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Every Thursday on Sorry We're Stoned, mother-daughter duo Tish Cyrus and Brandi Cyrus sit down to have candid conversations about anything and everything from current events and Cyrus family stories to advice and design inspiration from the hottest mom in the game. This podcast will provide fans a chance to connect with Mama Tish (aka MT) and Brandi on a personal level. There’s a lot going on in these busy ladies' lives, and on this podcast, nothing is off limits... even getting stoned.
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This week, Brandi’s joining us from Gulf Port with a minor health concern — any Stoners out there in the medical field have any insight on the mysterious appearing Cyrus ‘bebe pellets’?? Brandi is freaked, but Tish is unconcerned, she’s had hers for 30 years and she’s fine! Plus, Tish is ready to dive in with some High Design tips, including the beautiful new weed cart she’s just found for herself and some of the best brands in Target for interior decor. Then, on this week’s Dear MT, Tish and Brandi get real and share some relationship advice about communication and having empathy for your partner and their unique viewpoint. They also throw out some suggestions of names for furry friends and debate who they think is going to come out as the winner of the Bachelor.  And we’re joined by the brilliant Hope Wiseman, who became the youngest black woman to own a dispensary in the United States with the opening of Mary & Main in 2017. She joins Tish and Brandi to discuss legalization, criminal justice reform, medical, scientific, and economic benefits of cannabis and her own personal journey to entrepreneurship, including her college experience and inspiration from her mother, and advice for other young people out there who want to follow their dreams. That’s all for this one guys, don’t forget to leave us a 5 star review, and we’ll see you next time!
Well Stoners, this week, Tish is starting the party on her own! That’s right, Brandi is late, but we suppose we can forgive her since she’s been iced in her house for days and having to trek out to the barn to take care of the all the animals in the ice cold. Seriously, Tish really got out of Nashville just in time, but she’s gotten turned onto the CMT show ‘Nashville’ about 10 years too late and now she’s obsessed. Also, we hear about some alternate Cyrus baby names, national park hiking tips, guilty pleasures, and more in this week’s Dear MT before we’re joined by our guest. Called ‘The Steve Jobs of Weed’ Josh Haupt is an innovator and entrepreneur who’s worked in cannabis for years, ever since he began using it medically to help treat his epilepsy as a teenager. He’s completely redefined the limits of growing, famous for his ‘three pounds a light’ techniques and started and sold several companies, and Tish and Brandi are seriously in love with the new line of CBD beauty products from him and his wife, Plant Love Naturals. Josh gives us some great business and life advice and teaches us all about the ins and outs of the cannabis industry, and he’s inviting Tish and Brandi out for a tour of his warehouses when it’s safe. That’s all for this week, check out Josh on social media and get yourself some Plant Love Naturals! Don’t forget to leave us a 5 star review and call in to leave your questions for Dear MT. See you next week!
This week we’re joined by very special guest, Brandi’s co-host and Tish’s hot contractor, Wells Adams! And Tish got extra high just for him! Meanwhile, Wells has brought along some great ideas, including but not limited to, a Road Rules: Cyrus Edition and a hunt for long-lost distant Cyrus cousins (because, as Tish and Brandi share, cousin Trey is truly iconic). Wells is also dishing out some advice and BTS secrets in this week’s Dear MT discussing everything from surviving long Bachelorette nights and communicating as a good partner to dog potty training and his favorite Cyrus sibling (which just may surprise you). The group also gets serious as they talk about the invasions of privacy, safety, and decency shown in the new Britney doc, and their own experiences with paparazzi. Plus, Wells contributes some of his own baked goods this week and gives us some hot tips on shopping for engagement rings. Hope you have as much fun with this one as we did Stoners! Check out Wells and Brandi on the Your Favorite Thing podcast and see you next week!
Tish and Brandi are no longer in Nashville together, but they had an absolute blast this weekend, getting to experience the first live music show of 2021 with Miley performing for vaccinated healthcare workers at the Super Bowl! With Tish settling back in L.A, she’s spending a lot of time texting BR and she can’t wait for this week’s visit from good friend Ben Higgins. Before that, the ladies dive straight into some Dear MTs to talk growing a business, making your bedroom a safe-haven, and being a considerate smoker (share your munchies, people!). Then, we’re joined by Mr. Generous Coffee himself, Ben Higgins, who is very excited to catch up with two of his favorite people. Ben and Brandi reminisce about some past trips they’ve taken together, and reflect on some of the remarkable communities they’ve been lucky enough to meet through their charity work. Ben discusses how this work helps him feel a sense of connection and purpose, and how writing down, talking through, and sharing his feelings helped him combat loneliness and isolation. Together, the trio reflect on some of the ups and downs of notoriety and discuss the ongoing process of finding and shaping one’s identity. Ben and Tish also consider the importance of gratitude, and talk about some of the things Ben’s most thankful to have in his life, like his beautiful new home in the Colorado wilderness with his fiancée, just beware of mountain lions! That’s all for this week Stoners, be sure to check out Ben’s new book “Alone in Plain Sight” and don’t forget to leave us a five star review, we’ll see you next time!
