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Join the Smosh family as we discuss current events, YouTube drama, give our unqualified and unsolicited advice, and whatever else is on our minds with Ian Hecox and a rotating panel of Smosh cast members, coworkers, and YouTuber guests.

76 Episodes
Ian sits down with Olivia and Noah to talk about why they choose to not become full-time employees with Smosh, the pros and cons of being freelancers, and what they’ve been up to with their newfound free time.
Courtney, Monica, and Jackie spill the tea on what it’s really like to be on a Smosh set, from Jackie not knowing exactly who Ian was on her first day, to Monica’s challenges when it comes to acting.
Ian, Courtney, and Sarah are dishing out advice for your dating & relationship dilemmas, from finding the right time to say “I love you,” to catching your significant other in a lie (and what to do about it).
Ian, Courtney, and Shayne are sharing the top five comedic influences that shaped them, from South Park to The Lonely Island.
Ian, Courtney, and Shayne are here to have a debate about literally everything, from whether Hot Cheetos are food, to questioning the importance of books and reading.
Courtney opens up about dealing with a health scare last year, and how her Smosh family helped her get through it.
Courtney, Monica and Tommy revisit the pride pod one year later and discuss how their lives have (or haven’t) changed since then. Courtney talks about now identifying with a label, Monica opens up about raising a child with two moms, and Tommy shares his clubbing shoot dood horror story.
#67 - Black Lives Matter

#67 - Black Lives Matter


Courtney, Keith, and Jackie talk about the recent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, protesting for the first time, and the best way to be an ally.
The Damien & Shayne show returns! Well, sort of. The boys are roasting their bosses, discussing what it’s like to work with your best friend, and debating matching friendship tattoos.
From Panic! At The Disco to Fleetwood Mac, Ian, Damien, and Shayne are ranking some of their favorite albums and artists that helped define their lives.
Courtney, Shayne, and Jackie decided that one moment of cringe wasn’t enough, so they’re reading ALL of your Shoot Dood emails! From Dad’s secret hiding into the closet to why you should always lock the bathroom door, get ready for some unforgettable Shoot Dood moments.
Courtney, Shayne and Damien are ranking their top five favorite YouTubers of all time, from throwback favorites Kassem G and Jenna Marbles, to current day faves, like Tiny Meat Gang and Game Grumps.
Ian, Shayne, and Damien (aka Bros Like We) are here to give you advice on all of your quarantine struggles, from staying sane while living alone to finding the comedy in hard times.
On today’s episode, Courtney third wheels an awkward first date with Ian and her sister, Kari Miller.
Courtney, Ian, Shayne, and Damien are exposing some of the worst ideas they’ve had for Smosh videos that never got made— for good reason.
Ian is (virtually) joined by Shayne, Olivia, and Courtney where they catch up on Ian’s online dating adventures, quarantine lucid dreams, and why Olivia thinks social distancing is making her relationship stronger.
#58 - Quarantine Q&A!

#58 - Quarantine Q&A!


Courtney, Ian, Shayne, and Damien are answering all of the questions you asked @smosh on Twitter on everything from go-to quarantine tv binges, to what it’s like making Smosh content at home!
Ian, Courtney, Damien and Shayne are ranking their top five Try Not To Laugh moments, from Tim robbing the entire set to a moment with Gus Johnson that you haven’t seen yet!
Ian, Courtney, Shayne and Damien are self-quarantining, so this pod was recorded from home! They recap their Australia trip, talk about what traveling during COVID-19 was like, and share their go-to quarantine meals.
Courtney and Shayne welcome first time guest, Kimmy Jimenez to the pod! Kimmy talks about what it’s like being the new kid on the block at Smosh, her childhood soccer adventures, and why Courtney on the SmoshCast hits different.
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I love you Courtney! As someone with 13 plus cancerous tumors in my body I feel you. Constant MRIs,CAT scans, and medicine and home remedies. To insure my tumors do not grow anymore or hopefully shrink I got put on chemotherapy causing me to be autoimmune. Other than that my uncle had colon cancer and passed and my grandma had brain cancer and died. Cancer is a bully but an eye opener. Again I love you Courtney!!!

Jul 3rd

Robyn DuPriest

you guys are great!

Jun 3rd

hi Lilli

we were supposed to go to Universal with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. It was supposed to be sometime in June and my oldest cousin has type 1 diabetes and my aunt didn't want to risk it because my cousin could die so we cancelled the trip. I'm sad but I'm glad because she's one of my favorite cousins and I don't want anything bad to happen to her

Apr 7th

Rachel Dunleavey

HELL YEAH highlight of the week, its the smoshcast!!!! And with Courtney and her boys!!!

Apr 1st

Rachel Dunleavey

Aye, highlight of the week!

Mar 25th

Eva Corkern

love kimmies laugh

Mar 20th

Rachel Dunleavey

Always makes me smile getting the podcast notification in maths!

Feb 5th

Michelle T

do more Courtney and Shayne stuff they are so funny together love the storys so funny 😆

Jan 25th

Adrianna Rytter

The witcher is based on a very old Polish movie series. Js

Jan 22nd

Rachel Dunleavey

Highlight of the week, every wednesday in my maths lesson, suprise! Its a Smoshcast! This lot always make me smile :)

Jan 15th

Circle Suen

'my great great great ancestors were fish' I didn't think I need it and it turns out I need this

Dec 22nd

Doris Boschma

Great radio play, I'm down for more

Dec 19th

None your bussiness Salinas

whoever posted this. I hope your not on a lack of sleep schedule like I am. Thanks for the content I need sleep.

Nov 20th
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The Gaming Budgie


Nov 13th

JMH Rouffer

smosh is great

Sep 13th

Mark De Leon

I like Squall, I saw myself in him.

Sep 11th


Love and miss the days of So Random! My favorite members of the show are all reunited. 🤩

Sep 4th
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Lathan Hudson

This is so sweet they eat dinner and make each other breakfast and Courtney is like their daughter

Aug 31st

Lathan Hudson


Aug 31st

Alexander Rasmussen

were is Smosh games

Aug 27th
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