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Regardless if it was a mistake or not, IG accounts across the world lost followers. I’m not sure why, but here is some guidance on how not to get caught up in the upset!
Engage the engagement!

Engage the engagement!


I might ramble a bit, but I make a really great point on why you should be engaging with others in social media!
Instagram wisely!

Instagram wisely!


Your personal engagement on social media is important!
The future starts now!

The future starts now!


Why oh why consistency is key!
Too much fake!

Too much fake!


A bit on fake accounts and a few tips for engagement!
You looking at me?

You looking at me?


On the fence about social media? Why should you trust me?
More information on why an account having a high amount of followers doesn’t always equate to a successful account!
There are so many “methods” out there and only one can get you where you want to be!
Our Instagram pods successful? Are they a waste of time? Find out!
The difference between average consistency and above average consistency and mundane consistency and how that will help you grow your audience organically.
How do you know if you’re wasting money with social media?
Frustrated with feeling like you see the same people in your feed? How do you break the FB newsfeed monotony? If networking is something you depend on here are some simple tips to help!
Social media is important for anyone who wants to be known in their community. Here are just a few examples.
A concise look at how to gauge the growth and success of your account!
Why So Shy?

Why So Shy?


Don’t let your shyness get in the way of your success.
Yes, Content Again

Yes, Content Again


Ready to progress with your content? Do yourself a favor, make it interesting! Tell a story!
Content: Is It Crappy?

Content: Is It Crappy?


I personally feel crappy content is an effort (to a greater or lesser degree) to hide something from your audience. Here’s why.
More on loss of flowers and a note on content!
The only way to have the success you want is to put in the hard work.
Some tips on posting!
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