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Author: Sanskriti Mishra

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Hi, we are a community of a bunch of strong and crazy girls. we work towards inspiring and helping girls in achieving their dreams.
we write amazing blogs and upload regular content on YouTube as well.

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come along, join this journey... because revolution is femal
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Hello fellow humans, Here are my top 5 reasons why you should walk out of that relationship? Don't forget to put your opinions in the comment box or DM us directly. Insta: @slay.strong Visit our website to avail amazing discounts on our services: love, Sanskriti
Hi, I am sure you have read a zillion blogs on saving money and there are various ways to do that. Here is our writer Vardah Manna's blog I hope this podcast helped. If it did, share it. it would mean a lot to us. Love, Sanskriti
Hey guys, This is a life and business update. I hope you guys are having a great time. with love, Sanskriti
its go important for the girl to support and love each instead of bringing each other down. Today's podcast is about the same topic. i hope you guys enjoy it. do subscribe us for more such amazing content
Hi guys, i know how hard it is for us to be able to take decisions which can turn our lives upside down. so take it from the girl who fell flat on face many times to finally learn how to take the right decisions. we are just one decision away from a totally different life. do share your view on this. love, Sanskriti visit our website at and youtube channel at keep slaying
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Sharad Shrivastava

Brilliant.....more power to you 👏👏

May 18th

Suraj Krishna


Dec 10th

Bharat Kumar Kanjani

slay strong🤘

Sep 2nd

Rashmi Dama Bhanushali

amazing ❤️@sanskriti

Sep 1st
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