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Song Vs. Song

Author: Todd Nathanson

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Hosted by Todd (in the Shadows) Nathanson and SyFy's Dany Roth, Song vs. Song pits two similar songs of an era against each other with controversial outcomes.
20 Episodes
Oh man, here's a tough one. Which is the better of the genre-hopping soul-hiphop pop songs from singing rappers? "Hey Ya!" by Outkast! "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley! Who can pick?!
That slow, driving '80s bass. Two smash rock ballads by two of the greatest rock bands of the '80s! Who will reign supreme, U2 or the Police? And as a bonus, who's more annoying, Sting or Bono? 
Butts! Whose classic booty jams from the turn of the millennium shall reign supreme, Juvenile or Sisqo? Also: Find out the shocking reason that Sisqo is like Moses
 Get ready for an extremely content-warning-y episode as we talk about some dark topics as we debate which dark grunge classic should reign supreme, Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" vs. Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun"! 
It's the one you've been waiting for. The main event: Beatles vs. Stones! Which quasi-religious rock masterpiece shall reign supreme? 
Battle of the Makeup Wearing '80s Sad Boys! "Boys Don't Cry" by The Cure! "This Charming Man" by The Smiths! Who will win? And can we make it to the end of the episode talking about something besides Morrissey's awful politics?!
Battle of the 2000s chick-rock pop stars! 
The two songs that turned emo into the sound of rock music in the '00s! But which one is better? And which fanbase will eat Todd and Dany alive? 
Battle of the Space Race era sci-fi astronaut songs? Can Elton's Rocket Man take down Bowie's doomed man-in-a-can Major Tom? 
10: "All-Star" vs. "Smooth"

10: "All-Star" vs. "Smooth"


Battle of the two biggest beloved smashes of 1999 that became the biggest jokes of the 2010s!
Comments (2)

Lena Fisher

so was anyone gonna tell me that there's an Aretha Franklin version of Let It Be or was I supposed to hear that in Song Vs Song myself

Jun 27th

Jason Huntley

Gave this a try, but I don't care about your Krftisy political correct cultural appropriation talk. That idiocy doesn't logically for in any part of society. I get that in my news feed. I don't need it in my ears on what is supposed to be a fun podcast. Did black people appropriate basketball? Central Americans steal baseball? White people take blues and jazz? What about art? Comedy? Food? It's such a stupid and illogical thing to bring up.

May 21st
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