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Author: Matt Besser, Starburns Audio LLC

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Smoke Me Up with Matt Besser, is the #1 pot-cast for stoners with stoner host, Matt Besser giving the 1,2,3 on the THC. Every episode begins in the alley behind Starburns Studios where an invited guest from the cannabis industry Smokes Up Besser along with one of his comedy buddy co-hosts Jon Gabrus and Horatio Sanz. They then talk about the “Strain of the Week”; present a “Highly Recommends” where they talk about fun things to consume while you consume; and generally joke around about all things marijuana.

11 Episodes
Horatio and Gabrus catch up and discuss ‘stay high at home’ orders and how they’re handling their ever increasing tolerance.
420 Part 2

420 Part 2


Matt Besser, Jon Gabrus, and Horatio Sanz continue their 4/20 party with Jerry Minor and new guest John Gemberling. They have musical guest Ceschi and Charlie MTN on to play songs and get they get ZOOM BOMBED by Aaron Carter! OZ prices, dirty sex toys, and 3-D printed bongs are discussed where they all agree “4/20, never remember.”
Matt Besser, Jon Gabrus, and Horatio Sanz interview the operators of the MMD dispensary where they discuss the strains Gruntz, Blue Banana Skittles, and Trainwreck but also delve into Romulans, one-hitters, and Batman cannabis delivery…whoa-si-WHOAH!
420 Show Part 1

420 Show Part 1


Matt Besser, Jon Gabrus, and Horatio Sanz live-streamed on 4/20 where they had a tournament of ways to get high, a virtual visit from Jerry Minor, and a song from Ben Lee! Discussion included THC beverages, parents who get high, and anal smoking.
Matt Besser and Horatio Sanz get smoked up by a top notch budtender from the Universal Collective dispensary who introduces them to Dream Walker which leads them to a little Bright Eyes.
Matt Besser and Horatio Sanz go on the road to review a local dispensary, Sweet Flower. They try out the strains Strawberry Bang, Budzilla, & Create while discussing the tricks to smoking in hotel rooms; free pre-rolls; and boutique dispensaries. Get in the car, we’re bong-hitting the road!
Live from the UCB

Live from the UCB


Matt Besser and Horatio Sanz are joined by comedian and flower fan Howard Kremer who reads from a anti-reefer book from the 50’s in a wild live performance of the potcast from the UCB Theatre in Hollywood.
OG Kush & Tegridy OG

OG Kush & Tegridy OG


This week Matt Besser and Jon Gabrus interview Mike Weiss from the Stash dispensary. They discuss dispesaries with a good vibe; they roast the botique dispensaries; Hightly Recommends features “Uncut Gems” and the Monkees’ film “Head”; and finally they dive into the featured bud OG Kush & Tegridy OG.
THC Design Grow Tour

THC Design Grow Tour


Matt Besser, Jon Gabrus, and Horatio Sanz get an expert VIP tour of the THC Design grow facility to prepare for their 420 festivities! Also check out “Smoke Me Up” live stream on 4/20. Find the livestream here.
Matt Besser, Jon Gabrus, & Horatio Sanz interview a budtender from Sunset Herbal dispensary about their featured reserve strains, lively discussion on value of pre-rolls and moon rocks, and finally the guys do their Highly Recommends of music and tv to watch while we are all down.
The Smoke Me Up! Potcast arrives on April 13th!
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