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Brenda Ster and Windy Lawson lead the popular Socialite Suite on Facebook, where over 100,000 social sellers gather and chat about marketing strategies, social media, and direct sales tips, and, where they provide video-based and live trainings and coachings to clients around the world on improving their online business. They lead with relationship first, and can be found often discussing the merits of pink hair, pink Sharpies, and pink lipstick. Tune in regularly for tips, ideas, and strategies to build your business in direct sales, network marketing, and solopreneurship.
39 Episodes
Today, Brenda and Windy accept questions from direct sales consultants in various companies about marketing strategy, community building, engagement, and recruiting strategies for direct sales. Do you have a question for us?  Send it to us through this form!   Brenda Ster: Hey everybody! Welcome to another episode of Social Marketing with Sassy Suite. I’m Brenda…The post 39. Recruiting Strategies for Direct Sales, Cross-Posting on Social Media, and Joining a Second Company appeared first on SassySuite.
Which struggle bogs you down the most? Time management versus task management is an epic battle for lost productivity. As we head into the new year, we take a few minutes to talk about the difference between time management versus task management and how to reach your goals. Brenda Ster: Hey, hey, everybody! Welcome to…The post 38. Time Management versus Task Management appeared first on SassySuite.
Want to learn Pinterest everything? As you may or may not have heard, we are big fans of Pinterest and everything it can do for your small business and marketing strategy. That’s why we couldn’t wait to get Melissa Megginson from Tailwind back on with us to fill us in on all the newest information.…The post 37. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pinterest appeared first on SassySuite.
We all know how important reviews and testimonials are for businesses, but do you know why they’re important? In this episode, Brenda and Windy talk about breaking down social proof into its most basic forms and how you can build it into your social marketing strategy.   Brenda Ster: Hey, hey everybody! Welcome to another…The post 36: Breaking Down Social Proof appeared first on SassySuite.
35. What Are Chatbots?

35. What Are Chatbots?


Have you been trying to break into the world of messenger marketing? This emerging trend in social marketing is really catching attention — and not because of the automation factors that most people think of when they say “chatbots” but rather because of the genuine relationships they can help you cultivate with your subscribers. Brenda…The post 35. What Are Chatbots? appeared first on SassySuite.
There are two types of people in this world, right? Those who are already shopping for Christmas in July, and those who don’t even want to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. But if you’re marketing your business? You may not have a choice in that matter. So how can you get ready for the…The post 34: Getting Ready for the Holiday Sales Season appeared first on SassySuite.
Reviving a dead Facebook group (or trying to)? Wondering which social channels you need to be on? Every month, we pull 3-5 questions from our listeners and answer them live on the podcast, and this month we have some great questions!! Ask the Suite Podcast Episode: Reviving a Dead Facebook Group, Choosing the Right Social…The post 33. Reviving a Dead Facebook Group, Choosing the Right Social Channels appeared first on SassySuite.
You spend so much time on social media: growing your group, tending your funnels, marketing your business. Shouldn’t you be getting paid for your time? In this episode, Brenda and Windy go over why monetizing your social strategy is an important goal no matter how large or small your business is — and tips to…The post 32: Monetizing Your Social Strategy appeared first on SassySuite.
Have you been watching social media influencers online and wondering how they built their followings and their reputation? Have you ever wondered if you could do the same thing in your community? In this episode, Brenda and Windy talk about becoming a social media influencer as well as the difference between a social media influencer…The post 31: Becoming a Social Media Micro-Influencer appeared first on SassySuite.
Today, Brenda and Windy answer social marketing questions from small business owners live on the podcast. Today’s questions include how to choose the right engagement posts to encourage interaction in your Facebook groups, how to get your name out to local businesses, and sponsoring tips when you work in direct sales and want to share…The post 30: Choosing the Right Engagement Posts, Local Networking, and Sponsoring appeared first on SassySuite.
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