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Smart Retirement is a podcast that helps guide, protect, and educate those preparing for retirement or that are already in retirement. We will have a combination of guests from various industries, ideas of products and services that help consumers and most importantly, build a learning environment for our listeners.
Mike and Matt pride themselves on simplifying the complexities of income and asset planning to make the rest of your life the best of your life!
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In this episode Mike, Matt and guest speaker Jeff discuss how inflation can be the silent killer to your business and retirement portfolio. With all the government stimulus and businesses having to increase wages to attract good talent, the cost of living is increasing. We discuss steps to counterbalance inflation so that it does not have a significant affect in your future. We also give a sincere good-bye to Mike and introduce Jeff Shulem, CPA as the new co-host to the podcast.
In this episode Mike and Matt bring on a guest that was involved in the beginning creations of cryptocurrency. Michael Noel, Certified Blockchain Professional with Blockchain Consultants. Michael Co-Founded Blockchain Consultants, Inc. in 2016. He has been helping companies in multiple industries adopt Distributed Ledger Technology ever since. This is more of an educational show on how Cryptocurrency really works, and less about why you should hold or not hold some cryptocurrency in your retirement portfolio. Once again, the guys are bringing on more guests from different walks of life to help listeners get more informed decisions about products and investment options out in the World to help you retire smarter. Special Guest: Michael Noel, CBP.
This is the final episode in our 3 part series that helps listeners focus on simple ways to start thinking like you are a retiree in your 40’s & 50’s, so that you can take advantage of your best asset - TIME. In this episode, Matt has the chance to interview Sylvain Templeman, Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager of The Pacific Financial Group. They go into detail about the concept of turning all, or some, of your 401(k) into a self-directed fund that gives Investors so many options they are not used to taking advantage of with their current Custodian. What is great about this episode is how Sylvain takes the time to explain how he brings so many other retirement options “to the table”; and, he explains how almost everyone with a 401(k) can take advantage of this opportunity. It's important to think of how this style of investing in your 40’s & 50’s can provide with all types of alternatives that keep you involved with your allocation, and diversification options, a good 10-20 years before you have to retire and start wondering what you are going to do at that time to make your money last. Who is The Pacific Financial Group - Advisory services are offered through The Pacific Financial Group, Inc. a registered investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Nothing in this message shall be construed as an offer to buy/sell or to otherwise provide financial advice or services (“Services”) as such Services can only be provided after the proper delivery of required disclosures and investment suitability is reviewed. Century Financial Consultants/Smart Retirement Podcast, have no affiliation with The Pacific Financial Group. Special Guest: Sylvain Templeman.
In this episode, Mike and Matt lay the groundwork to help you start understanding what the average amount you should have in your retirement accounts when you are in your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. In addition to that, Matt helps those revisit or understand for the first time, the concept of maximizing your “free money” with your 401k match with the Employer, then your tax deferred savings, and then caps off the conversation with your tax free savings. He saves the best idea for last when he explains the various ways that an indexed universal life insurance product can give you the opportunity to build more wealth over time with a secure return that you can borrow against tax free, and all while not having to make a repayment since you are your own Bank…it’s pretty cool stuff.
This show begins a 3-part Series where the guys will go into detail on how to habitually prepare for retirement in your 40’s and 50’s, so that you can retire sooner with confidence. The episode starts with Mike and Matt quickly warming up with a discussion about the asset inflation taking place in the U.S. Real Estate Market – in January the Year-over-Year National average price increase for Real Estate was 11.2%, and this was a 15 year high. Additionally, they discussed how the lack of Affordable homes will affect everyone, but truly is affecting the First Time home buyer the most and those that are renting who don’t have the means for a down payment. As they come back from the break, the guys lay out the major “hurdles” and focal points those in their mid-40’s to late 50’s as retirement nears closer and closer, such as: Debt consolidation; optimizing your 401(k) distributions; calculate your net worth; and, have good discussions with those that are Retirees.
