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Slytherin Sisters

Slytherin Sisters

Author: Maxine Guenther and Megan Breedlove-Speece

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Maxine and Megan are proud and friendly Slytherins with a deep love of Harry Potter. They are re-reading the Harry Potter series and talking about social issues, philosophy, and the silly things they love in the Potterverse. Join Maxine and Megan with a Potter themed drink every other week wherever podcasts can be heard.
3 Episodes
Slytherin Sisters is a chapter by chapter discussion of Harry Potter and all things Potterverse, full of spoilers. Your hosts, Maxine and Megan, introduce themselves and the podcast in this episode before the episodes.
In this episode, things get deep, when Maxine and Megan talk about Chapter 1 of Sorcerer's Stone and start making connections all the way out to Deathly Hallows. Is Dumbledore a good guy or a bad guy? Listen in and tell us what you think!
In this episode, we talk about HPatSS Chapter 2, The Vanishing Glass. This is Dinky Duddydum's birthday chapter, and reveals all the weird things that have happened to Harry over the course of his sad, lonely, abused childhood. Harry Potter and the Sweater That Just Won't Fit Hiss & Sip: Knickbocker Cocktail in honor of Dudley's knickerbocker glory. 2.5 Parts Rum .5 Part Raspberry Syrup .5 Part Lime Juice Splash of Orange Curacao Thankssssss, amigossssss.
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