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Host Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial strategist, TV host and bestselling author. So Money brings inspiring money strategies and stories straight from today's top business minds, authors and influencers. What was their financial journey and how do they master their money today? Hear from inspiring individuals and learn about their financial philosophies, wins, failures and habits. Plus, their secret guilty pleasures.

On Fridays, tune in as Farnoosh answers your biggest questions about money, career, guests, you name it. Submit your question for Farnoosh at
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How to invest in a rental property when you're in a different country? Should you just ignore your federal student loans while the automatic deferment is in place? Is there any benefit to paying them down? And what about cash-out refis? Are they worth it? Farnoosh addresses the latest money questions from the So Money mailbag.
America is drowning in paper. If you stacked all the paper the average family uses in just one year, the piles would be as tall as a two-story house. And 43% of Americans categorize themselves as “disorganized.” Lisa Woodruff to the rescue. She is an organizational expert and author of THE PAPER SOLUTION: What to Shred, What to Save, and How to Stop It From Taking Over Your Life. Now more than ever, with the pandemic upon us, the need to have our paperwork organized is paramount. Lisa offers advice and free resources to help us all improve our relationship with paper. Check out for Lisa's free emergency medical printables.
Myoshia Boykin-Anderson has had an incredible journey that led her to found her company AndTech Solutions in 2009. As a mother with no savings and no college degree, she was laid off from her corporate job and vowed to never put herself in that position again. Myoshia launched AndTech and it has grown into a seven-figure consulting firm providing custom application development and other technology services to some of the top organizations in the country. In our conversation, we discuss how, as a double minority, she overcame barriers to starting a thriving business in the field of tech, the inspiration born out of being a young, single mother and memories of her childhood classmate in Houston, Texas, George Floyd.
In this week's Ask Farnoosh, CFP and founder of FIT Advisors, Anjali Jariwala joins to answer listeners' questions about bankruptcy, paying off debt, saving for a home and creating a financial plan. More about Anjali: She is the founder of FIT Advisors - a financial planning firm serving physicians and business owners virtually across the US. Prior to launching her own firm, Anjali spent over 6 years years working with Fortune 500 clients at a top 4 accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and 2 years with a large, prestigious financial planning firm serving high net worth individuals. During her career, she would often share financial advice with family and friends, but began to realize that not only did most of them lack access to the best personal finance information, but also their busy family lives meant they just didn’t have the time to pull it all together on their own. So, she decided she could make a bigger impact by starting her own firm. Anjali utilizes her expertise in tax and finance to empower her clients to discover and reach their life goals while building a stable financial future.  Anjali hosts Money Checkup podcast - a semi-monthly checkup that discusses the many facets of financial well-being. She was named one of Investment News Top 40 under 40 for 2019 and named one of Financial Advisor magazine’s Young Advisors To Watch for 2020. Anjali has been featured in Blomberg, US News and World Report, New York Times, USA Today, Business Insider, Investment News and more. Learn more about
What is the deal with the stock market? How is the current recession different than the one from 2008/2009? How to think about real estate and your portfolio now? We are in conversation with the co-hosts of the BiggerPockets Money podcast, Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen. They're here to share their perspectives and best advice on how to navigate the economy now. Scott Trench is the CEO and President of Scott has dedicated his career to helping ordinary Americans build wealth in part through real estate investing. Since joining BiggerPockets in 2014, Scott has authored the wealth building book Set for Life and joined Mindy Jensen as a host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast . He stays active in the BiggerPockets forums and contributed hundreds of articles, market analyses, and files to BiggerPockets. He has also contributed to other personal finance blogs, along with traditional news outlets including Time, CNBC, and NBC. Mindy Jensen has been the Community Manager for for the last five years, helping less experienced folks learn how to invest in real estate the RIGHT way. She has spent the last 22 years live-in flipping houses, moving into very unattractive homes and making them beautiful - all while paying $0 in capital gains taxes because these homes are her primary residence. Mindy joins Scott Trench every Monday morning on the BiggerPockets Money Podcast to share the money stories of their guests. Mindy truly believes financial freedom is available for anyone. Mindy studied Fashion Design, the stupidest major ever.
In his new book, Die with Zero, Bill Perkins challenges the notion of passing down your wealth. In fact during a health screening, his doctor asked in the evaluation about financial stress: “Do you have fears of running out of money?” Bill said, “I hope I run out of money!” We discuss the merits of spending more money in your living years, how to calculate getting to "enough" net worth and how to balance taking care of children and dependents with the notion of dying with zero. Bill is the CEO of BrisaMax Holdings. After training on Wall Street, he made his fortune in Houston as an energy trader. He has been Reuters, Financial Times, TIME magazine, Cigar Aficionado, BusinessInsider, and appears frequently on CNBC.