Follow along as Mike and Matt discuss the many ways to financially plan for the “curve balls” your health will throw at you. There’s a Health Savings Account (HSA) discussion in this episode that will have you rethinking the way that you position your health care dollars that saves you money today, but helps you load up your “piggy bank” before the Medicare Health guidelines eliminate your ability to start-up an HSA. Then, just after the break Matt brings up some really brilliant ways to approach qualifying and paying for Long Term Care insurance, as we wrap-up this 2 part series. Also, don’t forget to watch the guys live on Youtube, as they toast you listeners with their GREEN beer for St. Patrick’s Day.
In this episode Mike and Matt begin this two part series with the guest appearance of Dr. Ken Ota from his very own O Longevity & Wellness Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. The guys had him on the show to touch on the true benefits of preventative health care and medicine, as it pertains to those in their mid-life, or approaching retirement age. Also, the 3 of them discuss the philosophy of focus on one’s physical and mental health, in an effort to help listeners refocus on the way they approach their own personal health care. Ultimately, this episode is to promote the true long term value in being healthy so that you can “reap what you have sown” in retirement and enjoy longevity. The second part of this Series will be more financially focused, as the guys discuss the many resources and tools that Matt advises his clients to utilize when paying for Health Care, so please tune-in to that as well. Special Guest: Dr. Ken Ota.
In this episode Mike and Matt just do a quick “check-in” with listeners following the President’s Day weekend. Mike speaks briefly about the status of the 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note and the importance of this index being above 1.20% currently, and how that has an effect on the mortgage rate markets. While Matt spends a few minutes on setting us up for our March 2-part series that will help listeners prepare for various ways to protect themselves from Health Care risks and expenses in Retirement. Please check out our You Tube channel, and Subscribe so that you get all of our new content as soon as it’s fresh! Click Here. (
We are very proud to announce that we are now recording our Podcast as both a Video & Podcast! You can listen and watch now at the same time!!! Here’s the link to our YouTube channel – Smart Retirement Podcast ( In this episode Mike and Matt touch discuss a “White Paper” that Matt Hollander sent out to his clients titled “What does a Biden Victory Mean for Me?” The guys touch on the fact that Political Parties don’t have a direct correlation to the Securities market but the changing of Parties has historically shown volatility in the Markets. Furthermore, the guys touch on some other interesting insights on what Tax proposals are at the top-of-Biden’s list for America, and how to prepare for what the Biden Administration’s focus is over the next 4 years. Additionally, if you’d like to receive this article, please email us at or give us a call at (866) 53-RETIRE.
In this episode Mike and Matt kick off the show with the current status of the Gold & Silver Market, as well as what to watch for as the 10 year Treasury Note makes a come back from its drastic decline in 2020 – see helpful link below to track the performance of the 10 YR U.S. Treasury Note. Also, Mike spends a good portion of the Show focusing on the SMART ways to provide Lenders with proof that you can repay a Conventional mortgage without showing much, if any, income. Mike elaborates on the 3 different ways he helps Retirees that have limited traditional income still qualify for a mortgage whether the loan is for the purpose of a refinance or a purchase of Real Estate. The tips that He provides can help you finance a Primary residence, 2nd Home or even an Investment property so this may be just what you’re looking for to help you finance your next deal. – 10 YR Treasury Note referenced in the SHOW – Click here (
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the forecasts for the U.S. Real Estate market in 2021. The guys discuss points brought up in a 2021 Redfin Real Estate article, as Mike gives his “2 cents” on what happened in many transactions in 2020, as well as what listeners can expect when buying Real Estate in 2021. Matt provides some good insight on his local Market in Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ region and why Zillow thinks there could very will be double-digit price increases in 2021. The article that the guys referenced in this show is on our Facebook page @ Also, please go check out our other great episodes on our very on webpage -
In this episode Mike and Matt embarrass themselves with their reading of the 12 Days of Christmas Price Index—it’s a ridiculous way to share some cheer. Also, they make it a point to address the real reasons why the Dow Jones has recovered from it’s low of 18,519, in late March, to over 30,000 today at Christmas. And of course, they “pepper in” their personal opinions of the 2021 forecasts for the Markets.