This is the last week of Tish’s stay in Nashville and Brandi is already missing her mama! But the two of them have a 12 hour Florida road trip to get through before they go their separate ways (here we come Super Bowl LV!!). Tish and BR have been watching some good new movies while Brandi buzzed through all of Bridgerton (or Bridger-Town as Tish calls it) in just 2 days. Then, in this week’s Dear MT, they share some of the stories behind crazy Cyrus family nicknames and some memories from the Best of Both Worlds Tour, plus what they’re looking forward to in 2021 and their fitness advice. We’re also joined by Doreen Sullivan, founder of My Bud Vase, a line of beautiful, high-end bongs and cannabis accessories, and she and Tish are already making plans to hang out in 2021. Doreen is giving away a gorgeous, $200 bong/vase to one lucky Stoner! Follow us on Instagram to see how you can enter the giveaway, don’t forget to leave us 5 stars, and we’ll see you next week!
This week, Brandi is exhausted after a long week of horse-showing, but she and Star-girl did amazing!! Tish is sooo proud, and reminiscing about Noah’s old horse-showing days with the fam too.  In the meantime, Tish has been hanging with Billy Ray 24/7, watching TV, playing Trouble, and organizing, and she’s been having a great time! Then Brandi and Tish catch up on the latest Bach news (and send some love to Wells) before tackling some Dear MTs on Cyrus family slang, Dolly Parton, and the perfect bungalow kitchen. We’re also bringing back But Seriously, and this week we’re joined by incredible young activist Kenidra Woods to get real about mental health, bullying, racial justice, and education. Kenidra shares her own remarkable story as well as some of her most exciting ideas about transforming education and the way we talk about mental health, and Tish is completely on-board! Thanks for another great one Stoners, don’t forget to leave us a 5 star review and we’ll see you next week!
This week, Trace joins Tish and Brandi for a DMC (Deep, Meaningful Conversation) and he gets real about everything from anxiety and fear of failure to motivation and relationship problems, and Tish is SO proud of the smart, respectful boys she has raised!! Trace also dives into the roots of his deep love of music, life on the road with Metro Station, and the burden of a “one hit wonder” label. Plus, the Cyruses give out some advice on Dear MT, discuss their Munchie Moments, and some favorite new TV in Off-Limits. Thanks Stoners! Leave us a review and tune in next week!
Welcome to 2021 Stoners! And this week we’re coming to you from Tish’s famous Nashville basement. To kick off a new year for the stoners, Tish and Brandi are bringing Braison along to get all the gossip on what life was like as a Cyrus kid and talk about his own impending fatherhood (but no mushy feelings please!!) Meanwhile, Tish is higher than ever and maybe communing with spirits to bring us some astrological insights and Brandi is trying to keep it together on what may be the most chaotic episode of Sorry We’re Stoned yet. The gang discuss aliens, Metallica posters, sibling payback, what counts as a swear word, receding hairlines, and how many holes are in a straw. Welcome back Stoners, we missed you!
Young Nikki is in the house! This week Brandi and MT are joined by an incredible guest, Miss Noah Cyrus!! Before we welcome Noah, Tish shares that she does in fact approve of Brandi’s stunning Christmas tree, and we go “off limits” and talk about some of the TV shows Tish is obsessed with. Noah joins your hosts for dear MT (this week, dear Noie!) and gives some great advice on staying motivated, what she does when she’s feeling down, and what helps her get through anxiety attacks.
This week we start off with some serious Christmas tree convos, covering all the details from top to bottom. Tish has been spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest getting Christmas decor inspo! Your hosts also plan their holiday movie nights, and *SPOILER ALERT* discuss the ending of The Undoing. We also hear from a very special guest, Olivia Rudensky, who was a Miley super-fan turned head of digital and marketing at MC’s management company!! In this inspiring chat Olivia discusses leveraging the power of social media to cultivate your dream job.