Delyanne The Money Coach Barros joins Farnoosh to answer the latest money questions from the audience. Questions include: Is it wise to use student loans to invest in the market? Why is one of my credit scores so different from the rest? Should I help my boyfriend with his credit card debt? How to become a professional investor without a college degree? Sticking with this week’s lineup of FIRE members who are bringing a fresh voice and face to the space, Farnoosh’s co-host today is Delyanne Barros who is new to the FIRE movement... A lawyer by day and founder of Delyanne the Money Coach a popular Instagram and TicTok feed. You can find her at Delyanne is Brazilian and the first in her family to accomplish many milestones including attending college, becoming an employment attorney, and conquering New York City.  After living in NYC for 14 years, the mecca of the financial industry, Delyanne realized that her financial knowledge was limited to the outdated advice of her parents. Once she discovered the F.I.R.E. movement, she set on a path to retire from the traditional 9-5 grind at 45 years old. However, Delyanne quickly realized that the financial space was lacking the voices of people she could relate to, especially women and Latinas.  That’s when she decided to become that voice and launch Delyanne The Money Coach where she provides coaching and education in a fun and relatable way. Delyanne is on a mission to educate and guide new investors to a life that is debt-free, abundant, and financially independent.
We continue to take a closer look and have deeper conversations with some of the minority faces of the FIRE movement. On Monday we spoke with Paula Pant, a Nepalese-American woman and founder of the Afford Anything blog and podcast. Today, we’re in talks with married couple Amon and Christina Browning, founders of Our Rich Journey, a popular blog and YouTube channel: At the age of 39 and 41, Amon and Christina achieved financial independence and retired early (FIRE). They quit their federal government jobs, retired, and moved to Portugal with their two daughters (ages 11 and 12). On their FIRE journey, they lived and worked in California, Spain, and Japan while saving more than 70% of their income; they discovered “house hacks” to live rent and mortgage free for more than ten years; they learned to travel-hack free luxury vacations for their family all over the world.   Their YouTube channel (“Our Rich Journey”) documents the unique ways they save, make, and invest money - the FIRE way. In just over two years of starting their YouTube channel, their channel garnered more than 280,000 YouTube subscribers and over 13 million video views. Their FIRE story has been featured in numerous media outlets including Good Morning America, the UK's Daily Mail, and Parade Magazine.
This week I’m chatting with a number of people who identify as members of the FIRE movement, which stands for Financial Independence Retire EarlY. The mission is to intensely save and invest —over half your income—so you can retire sometime by 40 or sooner. The movement is often associated with white men who have high earning careers in software engineering or finance. And as a result the FIRE saving and investing advice and pursuit of FIRE  can be inapplicable to many..  So this week we’re speaking to the minority members of the FIRE group that are making the movement more diverse, more inclusive and more relevant. Today we’re speaking with Paula Pant, a prominent leader of the Financial Independence Retire Early movement and an enthusiastic investor with a soft spot for spreadsheets. She is the Founder of Afford Anything, a personal finance and financial independence website and host of the award-winning Afford Anything podcast. Paula’s core belief that “you can afford anything, but not everything” is the backbone of Afford Anything. Through expert interviews and bi-weekly “Ask Paula” episodes, listeners learn to think critically about how they spend limited resources like time, money, and energy. Paula survived Covid 19 earlier this spring so our conversation starts there…and we dive into her financial belief systems in this unusual time…have they changed?
Is it too risky to buy a home with someone you're not married to? What are some ways to protect yourself if you choose to be a co-borrower on the mortgage? In this week's Ask Farnoosh, host Farnoosh Torabi also addresses questions related to career pivots and how to transition to being a financial planner, as well as the best way to pay off high interest credit card debt. Does doing a balance-transfer make sense?
Learn how one small business is transitioning to an all digital-only experience for its kid clientele and expanding its work force and creating job opportunities for more individuals at the same time. Sarah Fazam, founder of Bilingual Birdies, began the business over 12 years ago to encourage cross-cultural awareness through foreign language and live music curriculum. The programs teach Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English (ESL) through live music, movement, dance, puppetry, and theatre-based games. Sarah is of Mexican and Iranian descent. Her parents met in an ESL program, and as she says, "language is a part of my legacy." For more, check out
What is the LEAST amount of money you could spend each month, while staying current with bills and other financial responsibilities? Guest Jully-Alma Taveras is the founder of Investing Latina on Instagram and YouTube, an online community for financially powerful women. She is also a Contributor to Next Advisor where she's provided a strategy for how to live on the smallest budget possible. She, herself, has calculated she can live on less than $600 a month. How? You'll have to listen! More about Jully: She is a writer and producer and you can find her on Youtube where she creates videos to educate women about personal finances, investing, and entrepreneurship.    Check out Jully's work; Youtube: Instagram: Twitter:
A teacher asks how she can make more money and another listener wants to know how to begin investing in Socially Responsible Investments, Plus: dividend investing and how to incorporate Black Lives Matter in our personal finance choices. Farnoosh has answers!
