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Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. SE Radio covers all topics software engineering. Episodes are either tutorials on a specific topic, or an interview with a well-known character from the software engineering world. All SE Radio episodes are original content — we do not record conferences or talks given in other venues. Each episode comprises two speakers to ensure a lively listening experience. SE Radio is brought to you by the IEEE Computer Society.
465 Episodes
Sven Schleier and Jeroen Willemsen from the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard and Testing Guide project discuss mobile application security and how the verification standard and testing guide can be used to improve your app’s...
Paul Smith discusses the Crystal Programming Language and the Lucky web framework with Jeremy Jung.
Kanchan spoke with Ryan Ripley about the pre-requisites for an organization to adopt scrum, need for management buy-in, the importance of scrum values and the key responsibilities of the roles defined by scrum and the anti-patterns to watch out for...
Michaela Greiler spoke with SE Radio’s Felienne about code review best practices and how to improve the effectiveness of your reviews.
Adar Leiber-Dembo talks to SE Radio’s Akshay Manchale about Apache Kudu, a system for fast analytics in a column-based storage system. They explore how to leverage Kudu for data analytics, as well as its rich feature set and integration options with other SQL and analytical engines.
Michael Chan has been teaching React since 2013 and is the host of the React Podcast. He currently works at Ministry Centered Technologies as a Frontend Architect.
Justin Richer, lead author of the OAuth2 In Action book discusses the key technical features of the OAuth2 authorization protocol and the current best practices for selecting the right parts of it for your use case.
Joel Spolsky on founding Stack Overflow, “land grabs” vs. “bootstrapping with profitability”, raising more money using “proof points”, what developers and companies get massively wrong, choosing your next job, and how to ask and answer on Stack Over
Avi Kivity of Scylladb deep dives into the internals of Scylladb and what makes it a high performant version of Cassandra, a distributed key-value datastore. The discussion covers the architecture of Scylladb, its relationship with high performance...
Max Neunhoffer of ArangoDB discusses about multi-model databases in general, and open source ArangoDB, in specific, with show host Nishant Suneja. The show discussion covers motivation behind deploying a multi-model database in an enterprise setting, and deep dives into ArangoDB internals.
Rowland Savage, author of How to Stick the Landing: The M&A Handbook for Startups, discusses how company acquisitions work, the three types, and why it is so important for software engineering startups to know the details to make an acquisition happen.
Yaniv Tal discusses The Graph’s key features and also explains to user basics of blockchain infrastructure, Ethereum.
Felienne joins host Jeff Doolittle as a guest on the show to discuss her book, The Programmers Brain. While programmer’s brains are not special in comparison to the brains of others, they face unique cognitive challenges...
Michael Ashburne and Maxwell Huffman discuss Quality Assurance with Jeremy Jung.
Evan Weaver of Fauna discusses the Fauna distributed database. Host Felienne spoke with him about its design and properties, as well as the FQL query language, and the different models it supports: document-based as well as relational.
Otakar Nieder, Senior Director of Development at Bohemia Interactive Simulations, discusses how simulation apps are different from gaming with host Kanchan Shringi.
Daniel Roth from Microsoft discusses Blazor’s key features and benefits of using c# full stack for building web apps with host Priyanka Raghavan.
Jeffery D Smith, author of Operations Anti-Patterns, DevOps Solutions, talks about how things can go wrong in development organizations and what DevOps has to offer with host Robert Blumen.
Tomer Shiran, co-founder of Dremio, talks about managing data inside a data lake, historical changes and motivations for managing data as a data lake, and the common tools and methods for ingestion, storage, and analytics on top of the underlying data.
Jamie author of Software Telemetry book discusses Software Telemetry, why telemetry data is so important and the discipline of tracing, logging, and monitoring infrastructure.
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most interesting part is how at the end he talks about what community should be, guy can give different idea and not be "hit in the face" even if another person does not agree. other communities really lacks this

Nov 24th

Sameer Gupta

sof was a paid service at some point in time. did I hear that right?

Aug 13th

Hamza Senhaji Rhazi

wonderful episode, really relevant experiance shared

Aug 12th

Sai Lao Kham

Really interesting! I wanna buy his book

Jun 12th

Raghu Meda

love this. the way Gregor has made all that ecplanation is fabulous. simple terms, metaphors, deep insight and true facts,...super. fully worth it to listen to this.

May 23rd

Abhinav Verma

This is some really good advice on how to deal with legacy code, and not be sad about it :-)

Apr 19th

Pedro Chico

Terrible audio

Feb 12th

Hassen Suleiman

Thank you. One of the best episodes.

Jan 27th

Yuiyew Wannano


Dec 3rd

Sabah Saeedi


Oct 20th


awesome. Learned a lot

Oct 16th

Duncan Finney


Oct 4th

Madhavan Pro

first thing it's 52 mins ,. most of them don't have an hour listening to a educational podcast, I wud suggest not more than 30 mins second ,. we need a deeper and advanced info, it seems so basic

Feb 22nd
Reply (1)

Emre Can Kucukoglu

where are the episodes before #166?

Feb 7th

Alan Argollo

What an awesome episode! Thanks for this.

Nov 22nd
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