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Digestible financial news. Get smarter fast with an entertaining breakdown of our top 3 business stories in 15 minutes. Pairs perfectly with your commute, workout, or morning oatmeal ritual. Hosted by Jack Kramer and Nick Martell.

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Coty cosmetics realized it was probably easier to just acquire 51% of Kylie Jenner’s beauty brand than compete (so it did). Ford unveiled its Mustang-looking electric SUV that’s not just a compliance car. And The New York Times broke down what FedEx did with its tax cut money… which highlights what companies actually do with their tax cut money.
Fancy home goods chain Restoration Hardware jumped 8% after an investment by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway… and it’s totally not Warren’s style investment. Pinterest is such a nice social media company that it’s not throwing enough advertising at users. And Peloton will reportedly launch 2 new products in 2020 as it uses Tesla’s playbook.
Canopy Growth is the most valuable cannabis company, but the price of cannabis it sold last quarter dropped by 27% because Canada’s got an oversupply problem. Daimler and Ford just announced big investments in electric cars, while Tesla’s won awards. And our “Maybe-Unicorn of the Day” 1Password knows you don’t want to remember 243 usernames and passwords — it’s service makes you remember just 1.
Google plans to launch a checking account, another sign that Big Tech wants to understand your daily spending. Nike decided it no longer wants to sell on Amazon, probably thanks to its new CEO (who is an eBay guy). And the Uber for freight, Convoy, just raised $400M to take on… Uber Freight.
TikTok set a record for app downloads, so Facebook just decided to knock it off with a new Instagram feature. Alibaba’s Singles Day set a sales record of $38B in 24 hours — so we’re looking at why the stock fell. And big milk giant Dean Foods just filed for bankruptcy, but you can’t (totally) blame Millennials for it.
Adidas tried to update its manufacturing with a fancy new “speedfactory,” but now it’s relocating them out of the US and into Vietnam and China. Both Bumble and Walgreens have something in common: They’re suddenly into private equity. And Apple is planning for an iPhone-less future with iGlasses and iHelmets (we made up those names) after its 5-year plan was leaked.
Party City’s stock dropped 67% after a brutal Halloween and helium crisis, so we’re looking at what issues it can actually control. Zillow has pivoted from just exposing real estate prices to also buying homes — that’s a big and risky bet. And with Gap’s CEO getting fired last week, 2019 has become a record year for CEOs losing/leaving their jobs.
Airbnb’s suffering a sudden trust crisis so it’s responding proactively(ish) with a bold move: Verifying all 7 million of its listings by next year. Coca-Cola’s trying to succeed in the flavored sparkling water market (again) with an aggressive anti-LaCroix move — caffeinated sparkling water for your mornings. And Toyota is the profitable surprise among Japanese car companies because it hates “muda.” A lot.
An Uber Eats job posting revealed that it’s further monetizing the food delivery app by sticking ads into the search results for “pizza”. Grocery chain Kroger hasn’t recovered from Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, so its Operation Restock recovery plan may involve a clever pricing strategy with Microsoft. And Xerox may acquire HP, which is three times bigger than it. We’re looking at how that’s possible.
Match Group shares dropped because it’s not as ambitious about the upcoming holidays as investors wanted — so we looked at Hinge and its adorable new mascot. Peloton’s numbers outperformed what analysts expected, but the stock still dropped because Wall Street can be irrational. And Wag is our “Almost Unicorn of the Day” whose jumbo fundraise from a key WeWork investor hasn’t helped.
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Jake Bloyer

okay guys we get it you own shares of Amazon. every show they mention Amazon

Nov 7th
Reply (2)

Brandon Smith

The hosts are probably the two most annoying people I can currently think of. I still come back because they bring good content quickly. I always skip past the intro.

Oct 25th

Richard Ottley

Rent The Closet

Oct 1st

Richard Ottley

it could get acquired by Yelp or maybe Foursquare 🤔

Sep 11th
Reply (1)

Richard Ottley

welcome back broz 😊 I missed you all

Aug 20th

Jake Song

I just cancel my WSJ sub because of this.

Aug 19th
Reply (2)

Aravinth Chandrasekaran

Amazon GC is BS! I filled the survey via Mobile browser and it never captured my email!!!

Jul 26th

Amrit Sandhu


Jun 27th

Tucker Warner

ATL is 404. Try 404 SHAQ

Jun 20th


Aldi is so much more than you highlighted here! They are a highly efficient organization. would love to hear you highlight them again in a future episode!

Jun 10th

David Neill

This is the episode I unsubscribed.

Jun 4th
Reply (1)


Smart wallstreet guys trying to be funny and actually achieving it.

May 23rd

Pedro Kh

If you’re me, this could be the podcast that you was looking for

May 2nd

Javier Rebull

Great episode!! I'm scare about the highest ever!! What does that mean???

Apr 24th

Leyna Jackson

THE. ACTUAL. BEST. way to spend 15 minutes of your morning ❤️ Genius work!

Apr 2nd
Reply (1)


Love this podcast. I like that within fifteen minutes or less I can get the low down on all that is happening and I get a better understanding of what is happening in the markets.

Apr 1st

Richard Ottley

funny show, makes business news entertaining, keep up the good work

Mar 28th

Ryan Patrick Burkhardt

this is borderline unlistenable...maybe im too old for their demographic...i guess the 30-40 crowd are dinosaurs

Mar 25th


Great show!

Nov 18th
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