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This is the go-to place for practical insights for business where Accounting and Finance meet Business Strategy. Hosted by Terrell and Lola Turner; Finance leaders with experience from some of the largest companies in the world. On this show, we dive into some of the most pressing topics in business and feature interviews with CFOs, Accountants, and Finance experts from around the world as they share lessons learned and best practices.
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Like any other organization, churches need bookkeeping support, and with the uniqueness of tax treatment, they must have the proper help from the right accountant. In this episode, I sit down with Bob Dye, CEO of Good Shepherd Bookkeeping, as we talk about his journey and how he helps provide churches with the financial insight they need to manage the resources they've been entrusted with effectively. Check out the full video interview at #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
What is happening regarding ESG (Environmental Safety & Governance)? In this episode, we decided to go to one of the leading research institutes on ESG and speak with Dr. Sandra Vera-Munoz. This award-winning professor has been consistently recognized and published in respected publications from the late 1990s to her latest writings of the summary 2022. In this conversation, we discuss how ESG impacts business decisions and where we can go based on what we have learned from the data.Check out the full video interview at #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
We are all swimming in a world of opportunity, but often, that opportunity is hidden within the Data. This is why what Laura Gebauer and the rest of the team at BerganKDV are doing in their growing data analytics services is essential. Unlock the next level of opportunity in your business with better data analyticsCheck out the full video interview at #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
When it comes to accounting firms and automation, how do you do it? We sat down with Korey Cournoyer of GrowthLabs because they are making things happen in the automation space for business owners and other accounting firms. Korey shares critical tips for what makes a successful automation process and what often leads to an unsuccessful effort.Check out the full video interview at #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
The Accounting industry is in the middle of a massive change, and there are some critical industry leaders like Dark Horse CPA, co-founded by Chase Birky, who are leading change for the better. In this conversation with Chase, we discussed his experience and the role that Dark Horse has played and will continue to play in helping shape the accounting experience of the future.Check out the full video interview at #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
When it comes to making sure you get the money that you deserve, there are some very critical things you can do, and technology is an essential part of that process, so check out this conversation that I had with Aiwyn on the conversation Check out the full video interview at #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
What would a Hollywood-produced show about Accountants look like? Join Dave Ashworth and me as we discuss the PBC Accounting show. Check out the full video interview at #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
What would happen if one of your clients made an insurance claim and it got denied? How much would that hurt their business, and what would you even do about it?This is why trusted business advisors like yourself need to know people like Taylor Grant. Public adjusters like him learn how to get involved and help you and your clients "be made WHOLE" so you can get back to running your business and living your life. Check out the conversation as we discuss some of the common issues that Taylor has seen many people struggle with regarding insurance claims.Check out the full video interview at #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
Is the accounting industry ready to accept its new reality? Prepared or not, the market is demanding change when it comes to accounting services, so we sat down with Roger Knecht, a dynamic thought leader in the accounting industry who is helping bookkeepers, accountants, and finance professionals adapt to the new demands of the industry so they can thrive and build profitable accounting firmsCheck out the full video interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
How do you go from messaging a few friends on Facebook to building a National Firm recognized as an Accounting Firm Partner by a multi-billion dollar company in just a few years? Well, this is not the typical story for everyone. Still, it is the story of Jason Robinson of Future Advisory of Australia, and we dive into his story to share great insights.Check out the full video interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
Business Talk Library sits down with Lance Rubin; Founder of Model Citizn
How do you find your niche type of client? Well, we sat down with Brooke Swan to learn about her experience and how she became a master of Job Costing regarding bookkeeping and accounting for Trades related businesses.Check out the full video interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
What if you had all of the essential data to build a TRUE financial forecast in one System? How much better would your life be as a Finance Leader or FP&A professional if you had a system like this? Well, we sat down with co-Founder Joe Garafalo to learn more about the Mosaic. Tech Strategic Finance Platform.Check out the full video interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
Do you understand what has changed with Lease accounting? Do you have a good process for managing your lease agreements? These are serious questions that both private and publicly traded businesses have to think about and answer, and the truth is if they don't have the right solution, it will be a nightmare. We sat down with Greg Kautz of Black Owl Systems to get a few tips on some things helping businesses successfully transition and stay on top of the changes in lease accounting.Check out the full video interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
What happens if your business grows too fast? If a company goes bankrupt, does that mean that it is worthless? All these are essential questions that a great FP&A expert can help you answer. We sat down with Chris Reilly to talk about his experience assisting major and mid-market companies in navigating the complex reality of business and how he helps them simplify financial strategies that lead to future outcomes.Check out the full video interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
You will never really GROW & SCALE if you do not have systems.Usually, accountants stay away from definite statements, but I stand behind this wholeheartedly, and so does my good friend Alyssa Lang. Alyssa and I had a great discussion about why so many business owners and professionals are hitting a wall and getting stuck.Check out the full video interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
Do you feel like you have Work-Life Harmony?If we are honest, most people would probably say no, and part of that is because we have never taken Amy Vetter's advice on separating our beliefs and desires from what others have told or instructed us to believe.In this conversation, I sit with Amy Vetter, a CPA, Yoga instructor, and Technologist, as we discuss the real challenges of working, building a business, balancing life, and trying to win.Check out the full video interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
Its true - technology has transformed the accounting industry so this isn't your Dad's version of accounting, but that doesn't mean we don't have room for a few DAD JOKES. We sat down with Lukas Sundahl because he is a non-traditional accountant that is bringing humor to the study and understanding of accounting through content creation. Enjoy the episodeCheck out the full interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
Do you have the right Cyber Security Risk Protections for your business that you should? Well, if your like most Law Firms, Bookkeepers, or Accounting Firm owners, your answer is likely "I am not sure," so we brought on a great guest Jock Wols to help break this down and talk about some of the common gaps that exist in your average firms Cyber Security and Professional Liability protections.Check out the full video interview at the #businesstalklibrary #accounting #finance #businesscontent #lawandfinance
It is sad to say this, BUT most business owners work extremely hard for FREE. When most people start a business, they practice this strange habit of not thinking about profitability.  They are so focused on paying expenses first that there is often not enough money left over to enjoy as a profit.This is why we sat down with Ron Saharyan to understand what is Profit First is and what a Profit First Professional.Check out the full video interview at the #accounting #finance #businesscontent #business
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