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Author: Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner

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Social Media Examiner's Michael Stelzner helps your business navigate the social jungle with success stories and expert interviews from leading social media marketing pros. Discover how successful businesses employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain actionable tips to improve your social media marketing. Find show notes at
327 Episodes
Do you want to learn more about creating ad funnels on Facebook? Wondering how to build a Facebook ad funnel that works for your business? To explore how to set up a Facebook ad funnel, I interview Charlie Lawrance, a Facebook ads expert.   10:22 Why Facebook ad funnels matter 12:40 A Facebook ad funnel framework you can follow 18:43 Educate and entertain to build awareness 32:43 Remarket to engaged audiences 42:17 Remarket to website traffic custom audiences   Read the show notes: | Learn more about Charlie: | Review the Social Media Marketing Podcast: | Sponsored by Social Media Examiner's Video Marketing Summit:
Do you want to create more content for your LinkedIn page? Wondering which new features can help? To explore creating content for LinkedIn pages, I interview Michaela Alexis, a LinkedIn expert and creator. 10:07 Why you should consider LinkedIn for marketing 16:27 Creating video content for LinkedIn 23:32 Other LinkedIn content ideas 28:58 How to get more visibility on LinkedIn 36:53 New LinkedIn page features Read the show notes. Learn more about Michaela Alexis. Review the Social Media Marketing Podcast.
Wondering how to use Facebook Ads to find new customers? Do you want to know who to target with cold ads on Facebook? To explore targeting cold audiences with Facebook ads, I interview Amanda Bond, a Facebook ads expert. Show notes:
Want to learn more about advertising on Instagram? Wondering how to create Instagram ads that lead to sales? To explore how to create Instagram ads that work, I interview Andrew Hubbard, a Facebook and Instagram ad expert. Show notes:
Do you struggle to properly attribute your sales to your marketing efforts? Do you want to learn more about attribution with Facebook and Google? To explore the concept of attribution on Google and Facebook, I interview Chris Mercer, the world’s leading authority on Google Analytics. Show notes: Check out Google Analytics for Marketers Seminar:
Do you want to learn more about Quora? Wondering how Quora can enhance your marketing efforts? To explore how to use Quora for marketing, I interview JD Prater, Quora’s full-time evangelist. Show notes: Check out Google Analytics for Marketers Seminar:
Do you need a better content marketing plan? Wondering how to improve your content strategy? To explore creative ways to regularly create content, I interview Melanie Deziel, a former journalist, and a storytelling expert. Show notes:  
Do you want to create ad copy that sells? Wondering how you can improve your Facebook ads? To explore how to write Facebook ad copy that converts, I interview Ken Moskowitz, founder of Ad Zombies, one of the world’s top flat-fee ad copywriting services. Show notes:
Wondering how to use IGTV (Instagram TV) for marketing? Looking for a successful use case? To explore IGTV and how it can help your business, I interview Jasmine Star, Instagram expert, professional photographer, and business strategist. Show notes:
Hey there, Michael Stelzner coming to you with an important bonus episode. I want to talk about some important new research that was just released. Here’s what we’ll cover: The decline of Facebook for marketing, use of live video, Messenger bots, Instagram, and YouTube. Check out the report at
Comments (7)

Mike Weber

I'm going to make a weekly series out of this! Awesome idea!

Jul 17th

Mike Weber

This can be one of the most ambiguous topics in marketing or life to handle, even though we are natural storytellers. Love the process that Melissa laid out. Still writing notes!

Jul 1st

Kristi Hughes

Great interview. I appreciate you jumping right into the nitty gritty and not doing a long intro interview on the guest speaker before he gets to the good stuff!

May 31st

braison murgai

Great advice

May 26th

Somtochukwu Ofodum

Great insights. Really grateful I bumped into this.

May 23rd

Leandro Amorim

Great one, details makes all the difference. Bring more this guy.

Feb 13th

Margaret MJ Jones

Great ideas!

Feb 7th
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