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Promoting Worker Rights Worldwide
8 Episodes
International Trade Union Confederation President Ayuba Wabba shares how the collective power of the Nigerian labor movement forced the government to enact policies to help workers during COVID-19 and discusses how the global union movement must work for a new social contract in the post-pandemic world. A New Contract for Recovery and Resilience, speech by Ayuba Wabba on Decent Work Day, 2020 New Social Contract: ITUC Report Makes Economic Case for Social Protection Climate and Labor Justice NLC Suspends Strike    
Adriana Paz Ramírez shares how in the midst of incredible hardship, domestic workers in Latin America have come together through their unions and associations to take care of each other and to use their collective strength to push for the legal rights they deserve as workers. Paz is Latin America Regional Coordinator of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF). IDWF Domestic Workers: Health, Growing, Taking Action Find out the latest on Belarus workers and check out ways to support them: Support BMZ workers Belarus Solidarity Fund for Naftan workers Belarus Solidarity Fund for GrodnoAzot workers      
From Nicaragua, Francia Blanco, a trans rights union activist and domestic worker, shares with Solidarity Center Executive Director Shawna Bader-Blau how she and other trans domestic workers are joining in their union to win rights on the job and respect in their communities. Domestic Workers: Healing, Growing, Taking Action FETRADOMOV LGBT Rights in Nicaragua
George Sandul, a worker rights attorney in Ukraine, joins Solidarity Center Executive Director Shawna Bader-Blau in a discussion about how unions in Ukraine are engaged in creative campaigns to reach gig economy workers who have few rights as workers under the law.  Taken for a Ride: Litigating the Digital Platform Model Around the World, Platform Food Couriers Are Mobilising for Basic Workers’ Rights Worker Rights Experts Field COVID-19 Queries in Ukraine  
The COVID-19 pandemic created economic hardship for many workers worldwide, and migrant workers were especially hard hit. Preeda, a migrant rights lawyer in Thailand, discusses how laws that exclude migrant workers from basic support systems like unemployment insurance leave have left millions with no income, and often no way to return home. Episode Summary. A Pandemic Reset for Migrant Workers, Neha Misra and Shannon Lederer How COVID-19 Affects Women in Migration, Carolina Gottardo and Paola Cyment    
Host Shawna Bader-Blau, Solidarity Center executive director, talks with worker rights advocates in Belarus and Brazil who share inspiring stories of workers defending democracy. Episode summary. UPDATE, June 10: Judge Orders Vale to Pay Victims’ Families in 2019 Mining Disaster Why Did the Dam Collapse in Brazil? Here’s a Brief Look Impossible, Unthinkable Change Is Happening in Belarus
South African union activist Brenda Modise speaks with Solidarity Center Executive Director Shawna Bader-Blau in the first episode of The Solidarity Center Podcast, “Billions of Us, One Just Future,” which highlights conversations with workers (& other smart people) worldwide shaping the workplace for the better. Modise talks about the global campaign to end gender-based violence at work. As we mark International Women’s Day, South African union activist Brenda Modise shares how union women around the world successfully pushed the International Labor Organization for adoption of Convention 190 to end gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) at work, and talks about how unions in South Africa are part of a broad feminist network campaigning to end GBVH there. VIDEO: What is Gender-Based Violence at Work? South Africa’s C190Can Campaign VIDEO: Brenda Modise and union activists campaign to end GBVH at work Fact Sheet: C190 Explained More information on the global campaign to ratify C190
Solidarity Center is the largest international worker rights organization in the United States. We empower workers in over 60 countries to raise their voice for dignity on the job.
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