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Author: Matt Montgomery

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Over the last 10 years, the Tym Team has designed some of the top Theaters and Smart Homes in the industry, winning multiple awards at CES in Vegas. More recently they've started providing design and consulting for home owners across the country. In this Podcast Tym co-founder Matt takes you behind the scenes.Matt aims to shares Tym's journey in the AV Industry, along the way telling you about the pitfalls and successes his team has experienced designing and traveling across the country installing systems. This entertaining podcast gives you a real behind this scenes look at one of the leading Smart Home companies in the country, while also giving you tips and advice on how to best design the technology for your own Dream Smart Home.
5 Episodes
In this episode.   Matt shares a few thoughts from testing Philips Hue lights in his own home, and tells how Tym landed it's first Home Theater.Matt discusses the changes, that finally allowed them to install their first theater, what they learned from that theater, and what helped them move forward to future Theater Projects.Matt also announces the launch of Tym U 2.0You can join here
This week Matt's team meets a new builder.  The chance meeting sparks a whole new line of work for the Tym team, including their first custom smart home.Matt also talks briefly about the differences between Panelized and Wireless Lighting and how to know which you should use for your home!Working With Tym:For more information on Tym's Design Service go hereTo subscribe to Tym U go here
In 2013 we'd Tym had just landed its first big builder contract with a Production builder outfitting 500 homes a year standard with a Smart Home.Matt was sure Tym was finally on its way.  He was in for a huge surprise.  Just the opposite was true.  Challenges around business relationship nearly forced Tym to close its doors.The stress of the situation forced Tym to close its operations in Dallas Texas, and Boise, Idaho so it could focus solely on the contract in Utah.Instead of doing 500 homes a year, the builder announced it was scaling back and only doing 200 homes a year.To make it worse, the situation tarnished Tym's reputation in the Utah market and made it difficult to grow.In this 3rd Episode, Matt talks about some of the biggest pain points of this chapter in Tym's story, including how they lost a $5,000 fiber optic star ceiling, and how the ultimately hit rock bottom.Matt shares the moment that set he and Tym on a new course, helped them bounce back and pivot to a new approach.Along the way Matt shares some important insights to designing your Dream Smart Home.Working With Tym:For more information on Tym's Design Service go hereTo subscribe to Tym U go here
Friends in the industry, and Clients always ask us how we got here.  They want to know Tym's story, and how the Montgomery brothers came to be Tym.In this episode, Matt takes you back to the beginning, back to his days  flipping homes, and how a friends invitation to sell Home Security Door-to-door, ultimately led Matt and his brothers to open Tym.Matt shares how he and his brothers navigated the early days of their Security Business, the friends who mentored them into the Smart Home Arena,  how they eventually landed their first big builder contract; 300 homes a year standard with a HAI (and later a Control4) Smart Home, and how that first business relationship fell apart.The venture proved to be a disaster for both Tym and the builder, but not before Matt and the team at Tym learned some valuable lessons that would bring future success with home owners and their smart homes.Matt shares those lessons, and offers advice for Dealers and Home Owners building a system.For more information on Tym's Design Service go hereTo subscribe to Tym U go here
Several years into our journey, we'd been working with a home builder installing 300 Control4 Smart Homes a year.   And... it wasn't going well at all.I met with the home builder to basically plan our divorce, and he asked me one question that changed everything.The answer to that question helped me discover the number one reason Clients Love (or Hate) their Smart Homes.It was the catalyst behind us starting our Youtube Channel, Instagram and Blogs.  It ultimately led to the national awards for Theater and Smart Homes at CES, and opened the door to our Design Service which has taken us around the country designing and installing the highest level tech for Clients.In this episode, I share what I learned from the builder that day, and how it can help you design a Smart Home you can be sure you'll love for years to come.
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