new skills, fixing stuff and read the second chapter of our serial to keep y'all scouting! Sorry for any sound peaks - still building our own skills!!
We talk about a wierd pudding of a bird, a badge for Scouts to do, tell jokes, do 'knot of the week' and start our serial storytelling! What's not to like? Get listening Scouts and save world by staying at home!!!
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Teresa Shaw

Charlotte has raised £1200 for Parkinson's Uk and the local support group this year.

Jul 2nd

Antje Budge

I really enjoyed last weeks podcast and I presume this week’s podcast will be even better!

Apr 1st
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Henry Leeson

My dad remembers WDY

Mar 25th
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Colin Storey

its great and please make another. the only problem was that it was a bit quiet. thomas.

Mar 24th
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