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Digestible financial news. Get smarter fast with an entertaining breakdown of our top 3 business stories in 15 minutes. Pairs perfectly with your commute, workout, or morning oatmeal ritual. Hosted by Jack Kramer and Nick Martell.
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Oil prices just surged after an attack in Saudi Arabia, so we break down why it’s not as big a deal as Wall Street made it seem. Netflix is treating itself to $500M of Seinfeld reruns from Sony because sitcoms earn your loyalty. The WSJ reported that Amazon’s secretive A9 search office made a change to its algorithm with huge implications for your online shopping life.
Pepsi and Venmo teamed up for a spending partnership they’re calling “PepCoin” — it highlights the behavioral challenges of Fintech. Walmart’s $98/month Grocery Club is taking on Amazon with something Amazon can’t do. And our “Nearly-Unicorn of the Day” is Voyage, whose self-driving cars are turning the elderly into early-adopters.
SmileDirectClub (uncreative ticker symbol, FYI) falls 28% on its IPO day, but we look at whether it was really a bad IPO when you look at the valuation. Under Armour is going anti-athleisure with its new strategy, but it’s actually copying Lululemon. And General Electric is selling $38B of itself to survive, which highlights its greatest disadvantage: Pensions.
Wendy’s is trying to jump into the fast food breakfast wars, but shares fell 10% because it’s too late — again. A Snacker asked us to jump into Monster Beverage, so we found out what it’s up to. And California’s new gig worker law hits right at Lyft and Uber, so they hit right back.
Everyone’s looking at the new iPhone 11 unveiled at Apple’s big product unveil (spoiler alert: new colors), but we’re focused on its strategic moves with Apple TV+. Ford’s bonds just hit junk status, so we’re looking at the decade that led to this. And Next Door is our “Unicorn of the Day” for its latest fundraise and focus on accountability.
Uber is already deeply unprofitable, but whipped up $200M to invest annually in its fastest-growing business: Uber Freight. Starbucks will launch its 1st pick-up only store in New York this fall, but it’s the early sign of American companies copying Chinese ones. And AT&T was smacked with a 23-page letter by a new major hedge fund investor, and it’s calling for huge change.
Glossier just snagged a new COO from Amazon, highlighting the company’s growth hacking success. DocuSign surged 22% as the e-signature pioneer’s anti-friction strategy pays off. And Beyond Meat drops as plant-based protein competition kicks up four notches.
Tinder-owner Match fell 5% on word Facebook’s new dating feature goes live, like, right now — even though Match already knew the competition was coming. Slack released its first earnings report since going public, revealing its next 10M users are harder than the 1st 10M. And WeWork may slice its valuation from $47B to about $25B before it IPOs because critics think its IPO paperwork is a “masterpiece of obfuscation.”
While American Eagles sales suffer, its Aerie lingerie brand is thriving — and it’s a perfect example of spinoff brands. Michigan became the first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes, just as Juul came out with “the strictest age verification system ever.” And Google was hit with a $170M fine that highlights the difference in targeted and non-targeted ads.
A “reverse engineer” took it upon herself to investigate Facebook’s code — and she discovered the company toying with a “hide your likes” feature. Ulta Beauty dropped 30% last week, so we looked into why and found an insight in slide #9. And with deadlines quickly approaching, we break down the econo-political drama in Britain and Argentina.
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Richard Ottley

it could get acquired by Yelp or maybe Foursquare 🤔

Sep 11th


Richard Ottley 🤔

Sep 12th

Richard Ottley

welcome back broz 😊 I missed you all

Aug 20th

Jake Song

I just cancel my WSJ sub because of this.

Aug 19th

Kimberley Cotton

Jake Song 😂😂

Aug 20th

Aravinth Chandrasekaran

Amazon GC is BS! I filled the survey via Mobile browser and it never captured my email!!!

Jul 26th

Amrit Sandhu


Jun 27th

Tucker Warner

ATL is 404. Try 404 SHAQ

Jun 20th


Aldi is so much more than you highlighted here! They are a highly efficient organization. would love to hear you highlight them again in a future episode!

Jun 10th

David Neill

This is the episode I unsubscribed.

Jun 4th

Maciej Czech

David Neill Why? I'm thinking about subscribing but you know how much channels and not enough time there is so I have to consider everything :D

Jul 9th


Smart wallstreet guys trying to be funny and actually achieving it.

May 23rd

Pedro Kh

If you’re me, this could be the podcast that you was looking for

May 2nd

Javier Rebull

Great episode!! I'm scare about the highest ever!! What does that mean???

Apr 24th

Leyna Jackson

THE. ACTUAL. BEST. way to spend 15 minutes of your morning ❤️ Genius work!

Apr 2nd

Richard Ottley

Leyna Jackson absolutely 😂😂 these guys are entertaining, finance news has never sounds good til today, thanks bros

Apr 3rd


Love this podcast. I like that within fifteen minutes or less I can get the low down on all that is happening and I get a better understanding of what is happening in the markets.

Apr 1st

Richard Ottley

funny show, makes business news entertaining, keep up the good work

Mar 28th

Ryan Patrick Burkhardt

this is borderline unlistenable...maybe im too old for their demographic...i guess the 30-40 crowd are dinosaurs

Mar 25th


Great show!

Nov 18th
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