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Author: Adam Sarhan

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This show interviews the “smart money” (large money managers & CEOs) for timeless investing advice. My goal is to provide you with timeless/actionable advice that you can use to make smarter investment decisions, and help you become intellectually wealthy.

The Host:
Adam Sarhan, Author, Investor, and Forbes Contributor, interviews real money managers with over $100 million in assets under management (AUM) and CEOs for timeless advice.

All our work is general in nature and for educational/informational purposes only. No specific investment advice is given. Support this podcast:
35 Episodes
My guest today is Julie Biel, CFA, Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst, at Kayne Anderson Rudnick with $32 billion in assets under management. Julie tells you how she uses old school fundamental analysis and 10ks to build a concentrated portfolio of great companies. Find out exactly what she looks for in the 10ks, how she manages risk, and how she finds great businesses to buy.  --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is Brad Lamensdorf, CIO of & Co-Portfolio of the HDGE ETF. This is a great interview. Brad shares timeless lessons he's learned about investing, sentiment, shorting, and tells you how you can buy fear and sell greed in any market.  --- Support this podcast:
Julie Johnson McVeigh, CFA Managing Director of Fresh Pond Capital a division of Reynders McVeigh Capital Management, LLC with approximately $2 Billion In Assets Under Management (AUM). Julie is a long-term socially responsible investor and tells you how to build a portfolio that is both diversified and concentrated. --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is John B. Guerard Jr., Ph.D. Director of Quantitative Research, at Mckinley Capital with over $4 Billion in assets under management. John tells you how he uses earnings to find outstanding stocks that generate excess returns.   --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is Jim Bruyette, CPA, CFP, Principal , CEO at Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blayney, LLC with over $4.3 billion in assets under management. Jim started with $0 in assets under management and currently manages $4.3 billion! The timeless lessons you will learn from Jim are priceless. I hope you enjoy the show... --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is John Buckingham, Chief Investment Officer, at AFAM, A division of The Kovitz Investment Group with over $5.5 billion in assets under management. John is also the Editor of The Prudent Speculator Newsletter which has been around for over 43 years. John is a long-term value investor and shares some great insight on how you can find undervalued stocks, manage risk, and overcome some common investing mistakes.  --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is Heather Locus, CPA, CFP®, CDFA®, Owner, National Divorce Practice Group Leader, at BDF with over $4 Billion in assets under management. Heather helps her clients live a full life by understanding her client's goals and what a full life means to them. Armed with that knowledge, she builds a sound long-term plan. After all that is accomplished, she builds an investment strategy to help them accomplish their goals. Heather is also well versed at helping couples financially navigate a divorce and raise children with healthy values with respect to money. This is a great episode and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Disclaimer: No representation is being made that any strategy shown will or is likely to achieve results similar to those shown in this presentation. BDF does not provide legal, tax, insurance, social security or accounting advice. Clients of BDF should obtain their own independent tax, insurance and legal advice based on their particular circumstances. The information herein is provided solely to educate on a variety of topics, including wealth planning, tax considerations, insurance, estate, gift and philanthropic planning. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.  Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk.  Future performance of any investment or wealth management strategy, including those recommended by Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC (BDF), may not be profitable, suitable for you, prove successful or equal historical indices.  Historical indices do not reflect the deduction of transaction, custodial or investment management fees, which would diminish results.  Any historical index performance figures are for comparison purposes only and client account holdings will not directly correspond to any such data.  BDF clients must, in writing, advise BDF of personal, financial or investment objective changes and any restrictions desired on BDF’s services so that BDF may re-evaluate its previous recommendations and adjust its investment advisory services.  BDF’s current written disclosure statement discussing advisory services and fees is available for review at or upon request. --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is John Suddeth, Founding Principal, at Naples Global Advisors with about $800 AUM. John is global fundamental investor and he does an excellent job explaining his process. John also shares 5 timeless metrics you can use to find undervalued stocks in just about any publicly traded market in the world! --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is David Clark, President, at Astoria Portfolio Advisors with $320 million in total assets. David tells you how to build a disciplined and balanced portfolio with ETFs. --- Support this podcast:
