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Allow us (Ash and Jazz) to bless your eardrums as we voice ideas and share our views and personal experiences on all things health, the metaphysical, and other spiritual life stuff! Ride the roller coaster of life with us. Learn, be entertained, start deepening your own journey and enjoy! Soul Gab airs Wednesdays and Saturdays.
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Join Ash and Jazz on this 2-hour special of this week’s randomables: Anchor glitches, chibera 2019 and post-eclipse feels, astrological differences, old school internet to name several! Also, they share the key element of this episode on eliminating judgment and embracing empathy.
In this episode, Ash and Jazz discuss an interesting study about how social media is perceive to be a place of connection but is actually link to loneliness and negative experiences. They both weigh in on the subject. Jazz openly shares her latest harsh experience with a racist from a random DM and reveals why she chooses not to react but “deactive”. They also weigh in on the recent documentary, The Fyre Festival and express their thoughts about the event and its demise. They share the major lesson about the seemingly façade of “glamortize”. Major spoil alerts; it’s this week’s randomables!
How well do you know the 7 Chakras? Join and Ash and Jazz as they discuss the well-known seven Chakra energies of the spiritual body from the Root to the Crown; they discuss a brief description of each one and share how to honor and harness each specific energy. They also discuss the mysterious chakra informally known as the Angel Wing as they go down memory lane of pre-high school days and an eighties Angelic rom-com movie.
Episode 64: Tidying Up

Episode 64: Tidying Up


“Does this bring me joy?” If you are referring to this episode, it will! Join Ash and Jazz as they discuss the Netflix’s series craze and pop culture phenom, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. They discuss their viewpoints about Marie’s unique methods towards organizing your home and how it can be applied in other areas of life. Jazz discusses the latest hung-up on the DM forefront while Ash expresses her solid advice about “nothing personal” unfollowing for the sake of energy preservation and integrity. Declutter the feed? Yup, that brings joy too.
In this episode, Ash and Jazz discuss dealing with death and the impending grief. They discuss their personal experiences and how their spiritual perspective helped to transform their grief into a place of compassion, gratitude and understanding. They also discuss their views about the importance of finding the good in the bad situations and avoiding folks with pessimism and false victim mentalities. Jazz shares her hang-ups about YouTube while Ash strives for tidying greatness inspired by Marie Kondo. Grab a snack because it is this week’s randomables.
Hang out with Ash and Jazz as they discuss the healing power of tapping into natural energy. They share their personal experiences on using the energy to get into a healthy stream of creative flow. They discuss how to direct the energy without the need to excessively plan. Hint: Less harboring on thoughts, more doing. Also, Jazz makes a clarification about the new moon energy and when to set intentions.
Episode 61: We’re All Odd

