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Author: J I Medina Investments

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We can all agree that when we receive or research a topic for information , we can make a more informed decision. Well my mission is to share information on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and motivation. The reality is that even though we live in a time where information is available everywhere, it’s hard to decipher the useful from the useless. That’s where this podcast comes in, we share the useful information in hopes that you will better yourself and share it with others so that you can make an impact on them as well. Support this podcast:
23 Episodes
S2E1 Mindset

S2E1 Mindset


I talk about how people have two different mindsets and how it can be difficult to understand where they are coming. I talk about the book "Mindset" by Carol Dweck and how it can help you understand those mindsets.  --- Support this podcast:
It is hard to bounce back from failure sometimes, especially when it is something that you are truly passionate about. In this episode, I explain why failing is a good thing and needed because the only way you grow is from learning from your mistakes.  --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, I talk about how execution is the hardest part of getting things done. I share my experience on how even though I have a strict calendar with time blocks and routines, that sometimes I get in my own head and can't complete anything. --- Support this podcast:
I talk about the amazing story of Charlie Rocket, which I heard on the "Short Story Long" Podcast. His story about overcoming setbacks and never giving up and continuing to dream crazy. Absolutely inspirational story that I recommend going to listen to. I also explain how it is important to be passionate about your idea or business opportunity because it will be very hard in the beginning and having that passion will get you through those long years and cause you not to listen to the haters. --- Support this podcast:
Vision boards are huge when it comes to achieving your goal. So many people have never tried vision boards and I remember thinking that it was a waste of time, but I have been a believer of them for a long time now. I talk about how they help you accomplish your goals. --- Support this podcast:
We all want to have the things that we dream of or want to have right? Well I talk about how I used to blame my luck on why I didn't get the things that I wanted. I explain how my thought process changed over time and how I think now. --- Support this podcast:
Why is it that when you have a conversation in your head, it sounds so much better? I talk about how this happens way too often and what helps me get through negative thoughts. --- Support this podcast:
I talk about how work related life insurance can be great, but making sure that you know what it is and how much coverage is provided. I talked about the conversation I had with a friend. --- Support this podcast:
I talk about how you have to do more now after finishing college. Before, you would almost have a job right after getting a degree. Not so much these days....I give advice to those still in college and those starting out. --- Support this podcast:
When Motivation Fails

When Motivation Fails


I talk about how you need to constantly motivate yourself because sometimes you lose it. --- Support this podcast:
I explain how I met a person that was starting out in insurance without any leads and what my advice was to him. --- Support this podcast:
I talk about how Millennials how create a budget can increase their chance of increasing the amount they put away towards their retirement savings account. --- Support this podcast:
I talk about an article that goes on to explain why income matters just as much as savings when relating to retirement. --- Support this podcast:
I talk about how saving early in your twenties can impact long-term investment growth. --- Support this podcast:
Ep 21 Focus On You

Ep 21 Focus On You


In this episode, I talk about focusing on you and not listening to what others say about you. We spend too much time trying to please others that we forget about doing what makes us happy. --- Support this podcast:
I talk about how important it is to teach kids discipline and accountability when they are young. I share my story of raising my son with discipline. --- Support this podcast:
What gets in your way of accomplishing goals....maybe a bad circumstance or people bringing you down. Well it’s important to focus on you and not worry about others opinions of you. --- Support this podcast:
Today’s daily quote is from Les Brown and I explain what it means to me and how it should effect you. --- Support this podcast:
I talk about how we can get in the way of starting something. In my case, it was starting this podcast. I was stuck on what mic to use and trying to find the best one. I realized that I was new to podcasting and that I should just start with what I have and make the mistakes now while the station has almost not listeners. --- Support this podcast:
How do I know if this career choice is the right one for me? I talk briefly on how to decide if your choice is the right choice. Keep pushing to find what you love to do and then work the hardest you have ever worked to make that dream come true. --- Support this podcast:
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