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Kuper Island is an 8-part series that tells the stories of four students: three who survived and one who didn’t. They attended one of Canada’s most notorious residential schools – where unsolved deaths, abuse, and lies haunt the community and the survivors to this day. Hosted by Duncan McCue. More episodes are available at
“Isn’t this the a-hole who killed Paul McKinnon? Shut up and die!” A distracting obsession. An unexpected letter. And a controversial method of regaining lost memories. Plus, a final message from Paul.
Chapter 3: Ghost

Chapter 3: Ghost


“Were you waiting for me to just say goodbye?” Alex and his grief counsellor, Yvonne, dive into one memory of Paul that Alex never forgot and try to trigger others. Plus, Alex’s parents discover that some of their own memories are not what they seem.
Chapter 2: Paulbearers

Chapter 2: Paulbearers


A funeral. A strange smell. A story that just doesn’t add up. In the days after Paul’s death, grief consumes Alex’s family. His mom is catatonic. His dad is furious. Both are focused on one thing: demanding the police take responsibility for what they’ve done. Meanwhile, Alex’s memories of Paul are already slipping away. Now, he confronts the roots of that memory loss with a grief counselor who has her own connection to Paul — she saw him die.
Alex worshipped his older brother, Paul. But when Paul was killed by a speeding police car at age 14, Alex almost immediately started to forget him. First his voice. Then his laugh. Then pretty much everything else. But what if those memories could be retrieved? Through a series of intimate conversations with family and friends about Paul’s final moments alive, Alex begins to explore why Paul’s death has become the only thing he remembers.
How do you forget your favourite person in the world? Alex remembers everything about the day a speeding police car killed his brother. But his brother, alive? Those memories are lost – and he wants them back. Sorry About the Kid is an emotional, deeply personal meditation on the losses that define us. All four episodes available January 19th. Hosted by Alex McKinnon. Produced with Mira Burt-Wintonick (WireTap, Love Me).
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Tracy Bannerman

Thank you for sharing. I don't think I've cried all the way through a podcast before,it was so sad and interesting to see how it affected each family member. And each in their own way. I hope you have more memories come from this ❤️

Mar 31st

Ruth McLoughlin

An unimaginable tragedy and eloquently told by a man who was deprived of growing up beside his brother by a senseless act that had no accountability. The story makes the listener feel the love and pain and grief of the family.Highly recommend a listen!

Mar 18th

David Neary

This is an excellent telling of an unimaginable gut wrenching tragedy. Brother Alex takes a courageous journey to resurrect the lost memories of his brother. Alex narrates this podcast working through his own unresolved grief and revisiting his families experiences as well. Highly recommend.

Mar 10th

Sue Cque

Very touching story. An inspirational perspective from the family, gracefully presented. Such a sad and incredible loss.

Feb 2nd
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