DiscoverSlate Presents: Charged | A True Punishment Story
Slate Presents: Charged | A True Punishment Story
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Slate Presents: Charged | A True Punishment Story

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For two and a half years, Emily Bazelon has been following people through a special court in New York designed to be a speedy machine for the harsh punishment of illegal gun possession. Along the way, a strange thing happened — the politics outside the courtroom started to change when a new generation of activists and insiders began challenging the old system the gun court was part of. Season 1 of Slate Presents brought you the story of Ruby Ridge, and Season 2 brings you a fight to transform one big-city justice system.
9 Episodes
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Nov 10th

diln chil

the government will kill anyone who defies them even if they break unconstitutional laws. shall not be infringed.

Nov 7th
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