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Author: Joe Dombrowski

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Joe “Mr.D” Dombrowski studies being social, by being social! Join him & his guests as they unpack the good the bad and the funny about the world we live in.
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This week, Joe has decided that he will win Survivor, and there’s nothing his mailman can do about it! Then he’s joined by two very funny Brits, Lee and Adam Parkinson from the Two Mr. P’s in a Podcast. Joe adds several new British slang words to his vocabulary and the gang discuss Lee’s illustrious acting career, the craziness of the teaching profession, and a British treasure named Sticky Vicky!
There's a lot of drama going on in Bachelorette Nation this week and Mama Fran drops some hot tea on everyone's (least) favorite couple, Dale and Claire! Joe gets in touch with his inner southern belle and Fran tells us the meaning of pegging!
On the show today, after a long day of hard work, Joe and Jeff unwind and unbox the Mr. D Holiday Gift Boxes before going on an A.D.H.D conversational journey for the ages! They talk about crow gifts, paper shredder haircuts, and why Joe is always nervous in hotels!
We start the show off this week on a struggling foot as Mama Fran and Joe experience several technical glinches (technical term) while trying to watch this week’s Bachelorette episode. Joe decides that Ben looks like a tan B.J. Novak and Mama Fran forgets that she’s being recorded.
This week, Joe is having a comedy show to help teachers pay for ppe because lets face it, teachers should get all the support we have to give! Joe is also joined by the amazingly smart and fabulous Dr. Jose Medina. Dr. Jose shares his research and experience as a bilingual teaching specialist, but just as importantly, shares his journey and experiences as an out and proud gay Mexican-American educator. 
This week, Joe and Fran power through some technical difficulties, Fran has a perfect record guessing the winners of the show, and Joe "does a tea" on Mama Fran!
This week, you've created a monster!The Let's Watch TV podcast is blowing up, and with it Mama Fran's ego! But even when she's famous she'll still be our favorite Midwestern Mama! Joe talks with an amazing Musician of Tik Tok fame, Sarah Maddack! She tells us about her creative process, the importance of being yourself, and Joe challenges her to an amazing LIVE RAP BATTLE (spoiler alert, Joe loses!)
On this week's episode, Mama Fran bids a (not so fond) farewell to Clare and Dale, Joey actually remembers something from the show that Fran can't, and everyone gets real excited for the absolutely stunning arrival of TAYSHIA!
Trixx and Treats!

Trixx and Treats!


Joe gives us the rundown on the first super-fan happy hour (spoiler it was AMAZING!) and learns that tights don’t mix well with his COVID fupa! He’s then joined by the very funny comedian Trixx and they discuss the ups and downs of performing for Gen-Z crowds as well as the importance of not Kink-Shaming in glass houses!
This week on Let's Watch TV, Joe discovers that he's addicted to trashy reality television, Fran gets sick of Dale, and no one knows how to pronounce La Quinta!
This week, Joe is little concerned about the lyrics the youth of 2020 are listening to and gives us some examples, before he's joined by the Tik Tok cooking sensation Sunny Burrell! Sunny talks about his rise the culinary world through years of hard-work and how he hopes to use that experience to make cooking accessible for everyone. He also drops that good knowledge with a few delicious tips and tricks!
Things are getting hot, heavy, and classless on Bachelorette.....just the way Joe likes it! But neither Joe or Fran are sold on this season's bachelorette Clare as they discuss all the developments with the show this week, both on and off the screen!
In this week’s episode Joe reminds us that it’s not okay to answer texts during adult activities, before welcoming the incredible Ruth Codd to the show! Ruth is an amazing cosmetic artist and activist as well as being absolutely hilarious! She shares the journey  of how she overcame a debilitating childhood injury and shows us that her infectious positivity and confidence is the pandemic the world really needs!
On this episode, we join Joe and Fran as they digest episode 1 of season 16 of the bachelorette, and behold the splendor and beauty of the finest La Quinta Inn banquet hall that money can buy! They go over all the unique tidbits that are sure to make this season of the bachelorette one to remember, not the least of which is the fact that it was filmed during a pandemic. We get Fran's first impressions of the guys, before hearing Joe's prediction for who will be the winner at the end of the season!
Joe is back home in Michigan this week, and he takes a trip down memory lane by looking over his high school yearbook only to find the horror-story that was 2005’s fashion styles! He’s then joined by the amazing teacher-turned-comic Chinedu Unaka and they chat about his experiences with Teach-For-America, when to pick your battles, and how middle schoolers are great at two things: manipulation and smelling bad!
On the first episode of Let's Watch TV, millenial Joe gets ready to watch an entire season of reality TV with his baby boomer mom Fran and the laughs and sparks start flying! They get ready for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette by discussing the history of the show, before dissecting the trailers and playing a lovely mother-son game of 'Smash or Pass,' with some of the season's contestants!
This week, Joe tries to better himself by taking classes during covid, and gets ostracized by teenage girls and an old Norwegian woman for his troubles. He bounces back by chatting with the incredible comic and podcast host Jared Freid about being a Batchelor super-fan and how to have strong opinions on the internet these days!
This week, Joe reminds us how no one can frustrate you like your parents and shares the latest shenanigans from the Dombrowski household, before being joined by fellow comedian Jesus Trejo as they have an amazing chat about their childhood influences, telling jokes in two languages, and how to kill the haters with positivity!
Joe sends out a thank you to A very special someone and previews his forthcoming Batchelor podcast, before falling down the rabbit hole (or in this case pony hole) of people who spend they’re time pretending to be animals...He’s rescued by an Amazing Designer of Project Runway and Tik Tok fame, Gunnar Deatherage and they chat about Gunnar’s incredible journey as a self-taught designer who has designed clothes for some of the most famous people on the planet!
This week Joe gets lost in the world of prison Tik Tok, before he stumbles onto Tik Tok sensation Casey Hamilton, who used his quarantine time to launch his career in entertainment. Joe and Casey both started in the classroom before going viral and they share how to deal with the haters but also swap stories about how students and co-workers continue to inspire them as they pursue their passions. We also get a taste of Casey’s Tik Tok fare with a fun new game invented just for him!
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Intriguing, very interesting as well, hope to see what the future beholds of the beholder

Jun 16th
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