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Son of a Hitman

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In this multi-part limited series, host and journalist Jason Cavanagh conducts a real-time investigation into the murders, crimes, and conspiracies of hitman, Charles Harrelson, father to actor Woody Harrelson. The investigation will uncover new evidence never shared before, but seeking the truth comes at a risk. There may be people out there - serious, dangerous people - who have an interest in keeping Charles Harrelson’s secrets buried. Listen to episode 2 and future episodes only on Spotify. Produced by Spotify Studios and Tradecraft in association with High Five Content. 

2 Episodes
Infamous hitman Charles Harrelson served life in prison for the assassination of a federal judge. But his sons believe he may be innocent. Host and journalist Jason Cavanagh investigates the crimes and conspiracies involving the father to actor Woody Harrelson. Son of a Hitman premieres on May 5th. Listen to episode 1 wherever you get your podcasts.
Host Jason Cavanagh introduces us to the hitman Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrelson. Through conversations with Charles’ son Brett, prosecutor Ray Jahn, and criminal defense attorney Danny Sheehan, we begin to learn about the three murders Charles Harrelson was charged with, including the assassination of a federal judge. Listen to episode 2 and future episodes only on Spotify.
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Brooke Venning

in case anyone is interested, the episodes are coming out on Spotify. Seems like it would have been more professional, or at least courteous, to let people know that in their description or something but whatever.

Jul 2nd
Reply (1)

Brooke Venning

So.... does this have a release schedule? At this point it has been like 5 weeks since the last episode.

Jun 11th

Stephanie Berdahl

For everyone looking for new episodes they're on Spotify. I happened to look there today and they have 5 episodes up.

Jun 6th

s valentine

when is the rest of the eps coming out ???

Jun 2nd

Rob Claypool

is there going to be another episode?

May 31st
Reply (1)

Blake Larson

Curious about why Harrelson's sons aren't reaching out to Catherine Chagra(Jimmy Chagra's daughter)to make a movie based on the true story of Catherine Chagra's book based on her father Jimmy Chagra, along with this podcast. Catherine is the author of a true story based on the life of her father Jimmy Chagra who was accused of hiring Harrelson, and the biggest drug smuggler of marijuana in the United States of America! Jimmy was also a high stakes gambler who made his millions in a world of luxury in Las Vegas! A film about risking it all with whatever hand you are dealt.

May 23rd


when's the next episode

May 18th

Noel Early

episode 2?????

May 16th
Reply (1)

Jennifer Cox

turn off the background music!!!! omfg!!!

May 11th
Reply (2)
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