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Narrator and Producer Sharon Martin digs deeper into the stories of the women accused of murder, exploring aspects of the cases profiled on the Snapped television series.
7 Episodes
Introducing Martinis & Murder!

Introducing Martinis & Murder!


If you love Snapped - The Podcast, subscribe to Oxygen's new true-crime podcast Martinis & Murder hosted by John Thrasher and Daryn Carp! Each new episode dives into a new murder as the hosts theorize and analyze the details of the case - all while drinking a martini.Subscribe to Martinis & Murder today!
Episode 5 - Cheryl Kunkle

Episode 5 - Cheryl Kunkle


Narrator and Producer Sharon Martin talks to Cheryl Kunkle, currently in prison for the murder of Ben Amato. Find out what she has to say about her conviction, the case against her and her life behind bars.
Producer and Narrator Sharon Martin explores the story of 56-year-old Loretta Burroughs, the murder of Danny Burroughs, and the truth about what Loretta was keeping in her closet. Interviews with Danny's daughter, the forensic pathologist and a private investigator attempt to make sense of this unbelievable crime.
Episode 3 - Ghazal Mansury

Episode 3 - Ghazal Mansury


Producer and narrator Sharon Martin goes in-depth on the case of Ghazal Mansury. What makes this a story viewers can relate to? What led Ghazal to kill her 79-year-old mother? Interviews with Ghazal’s cousin, her defense attorney and the detective shed more light on the case.
Episode 2 - Kim Long

Episode 2 - Kim Long


Producer and narrator Sharon Martin get the latest updates on the Kim Long case from Justin Brooks and Alissa Bjerkhoel of The California Innocence Project as they revisit the 2003 murder of Kim's boyfriend, Ozzy Conde.
Episode 1 - Carol Kopenkoskey

Episode 1 - Carol Kopenkoskey


Producer and narrator Sharon Martin finds out more about the confession that Carol Kopenkoskey provided to prosecutor Stuart Fenton where she admitted to killing her husband of 39 years.



Narrator and Producer Sharon Martin digs deeper into the stories of the women accused of murder, exploring aspects of the cases profiled on the Snapped television series. Subscribe for a new episode every other Monday.
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Alisha Gadsden

Really? You start something great like this... and just leave us hanging???? More please!🤘

Jul 22nd
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Dana Bryant

more episodes please!!😁

Jun 6th

Pamela Griffin


Dec 11th

Melissa Voiles

please make more!!!!

Dec 4th

Chris J Lecona

waiting for more episodes. 👍

Nov 6th

Virtiga Shyne

I wish that this podcast had made more episodes. it's well presented and interesting.

Oct 29th


y'all making more? Pleaseeeee make more!

Oct 3rd

Michelle Szymanski

please do more! love this podcast.

Aug 6th

Sarah Moore

Please bring back this podcast. I love snapped but can't stand the format of Martinis and Murder.

Jul 16th

Krystal Chavez

please add more podcasts.

Jul 12th


Scrolling through to find some quality true crime podcasts and found this! I love Snapped on Oxygen so finding this made my day! Immediate addition to my home screen!

May 28th
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