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Songs from the kitchen

Songs from the kitchen

Author: Andy Comley

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Soulful, intimate listening, wherever you are
20 Episodes
Intimate, acoustic music. A singer/songwriter house concert, where ever you are.This weeks songs:The day after yesterday,Money,Sing to me your song,Pegasus.All songs copyright A. Comley
Intimate acoustic music podcast, live from the kitchen.This weeks songs:Have you ever wondered?I don't know anymore,Knocking on the doors of love,Yes you can marry.All songs copyright A. Comley
On this weeks menuOh me oh myMan I'm scaredHappyHopeAll songs copyright A. Comley
Acoustic, music, live from a kitchen in the south of England.This weeks songs:Only trying to see the lightHere in my heartSoftly to youHerAll songs copyright A. Comley
Acoustic songs, without the garnish.This weeks songsThe night eagle comesCarolineShorelineSomething newAll songs copyright A. Comley
This weeks songs:It's gonna be alright,World away,Holiday,HighlandsAll songs copyright A. Comley
Live acoustic music, from a kitchen in Hampshire.Songs this week:We were meant to be,integration, assimilation, acculturation, theft,Dreams,I love you.All songs copyright A. Comley
Live acoustic music, straight from the kitchen.Songs this week include:Every little bit of me,Two seats apart,Light up your life,Meet me.All songs copyright A. Comley
Another intimate serving of acoustic music.This weeks songs:She came alongWaiting,Love letterTiredWatching you nightly.All songs copyright A. Comley
Intimate, and soulful, this weeks songs areShove'n our lovin' away,16 years of age,When Mary comes in,Woke up this morning.All songs copyright A. Comley
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