Episode 61: We’re All Odd


In the first episode of 2019, Ash and Jazz explores vision boards. They discuss their personal experiences creating one and their perspectives on using (and not using) the manifestation tool. They provide insight on the new moon in Capricorn and how to navigate and level up goals using the ambitious energy. They also share the quirks of the ENFJ and INFJ personalities, healing through a past issue as empaths, and tree carcasses.  It is this week's randomables!
Join Ash and Jazz to celebrate Soul Gab’s Half-Year In Review episode! The candid conversation takes a look back on the show’s progress, memorable highlights, famous 2035 vocabulary, past featured guests and the 2019 Extra-lit vision for Soul Gab. All mixed in with hilarious commentary as usual!
New Year’s Resolutions, “Yay!” or "Nah, I’m good?” Research states that 80% of people forget the changes they set out to make and lose the willpower to sustain them. Are you one of them? In this episode, Ash and Jazz share questions to ask yourself as you begin making the resolutions. They also share their own personal way of bringing in the New Year and their perspectives on how one year was the catalyst to major changes and personal growth.
Fasting for spiritual purposes is still widely practiced and has remained an integral part in every religion. Throughout history, all of the major spiritual teachers shared a common belief in that fasting offers the physical body a dynamic power of healing.  From the health perspective, it is cleansing and offering the body to rest. Fasting plainly means going for a period of time without food and in this episode, Ash and Jazz shared their personal experiences on intermittent fasting. They also share their perspectives about breakfast and a word or two on hydration.
Have you ever worried yourself to the point of emotional, mental, even physical exhaustion? In this episode, Ash and Jazz discuss the act of worrying and how it impacts your personal spiritual growth. Ash shares her tip on how she overcomes the need to over think and halt worries dead in its tracks. Also, they share their early adult memories of worries in the form of meeting parental expectations and their humbled appreciation for keeping traditions.
Join us with a holidaze podcast special featuring past guest speakers, Bryan Taylor of @passpodcast and Tom Biddulph of @goodgrievings. Amidst the techie issues, we dive into randomable topics ranging from looking back on last December 2017, sharing our heartfelt thoughts on the journey thus far, achieving major milestones, a look at the major music albums for 2018, top Christmas song, milkboos, gif replies, and two words that set the tone for each of us for 2019. Major swag team.
In this week’s randomable episode, Ash and Jazz discusses the common plights of an empath- the need to rescue and the feels of workplace drama. They share their perspectives and personal experiences on the importance of using intuition, learning when to have limitations towards how far you are willing to help and setting boundaries to protect one’s energy. Also, be sure to join in as they challenge listeners to choosing and listening to one Christmas carol for 24-hour straight!
With the holiday party invites and nonstop seasonal activities, you are bound to experience stress, disappointments, and overindulgences. The question remains: How often are you actively participating in self-care this time of year? In this episode, Ash and Jazz provide their insights on perspectives on how to thrive through the holiday season using practical self wellness advice. They also share their stories about previous biz projects, generational differences and the importance of doing things that work for you.
Episode 53: Sag Moon

Episode 53: Sag Moon


The season of Sagittarius is in full effect and tomorrow marks the last new moon in the knowledge-seeking zodiac sign. What does that mean to you? In this episode, Ash and Jazz share a dialogue of practical pointers on how to harness the Sagittarian optimistic energies. They also discuss how using this creative fire of the element can set the igniting overtone for a great 2019.
Often times, people may try to suppress emotions if they see them as a sign of weakness. In this episode, Ash and Jazz addresses the importance of surrendering to such feelings despite the social norms to best transform. They share their thoughts about expressing the waves of emotions, the healing quality of releasing tears, outside perceptions and destroying the idea of box conformity in the spiritual journey.
As we move into the season of gifting, Ash and Jazz discuss their perspectives on giving versus taking. They discuss their personal experiences about giving, how empaths tend to give by a default, and the two major key factors of building healthy interpersonal relationships with others. They also share a researchers’ point of view of when generosity can be a bad thing and five questions you should ask yourself as a giver before extending your next gift. Consider this episode the pre-holidaze show complete with sleigh ride, drive-bys.
In this episode, Ash and Jazz shares this week's randomables starting the discussion with the latest spiritual pet peeve: yoga posing and flexing in the draws; when yoga poses crosses the line and into Insta-PornHub. When is too much too much? Also, they share nostalgic memories about the year 2011, Wiz Khalifa's Rolling Papers, Black and Yellow and the importance of team cohesiveness.
In this episode, Ash and Jazz discuss emotions and the misconception about being “devoid” of them. They share how suppressing the emotions can be detrimental to your health and personal growth. They also discuss their personal stories about feeling self-conscious on how they reflect towards other people, finding peaceful closure with others, and respecting people to walk their own path through the fire while being supportive and free of judgment.
Alaina Biddulph joins Ash and Jazz as she shares her inspiring story about using her strength as a tool to navigate towards reaching her desires and goals as a mother and a wife. She shares her empowering story about using her creative talent with entrepreneur skills in a highly competitive market. She encourages others to follow your own path even if you don’t possess a professional title. She also speaks of her emotional and mental trials having to face an unexpected natural disaster with her family and provides her straightforward advice to all fresh artists and makers out there.
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