Justin E. Deutsch, Portfolio Manager,  at Weybosset Research & Management with $250 million in assets under management. Justin is a long-term value investor that buys businesses, not stocks. He looks for the following criteria and likes buying sound businesses: Profitable  –  Earnings are growing Clean balance sheets – Company has little to no debt Capable management teams - Invest in good people ROE and ROC >15% Lowest cost provider in the space Strong Brand recognition Price, Price, Price, Instead of Location, Location, Location --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is Rick Manske, CEO, of Parsec Financial with approximately $2.7 billion in assets under management. He shares a lot of great timeless lessons and tells you the true driver of returns. This is a great interview packed with a lot of timeless advice. Rick also tells you how some people create risk by trying to avoid it and what to do about it. Rick can be reached at: *Correction, Parsec Financial has $2.7 Billion in AUM at the time of this recording. --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is Steven Grey, Manager Principal at Grey Value Management who has helped oversee nearly $1.5 billion over his career. Steve looks for extreme dislocations and shares how he generates Unmistakable Alpha (TM).  Steven Grey Managing Principal Grey Value Management Contact Info: 561-328-9075 --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is Lauren Rich Fine, CFA & Partner at Gries Financial Partners with $650 million in assets under management. Lauren shares how she preserves and grows her client’s capital with proper asset allocation and incorporating alternative investments. Lauren’s Contact Information: Email: Phone: 216 861-1148 --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is Carl H. Scholtz, CFA who is a Portfolio Manager at Scholtz & Company with approximately $250 million in assets under management. Carl shares his investment strategy and what he has learned from Yale to Wall Street and being a 5th generation investor. Listen to the show and learn Carl’s criteria for finding 5-star companies!  Website: Email: Tel: 203.714.9900 --- Support this podcast:
Today's guest is Russ Piazza, President & CIO, at Front Street Capital Management with approximately $500 million in assets under management. Russ also manages the Tarkio Fund (Ticker: TARKX). Russ shares some great timeless investing advice from Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and Phil Fisher. Russ tells you what he looks for and shares the best advice he has ever given or received on this show.  Russ also tells you the difference between focusing on what you know and what you don't know. Then, he tells you to, "Never override what you do know with what you don’t know." This episode is packed with great information.  Russ can be reached at:  RIA Website: Mutual Fund: --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is Sheena Hanson, CFP® and Principle at Uncommon Cents Investing with $210M AUM. Sheena gives you some timeless uncommon cents investing lessons that you don't want to miss.  Sheena can be reached: Phone: 608-563-2437  Website: --- Support this podcast:
Today's guest is Private Equity Investor and Partner, Sean Barrette, at L Squared with $550 million in assets under management. Today's episode explains why founders sell to private equity firms, the value private equity provides in the market, and how patience is one of the most under-rated assets in any business. Ohh, and Sean will tell you why, "this time is not different."  --- Support this podcast:
Today's guest is Ryan Krueger, Co-Founder & CEO, of Kruger and Catalano an independent RIA in Houston TX with $400 million in assets under management (AUM). Ryan started in the mail room at one of the biggest investment firms in the country and now has his own firm and shares his remarkable story!  Ryan can be reached at: Website: Here are a few notes from the show: Ryan's genius is his ability to keep things simple and to plan ahead. In his word's, he uses "Informed Simplicity."   Ryan's Two Most Important Questions: 1. Am I going to be ok (financially)? 2. How much money is enough? Other "Threads" Of Wisdom: Companies focus on cash flow, it is really important for individuals to focus on cash flow as well.  Forget R.O.I., It’s about I.O.R. Income... Opportunity... Reason to Invest... Learn how to dig a well before you’re thirsty  Fundamental Questions: He creates stock tournaments to filter stocks that meet his criteria.  *Game Unchangers (find out which stocks will be around in 10-50 years). *What’s changing (in the market, industry, sector, company, etc) without me knowing about it (look for your blindspots) *Looks at leading stocks- then asks what other companies are doing anything close. *Dividend growth, *Free cash flow *Gross profit margin *Return on equity with free cash flow *WAR (Win Above Replacement) stock ranking system Ryan Breaks The Market Down Into 4 Broad Categories *Growth *Margins  *Valuations *Yield  MOST IMPORTANT ----Sell Disciplines Most people struggle with this because it is tough for them to admit they are wrong.  How to solve it:  1. Buy right - Position size is 1-2% of portfolio 2. Never average down 3. Place a sell stop based on price below entry 15-20%.  4. After double or triple, take 100% of the principle off the table. KEY: Focus on getting it right, not being right.  These are just a few notes from the show.  Listen to the show and then share your thoughts and what you learned with the hashtag #SmartMoneyCircle on your social media --- Support this podcast:
My guest today is Kevin Conard, CRPC® CEO at The Retirement Planning Group with approximately $900 million in assets under management. Kevin started with $23 million in 2004 and built his firm to $900 million by 2019! Learn how Kevin plays the game, plans for retirement and defines risk differently than his peers.  Kevin can be reached at: Website:  --- Support this podcast:
Today's guest is Scott D. Martin, Chief Investment Officer, at Kingsview Wealth Management with $1.6 billion in assets under management.  Scott is a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®), and is a Fox News Contributor. Scott does a lot of work with cycles, and uses a fundamental, tactical, and macro strategy. Scott addresses many important (and timeless) lessons in this episode.   Scott can be reached on LinkedIn or on the firm's website: --- Support this podcast:
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