This week we have a very special episode for ya’ll, as we’re joined by the incredibly talented Paul McDonald. He discusses how his album came to be, who his favourite artists are, PLUS, we’re treated to a live performance of two very special songs!! Tish fangirls hard. But, before Paul joins your hosts, they talk about their family absolutely killing the music game these days, and their favorite songs off of Plastic Hearts. Tish and Brandi chat about their current favorite show and answer Dear MT questions about skin care, Tish’s involvement in her kids’ careers, and of course high design.
In this week’s episode Tish and Brandi share just how excited they are for the youngest Cyrus member; y’all, our little Noie is nominated for a Grammy!! Tish then divulges her plan to start EMS workout therapy for which we will be expecting weekly updates. Your hosts also discuss how freakin’ annoying daylight savings is, which, if Billy Ray had anything to do with it, would be called daylight losing time. We are then joined by the lovely Angela, founder of Elevate Jane, as we discuss the inspiration behind starting her business, and destigmatizing marijuana.
This week on Sorry We’re Stoned Brandi and Tizzle are on a “high” from last week’s amazing episode with Billy Ray, and are back with all your favorites: fan questions and high design galore! Tish has seriously upped her Instagram game and is excited for her second (third?) act. They talk about everything from Botox to boundaries, to the best Christmas trees, cereal combos, and more! Also, Astra girl is on her period again so that’s embarrassing.
We’re taking Sorry We’re Stoned to a whole new level this week as Tish consumes a pineapple gummy edible and Billy Ray Cyrus joins Tish and Brandi to give some incredible advice, talk about performing live music, and share details on his personal journey with weed. Dear MT this week involves some amazing questions from the Stoners (including Larry Pancake!) ranging from the best products to enhance your mullet to Tish and Billy Ray’s best pieces of marriage advice, which involves separate bathrooms (and sometimes separate states) and embracing change.
On today’s episode, Tish switches it up with some dessert wine while Brandi gives all the behind-the-scenes deets on her Halloween party which involved a very tipsy and nearly naked Ry. Olivia Caridi (no, Tish, not Cardi!) joins Tish and Brandi to chat about decorating her New York Apartment, catch us up on her dating life, and discuss ballroom dancing and 'tango porn'. The three co-hosts provide some heartfelt advice to the Stoners about getting over breakups, decluttering your life, and meeting men as a confident, independent woman.
In this week’s episode, our co-hosts are talking favorite holidays (and overrated ones), the best ways to elevate a room, and how to navigate a global pandemic as a new grad. Tish starts off the episode with a recap of her weekend in Santa Barbara, from ditching a hike to find some new antiques to running into a good friend while out and about. Brandi is dreaming about her own getaway but in the meantime, she's continuing to step up her home improvement game and planning for this year’s not-so-typical Halloween bash.
Brandi is recovering from a hectic two weeks of horse-showing while Mama Tish is still high on her new discovery of a water pipe store and her amazing weekend with friends and fam. The co-hosts answer Stoner questions in a segment of Dear MT during which they reveal their go-to tips for training a recently adopted pup and their best advice for those struggling with the stigma of smoking weed. In the second half of today's episode, Brandi and Tish are joined by Kate Miller, AKA @missgrass, who shares how she became interested in the cannabis industry, the mission behind her brand, and first steps for new & soon-to-be stoners.
Brandi has had quite the eventful week between horse showing a very sassy Star and picking up Astra girl at the local animal control. Meanwhile, Tish has arrived back in LA to the chaos of re-doing hardwood floors during a pandemic while trying to make Billy Ray’s studio feel like a temporary home. Tish and Brandi reminisce about their favorite 80s musicians as well as Tish’s cheerleading days that could give her an edge if she ever decided to go on Dancing with the Stars. MT & Brandi also answer questions from the Stoner Facebook community, give design tips for small spaces, and discuss some off-limits TV shows.
Tish and Brandi are finally together and recording the podcast in-person from Brandi’s renovated basement, AKA Tish’s new Nashville home! It’s been a crazy week involving lots of family time, unpacking and decorating, and even exploring some new up and coming Nashville hotspots. We’re also talking favorite memories with Dolly Parton, advice for a winter wedding and a friendship fallout, and how Billy Ray unknowingly created a new trend in the art world.
Tish is in New York this week working on a super-secret project while Brandi is prepping for Tish’s upcoming visit to Nashville. Mom and daughter discuss Tish’s progress toward her step goals and her recent apartment makeover, as well as advice for a listener working in social media and a Facebook group member looking for dorm tips. In the second half of today’s episode, Dr. Daniel Amen joins the co-hosts to dive into all things brain health, one-page miracles, and steps for overcoming automatic negative thoughts.
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