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the concept of increasing your Investment options through a Self-Directed IRA. The guys help you understand the DO’s & Don’t of properly setting up a Self-Directed IRA. Also, Mike goes over some of the classic Myths about this style of Investment strategy. Remember just because your are in control of this IRA doesn’t mean you can make-up your own rules. The key is to plan & play smart and this tool could really help you earn more interest while you seek out things that you are more interested in.
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on why this time of year is a great opportunity to focus on the items that you need to be organized in your Estate Plan with your immediate Family; but, also your Parents or Grandparent’s plans as well. Matt goes over the basic necessities of what you really should have completed, notarized, and in order so that is the unthinkable illness, or worse death, happens in the Family you are ready to comfortably take action. Then, Mike touches on the proper way to utilize a Hard Money loan to help a Family Trust execute a cash out mortgage on a Real Estate asset in the Trust so that the beneficiaries can all receive their net proceeds, while the other sibling that keeps the Property benefits from the original tax basis that Mom & Dad held on the home.
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the historical performance of the U.S. Economy in Q3, and why Q4 will likely not be anywhere as good. Additionally, the guys debrief on the Presidential Election and the challenges that the Country faces with the end-of-the-Year discontinuance of the enhanced unemployment, mortgage relief, eviction bans and student loan forbearances. As smart retirees, we should be preparing for “WHO” is going to help repay the Government for the initial stimulus, and the one to come in 2021.
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the final part of the series that focuses on the 7 retirement income risks. With the type of year we’ve had in 2020, the guys thought it would be best to save Interest Rate & Market risk for the last part of this Series. They go into details as to why having a “risk free” holding like a Certificate of Deposit or Money market account can cause interest rate risk relative to the inflation rate during the time you hold that investment. Additionally, later in the show Matt helps listeners understand how Market risk is the second highest retirement income risk (likely Withdrawal risk is #1). The guys discuss the details of why when Americans retire and stop contributing to and start withdrawing from retirement accounts, they become much more susceptible to market risks; especially in a Bear Market.
In this episode, Mike and Matt continue with Part 3 of their 4 part series that discusses managing the seven risks to retirement income. This episode covers the concept of “Sequence of Returns” risk and “Investor Behavioral” risk. Matt tells the story of how 2 separate families that both have $500,000 in their retirement accounts execute the same investment strategies, but run-out-of-money at two very different times because of what the Market was doing at the time they decided actually start drawing against their retirement accounts . The guys make sure that you know that there’s no way to absolutely remove the risk of Sequence of Returns, but there are SMART ways to have various income options during retirement so that you maximize your control of this risk. Additionally, Mike shows that the best way to combat behavioral risk in retirement is by not deviating from your fundamental strategy in retirement, and breathe. As usual, Mike reminds listeners that your Real Estate is a tool, if used properly, that will help you “stay the course” as you properly leverage this asset when the timing is right during retirement.
In this episode Mike and Matt continue their 4 part series about managing the seven risks you'll face in retirement. This episode touches on the concept of out living your money, and how to manage what is known as “Longevity risk” and “Withdrawal Rate Risk”. Matt goes into some of the key details he shares in his Retirement survival workshops. Additionally, Mike supplements some helpful Real Estate equity tips on how to allow the equity in your home to extend the access to income you will have in retirement, and why sometimes a Reverse mortgage and Home Equity Line of Credit can provide you with some “lifestyle comforts” as you fear out living your “nest egg”.
Mike & Matt are excited to kick off part 1 of a 4 part show series covering The 7 Risks You'll Face in Retirement. Today we are isolating Inflation risk, and the varying views of where inflation is today. Additionally, we’ll touch on the interesting concept of “Asset inflation”, and why you will want to focus on how inflation will affect your personal expenses, and financing decisions in Retirement. Finally, we give you some tips on how to capitalize on these ideas and perspectives in a year like 2020!
In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the fear and potential volatility that the U.S. economy could have regardless of which Presidential candidate wins in November. Our purpose on this show is to keep you thinking about your financial plan, while not letting the media or the fear of a certain President’s agenda scare you into doing something rash or hastily with your Retirement assets. We will also touch on a couple of ideas you can start implementing now as we approach the 2020 Presidential Election period. It’s important to know that neither of us pick a side, but we do think the best political voice once can have is to go to the ballot and vote!
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