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Digestible financial news. Get smarter fast with an entertaining breakdown of our top 3 business stories in 15 minutes. Pairs perfectly with your commute, workout, or morning oatmeal ritual. Hosted by Jack Kramer and Nick Martell.

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Our final Snacks Daily pod before vacation — We return to the mics on Monday, August 17th (we’ll miss ya until then, Snackers). In the meantime, Disney’s earnings underline the pain COVID is inflicted on physical businesses. Take Two’s video games are benefiting from the elusive double sales wave. And Feather is trying to become the Rent The Runway of furniture. $TTWO $DIS Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Over the weekend, TikTok learned it might be banned in the US. Actually maybe acquired by Microsoft (or maybe not). We break down the TikTok saga. Levi’s CEO revealed its wild new 5-month gameplan in a world where denim is out. And America’s biggest meat producer, Tyson, just made the boldest CEO hire we’ve ever seen: A Google tech guy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
PayPal hit an all-time high after saying “cash is dead,” but Venmo’s getting all the attention. While the rest of the brew industry douses itself in hard seltzer, Molson Coors figured out how to make beer flourish in the moment. And SiriusXM is a lot like cable TV, but for audio. We hope it doesn’t accept its fate of decline, like cable has. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Fresh after hitting Capitol Hill, the Tech Big 4 announced earnings reports (they were epic). We’re focused on Apple’s 5 profit puppies and Amazon’s double-double. Then Procter & Gamble sneaked in with its best quarter in 14 years because one company’s loss is another’s gain. And P&G has tons of MBAs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Amazon. Apple. Facebook. Google. CEOs of the Big Tech 4 hit up Capitol Hill for their biggest Congressional grilling, maybe ever. Blue Apron whipped up its 1st profit since IPO’ing, but then the stock plummeted 15%. And AMC Movie Theaters just snagged the most important deal in streaming history — it shortens the infamous “75-day window.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Kodak went bankrupt in 2012, but now it’s pulling off an epic pivot from photographer to pharmacist. TikTok is going through a Level 6 Zucking courtesy of Instagram’s new Reels feature. And Lysol wants to become the Bain of Clean. Full disclosure: FOMO-creator Patrick McGinnis invented the term FOMO-ment. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
DraftKings shares dropped 6% because baseball just had its first mid-season COVID crisis. Jamf stock has doubled since its IPO because it’s got a single mission: Help your company thrive on Apple devices. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is Ro, whose valuation tripled to $1.5B by evolving beyond cheap direct-to-consumer Viagra to all of healthcare. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sam Adams owner Boston Beer shockingly doubled profits last quarter, but it’s not thanks to Boston Beer. Disney, Apple, and Netflix have made moves that just killed the summer blockbuster biz. And the biggest Special Purpose Acquisition Company ever just went public, officially making this the “Summer of the SPAC” (fun to say). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tesla shares hit a record high on its first ever full year of profit. Microsoft was caught bundle-bullying Slack, which is claaaassic ‘90s Microsoft. And Unilever announced earnings, but we’re focused on (and concerned about) its direct-to-consumer ice cream strategy with Ben & Jerry’s. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Pfizer snags a $2B contract to produce 100M COVID-19 vaccines for the US government as part of Operation Warp Speed. Spotify has so many marginal costs, so it just added a new revenue stream to try to offset that. And Misfit just bagged $85M in fresh funding to scale its subscription food box for ugly fruits and veggies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Europe just whipped up a $2T stimulus package that looks a lot like what the United states pulled off… in 1790. Starbucks changed its Rewards Program and Wendy’s just launched the 1st ever rewards app for a burger chain. We think the Loyalty Wars are coming. And Coca-Cola jumped 2% after its earnings report because of new news. Ignore old news. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
To take on its meditation rival, Headspace is partnering with Snapchat in the rare, elusive no-money deal. Electric car startup Fisker just went public, but it’s deciding to act more like Apple than every other car company (including Tesla). And Uber can’t do it all by itself, so its paying tens of millions of dollars to be dependent on Google Maps: It’s one the Silent Servers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Don’t even think about thinking WeWork is gone — the coworking pioneer claims it’ll be thrivingly “profitable” by this time next year. JetBlue and American Airlines have developed a special corona-relationship that basically feels like collusion. And Domino’s revealed its new chicken wings, cauliflower ambitions, and “fortressing” strategy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Twitter suffered its biggest hack ever, which could forever change its role as the direct-to-consumer communication platform. Hasbro’s new Scrabble app is causing aggressive drama among Scrabble purists, but the toymaker has learned its lesson from the ‘90s about cannibalization. And UnitedHealth just enjoyed a record $6.6B profit because you paid for health insurance but didn’t use it last quarter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome to Big Bank earnings season, which kicked off with big words from JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon and is ending with a Goldman Sachs stock surge. Lemonade just launched its 2nd product: Pet insurance. And behold, Zoom from Home your desk’s 2nd monitor that is the closest thing to being in the office. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
After 24 years, Ford just brought back the Bronco — but Midwestern modesty can’t win in a Tesla hype world. The New York Times is replacing lost ad revenue with a new plan: Repackage its reporting into great TV and podcasts. And oat milk pioneer Oatly hits a $2B valuation thanks to a fundraise with big-time investors who fully mainstream-ify it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Earnings season kicks off and it’s (shocker) supposed to be brutal — so we’re looking at the one potential bright spot: Netflix. Pepsi’s soda sales fell, snacks sales surged, and it’s already focusing on a new trend: Cleansing your insides. And with all the drama between the US and China, the big winner is India — which just snagged a $10B check from Google. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
$2.5B is a huge amount of money for a fund raise, but it kinda makes sense when that company is Rivian — aka the biggest threat to Tesla yet. Women’s fertility startup Kindbody gets $32M to apply SoulCycle-nomics to egg freezing. And Joe Biden releases his $700B economic package. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The lending artist formerly known as Quicken Loans has filed to IPO, calling themselves “Rocket Companies”. Walgreens is quitting medical school and pursuing a $1B investment in 700 doctor’s offices instead. And Kroger’s figured out a surprise strategy to boost sales of its own plant-based meat brand: Stick it next to real meat. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Some sneaky sleuthing on a Twitter job posting indicates that Twitter may be whipping up paid subscription… for something. Walmart whips up an anti-Amazon version of Prime called Walmart+, coming this month. And our “Almost Unicorn of the Day” is Perfect Day, which snagged $300M to make milk that’s neither plant-based, nor animal-based. But tastes exactly like milk. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Irina Kozlova

