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In this podcast series, Solar Power World editors talk with the U.S. solar industry’s biggest newsmakers.
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KP is a history buff, so this month's interview is super exciting! Rosendin Electric is celebrating 100 years of electrical contracting this year, and the company has morphed into one of the largest solar EPCs in the business. We talk about how that 100 years of electrical experience has helped Rosendin make some big moves in both utility-scale and C&I solar. There's even a discussion about how labor shortages might affect utility-scale solar in remote areas. Read the extended story:
This month we talked with large-scale EPC Conti Solar about its work across the country. So many landfill installations! Read our full story: 
Super duper excited to talk with RPCS this month about the company's exclusive tracker installation focus. Let's talk utility-scale solar for a little while, OK? Be sure to read the full story: And we're working with a new podcast program this month, so let us know if there are any issues!
Nuance Energy Group applied a mounting technology used in other industries to solar with its proprietary Osprey PowerPlatform. The all-in-one ground mount/racking solution comes with ease of use for install, using only simple tools, and has been deployed in utility-scale projects. In this episode of Solar Speaks, we talked to Nuance Energy co-founder and CEO Brian Boguess about the Osprey PowerPlatform, and how it can save installers time, controls cash flow and works in a range of soil types. This podcast is sponsored by Nuance Energy Group
What a fun way to close out 2018! Kells talks to Green Solar Technologies, the only U.S. solar installer to testify in favor of tariffs on solar panels. Does the company regret its decision? And we talk about unique energy storage offerings. GST likes to push natural gas generators. Is that green enough? Read the story:
Community choice aggregation means putting the power in the public's hands—literally and figuratively. CCA legislation allows cities and counties within IOU service territories to provide electric service to customers. Listen to this podcast to learn the ins and outs of CCAs.
We're dropping this month's podcast early for all you Thanksgiving travelers. Kelly talks with Scenic Hill Solar out of Arkansas about the company's work with L'Oréal and municipalities. KP even gets a "That's a great question" shoutout, so she's extremely thankful this year for having the opportunity to talk to so many influential people in the solar industry. We're again sponsored by DuPont this month. Check them out! If you want to read the full story on Nov. 26, here's the link:
This month we talk to Gary Gerber of Sun Light & Power. He started the company back in 1976 and shows no signs of slowing down. Check out some vintage photographs with the full story:
The problem of homelessness is unavoidable in Portland, Oregon. So nonprofit solar installer Twende Solar decided to do its first domestic installation for a homeless shelter in its hometown. See the story:
KP is super excited to talk to Colorado's Atlasta Solar Center this month, a company with nearly 40 years of solar installation experience. The audio is a little shaky at the beginning, but it evens out, so hang tight! What other solar companies can say they've been around for four decades? See the story: Thanks once again to DuPont for sponsoring this month's Contractors Corner!
Solar+storage expert Sun Valley Solar Solutions of Arizona integrates demand control solutions into solar projects and has become the go-to battery expert in the state. Read our full story: And thanks to DuPont for sponsoring this month's Contractors Corner!
Three Top Solar Contractors discuss their business strategy around pricing transparency and how it impacts their solar sales.
KP talks with Silicon Valley's Fresco Solar about the commercial market in the area. Carports, carports, carports! Read the full story: And thanks to DuPont for sponsoring this month's Contractors Corner!
The worlds of solar and energy storage are coming together more closely all the time, and so is this podcast. We spoke with Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO at Energy Storage Association. ESA is the trade association for the energy storage industry and the leading voice for companies that develop and deploy the advanced energy storage systems that support the power grid we rely on every day. We speak to the woman behind the voice of energy storage today.
In this episode we speak to one of the OGs of the solar industry, Dan Shugar, CEO and founder of solar tracking company NEXTracker. With more than thirty years in the industry, Shugar has been called a pioneer of the commercial solar market. With impressive success leading companies including Powerlight and Solaria, even before NEXTracker, he’s also been called the King Midas of Solar. Here, we finally connect with the man who says he has silicon pumping through his bloodstream. Read more here:
This month we're talking about the Maine solar market with ReVision Energy. Our guest Fred Greenhalgh, creative services director, even give a nice comparison of solar's relationship with utilities to Napster's relationship with the music industry. What? Listen in! This month's podcast is sponsored by DuPont. Read our full story:
As solar matures, there are a lot of component suppliers to choose from, especially when it comes to inverters. Not only is there a lot to consider as far as what technology works for your project (whether it’s module-level power electronics or string or central inverters), but manufacturers’ supply chains also matter. To find out why, we spoke with Ed Heacox, general manager of CPS America.
This month's vet is Erica Mackie, cofounder and CEO of GRID Alternatives, which is the largest nonprofit solar installer in the country. She shares keys to Grid's success, which any solar installer can learn from, as well as what the solar industry can do better. Read more here:
This month, Kelly chats with Strata Solar, a North Carolina-based EPC working in the C&I and utility markets. We talk about the company's unique O&M approaches (sheep!) and how the solar panel tariffs are affecting utility projects. Read the full story:
The May 25 deadline for the 2018 Top Solar Contractors application is quickly approaching, so SPW editors sat down to talk through some common questions about the list and why all U.S. solar contractors should apply for it.
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