On today's show with guest Stacia Crawford, we're discussing life after a layoff, monetizing your skills, as well as the behind-the-scenes of producing for one of the country's top television stations. Stacia is an award-winning journalist with more than 3 decades of experience in the broadcasting industry, including 25 years as a TV producer in Chicago. Her vast experience as a television news producer has positioned her to be a skilled communications specialist, media trainer, and PR strategist. As a news producer, she understands what editors, producers and bookers want, and she knows what it takes to deliver. Stacia provides customized training to help clients better understand the media and deliver clear, concise key messages and provide useful content. Stacia is also an expert at developing story angles, story pitches, and marketing those pitches to get them on the air and in print. Her network of long-standing relationships with the media and the business community offer a clear advantage for her clients. She is the creator of such programs as “Be Seen, Get Booked,” “Brand and Deliver,” and “ Lights, Camera, Access” in which she helps entrepreneurs, authors, and industry professionals harness the power of the media to increase their visibility, get more leads, and make more money. Stacia also hosts the popular More Than a Soundbite Podcast in which she interviews top media professionals all over the country and delivers powerful strategies to help listeners get booked on TV, on radio, in publications and on podcasts. Stacia is also a teacher at heart and serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia College in Chicago where she teaches writing and reporting for TV news. This Baltimore native earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
Establishing a healthier mindset and management around money requires reconciling with the past, and facing any potential childhood money trauma head on. Financial author Leisa Peterson, author of The Mindful Millionaire, opens up about her early years, depicted as “white trash” and the learnings and (un) learnings that helped her heal and grow her wealth. Says Leisa, “Somehow I found a way to break free of thinking of myself as white trash which is how people thought of our family in our neighborhood. Some kids told me they couldn't play with me because their parents didn't feel like my family was safe. It went deep and was classism at its worst. I'm still breaking through the shame of what I felt when I was young.” Blog: Podcasts: Art of Abundance on iTunes and Mindful Millionaire Book: The Mindful Millionaire (click to access book trailer) is available for pre-order on Amazon, B&N and IndieBound
On this week’s Ask Farnoosh, a listener asks about intermediate savings and the best place to either save or i vest that money. Also: consolidating your student loan with your spouse’s loan. Good idea?
How to find meaningful work right now? How to be a true Ally in the workplace and how to reframe your career ambitions in the near future? We're talking managing your career in a pandemic and recession with Lauren McGoodwin, founder of the Career Contessa and author of the new book POWER MOVES: How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose. Lauren's book is a much-needed handbook filled with practical information, advice, and essential tools (including helpful graphics), to guide women toward building successful careers on their own terms. It is an essential career resource for anyone feeling stuck or unfulfilled, and it will give every woman the courage to know themselves, where they are and where they want to be. For more on Lauren McGoodwin, visit her at, and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @CareerContessa.
Rodneyse Bichotte is the first Haitian-American woman elected in New York City, representing Brooklyn as the Assemblymember and State Committee Woman / District Leader for New York State’s 42nd Assembly District. She represents Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood and Ditmas Park in Brooklyn.  We discuss how a life-changing accident at the age of ten led Rodneyse to a career in public service, key initiatives she is working to pass to better the lives of the most vulnerable in New York City, and her economic predictions for the future of the Big Apple. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Rodneyse is the first Engineer elected to the New York State Legislature; and the first woman to chair the Brooklyn Democratic County Committee. To learn more about Rodneyse and visit the Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises Center check out:
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh, host Farnoosh Torabi and guest Georgia Lee Hussey, CFP and CEO of Modernist Financial, address recent questions posed by listeners. What are the best credit cards for big purchases? Should I take out a student loan or pay for school in cash? Should I tap my home equity line of credit to renovate my home? And much more. Plus, Farnoosh selects 3 iTunes reviewers to each receive a free 15-minute money session.
Joining me today is the new Editor-in-Chief of NextAdvisor, Adam Auriemma. NextAdvisor is a brand new personal finance platform that just launched earlier this summer, in partnership with Time Magazine. I am a contributing editor for the platform and my first piece is about how we bought a house in the pandemic (all the behind-the-scenes!). The site is full of timely and important content related to financial wellness and making smart money moves. One piece I really love is 50 Smart Money Moves You Can Make Right Now, which Adam authored after interviewing many experts including Suze Orman, Mel Robbins, and Erin Lowry, author of Broke Millennial. Adam and I discuss: How NextAdvisor's point of view is slightly different in the world of personal finance content. How the platform is thinking about money in the context of race and class. How Adam's personal views on money have shifted in the pandemic and recession. More about Adam: He is a personal finance journalist and the former editor-in-chief of Money magazine. He has also been a deputy bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal, managing editor of The Daily Beast, and deputy editor of Fusion, a joint venture of Univision and ABC News. Teams working under Adam’s leadership have received the Gerald Loeb Award for Business and Financial Journalism, a National Association of Black Journalists Digital Media Commentary Award, and an Emmy nomination for Best Cultural/Topical Documentary. Follow NextAdvisor on Instagram @NextAdvisor.
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