Have a great vacation 😘!

Aug 5th

Andrew Fujan

honestly instead of looking at companies like google or Amazon for amazing returns. I would start researching companies in india that would attract companies like google to invest. look for the amazon or alibaba or india, that's where the best profits lie in my opinion.

Jul 14th

Maciej Czech

Oh please stop with that "privelege" and ideology, we didn't sign up for 'this' :/

Jul 6th
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Maciej Czech

We need more that German accent! Alles klar, ja? :D

Jun 30th

Jarred Wallace


Jun 3rd

Mengyuan Zhen

Anyone knows why can't I listen to the previous ones?

May 16th
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Emblem B

Office in bedroom not living room.

May 6th

Arielle Niss

Every episode is TBOY!!!

Mar 9th

Maciej Czech

Whole Europe is using cards with wireless system - you just touch terminal with it, without PIN if under some value

Mar 2nd

Jayson Ballantine

Same episode as yesterday, guys.

Jan 24th


This is the best newsletter in my inbox and I just had to try the podcast as well, pretty fun as well :)

Dec 26th
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Richard Ottley

Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉 bros 😎😄

Dec 20th

Will Dolezal

too excited for fractional shares!

Dec 16th

Jake Bloyer

okay guys we get it you own shares of Amazon. every show they mention Amazon

Nov 7th
Reply (2)

Brandon Smith

The hosts are probably the two most annoying people I can currently think of. I still come back because they bring good content quickly. I always skip past the intro.

Oct 25th

Richard Ottley

Rent The Closet

Oct 1st

Richard Ottley

it could get acquired by Yelp or maybe Foursquare 🤔

Sep 11th
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Richard Ottley

welcome back broz 😊 I missed you all

Aug 20th

Jake Song

I just cancel my WSJ sub because of this.

Aug 19th
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Aravinth Chandrasekaran

Amazon GC is BS! I filled the survey via Mobile browser and it never captured my email!!!

Jul 26th
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